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Develop love towards all beings since all are One!

Updated on September 16, 2015

Children of God

All of us are children of God!

Faith is the keyword in spirituality. Without faith, none can move forward either in spiritual path or earthly life. Faith is the basic foundation of life. A baby has immense faith in its mother. However roughly the mother may deal with the child, yet the child clings to its mother’s bosom. This is how all species of living things survive. If there is no faith and love, the particular species will be extinguished from the earth. The world to day survives because of God’s love towards its creation. It is Divine. The same love is the reason for the calamities and grief suffered by the living beings.

Yes, the creator has ensured that the living beings are sustained for sometime and depart from the earth. Otherwise, there won’t be even standing space in the world. The periodic clearing ensures the survival of new arrivals. This is applicable to the entire nature. Even plants live for sometimes and it is destroyed in the natural cycles of weather and living conditions. We find that there is rainfall in certain areas and in other areas there is scant rainfall. Some areas get more heat than other areas. Some places suffer icy cold throughout the year like arctic and Antarctic regions. Some places are blessed with greeneries while in the deserts there is nothing but sand and heat.

The entire eco system is a miracle of sort. There is self cleansing in thick jungles. Even small insects are engaged in cleaning the surface of the jungle of spoiled leaves. Hence all natural disasters like floods, earthquake, Tornados and volcanoes are really blessings in disguise. Thus the balance is maintained. Is it not a miracle that number of males and females are more or less equal? Even if there is a disparity for sometime, it will be rectified by nature in due course. Originally there were aquatic creatures. Later some species have adapted to land also. Hence in a way, survival of the fittest theory worked in jungles and oceans. But mankind has never adapted to anything nowadays. Today, man is more concerned with his happiness and comforts and he never cares for the society or ecology! Man has become the worst culprit in destroying nature.

He invents newer and more sophisticated nuclear bombs which will destroy the earth several times. Has mankind become out of their mind?

It is not clear how human beings have descended to worst levels? What prompted him to behave worst than other species? It is his insatiable greed for possessions and selfishness. In a way, the mind is responsible for the worst behavior of mankind. Mind should obey the intellect and not the senses. Somehow, the senses have enslaved man.

Desires are poisonous fruits which will destroy the humanness in man. Why we compare some people to jackals and snakes. The jackal is the most cunning animal. Also, the snake is the most crooked. It never moves straight. It goes in curves. It contains poison in its own teeth. Hence none dare to go near the snake or jackal. A human being should behave like a human being. He should never copy animal behavior. He must raise from his animalistic and should become true human to evolve into Divine!

The fact is we are the off springs of God. Hence Jesus declared, I am the son of God. We are all children of God and hence we are all brothers and sisters. Swami Vivekananda has realized this truth and hence he addressed the big conference of religion held at Chicago in a different manner. He addressed the gathering as “Brothers and Sisters of America! This is Altruism. We must follow the footsteps of the great souls.

Faith and Love1


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