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Developing A True Man & Woman of God

Updated on May 23, 2015

God chooses men and women who are willing to give up the rights to their own life and become willing instruments to be used for his call and purpose.

The sad side of this hub is the fact that many leaders today in the secular world have isolated themselves and have not trained anyone to take their place and this is also true in the church.

Every major occupation has a program in place for their interns to learn and practice.

There are two ways a leader can lead and both will get the work done however one will make the company more productive.

1. A leader can lead from the Authority that the position grants him.

2. A leader can be firm however they can also show a willingness to jump in and help when there is a work overload.

They can also boost company moral by rewarding an employee when they show signs of improvement which will create a level of trust and respect among the other employees.

Too many time a leader will let a person go because of not meeting the required production only to later discover they were the missing link that held the others together.

We find in God's word that God calls the weak to confound the wise.

Friend, If you have a calling on your life, it is because God chooses people that are incapable of producing life qualities on their own that will be acceptable in his sight but it is possible for him to do it through us when we give him preeminence in our life.

We must come to realize and accept the fact that he had a plan for us as leaders before we were born and all of our life experiences have been a training ground to fulfill this plan and make us leaders that we might pour out of our life into the life of others.

We must come to the realization that who we are in the body of Christ, is more important than what we can do and accomplish on our own.

A true leader will be one that has been through the trials of life and have learned from their mistakes.

They have made themselves to be held accountable to their elders and developed a pattern to pray for the people God has placed under their leadership and ministry.

They have also studied history enough to know that mankind left unchecked will gradually decline in their morals and conduct therefore exposing the fact that life demands accountability.

We must realize that our ministry calling is developed inside us and our ministry cannot be separated from who we are.

A true leader will be more sensitive to the things of God that they may be more sensitive to the needs of others.

True leaders are those that are given to prayer until the prayer becomes who they are.

A true leader will have a desire to see their younger ministers develop in a mature way that they will be able to stand firm and strong in any given situation that may arise.

They are more than willing to lay aside their agenda and pour into these young ministers what God through experience and training has matured in them that have caused them to be pillars in the body of Christ.

A true leader will not be one of harboring jealousy because a younger minister appears to be receiving more recognition than them because they know there will be a time when they must step back and give the position to someone else and preferably someone that has been well trained under their leadership.

I myself will not appoint someone into a leadership position that does not have a teachable spirit for nobody knows it all and I am still learning.

Do you know any true leaders today who have made an impact upon your life?

Dear reader, we seem to be lacking today of men like Derick Prince who would stand with heaven shining on his shoulder and not be afraid to proclaim the whole council of God even in the midst of compromising leaders.

The cry today should be "where are the men like Daniel that could pray a prayer that would bring an empire to its knees"?

What are the attributes that stand out in a true man and woman of God.

Let’s look in the book of Daniel the fifth chapter and glean some attributes of a true leader.

We discover right away that Daniel had the Spirit of the Living God which made him stand out like a spring rose in a heathen world.

He had the understanding and wisdom of an enlightened mind which to us today would be the mind of Christ.

He had a teachable and humble but bold Spirit.

He had knowledge of the Holy Scriptures

He had a compassion for people

He was able to understand and interpret dreams and know if they were from God

He was a hope and faith builder

He was able to encourage those who might give in to doubt

He was a thermometer instead of a thermostat because he was able to change his surroundings in a positive way

He could not be bribed or persuaded to receive gifts for his calling

He was a man that purposed in his heart to not be contaminated or defiled by the world around him

My prayer is that as you read this hub that the Living God will begin to birth and develop something inside you.

You may not see it for a while in the natural but it will produce in his time.

Remember ministers of the Living God, "You cannot minister to your flock what you have not received"!

Dear reader, let's make it a priority to be exposed and seen for who we are with a pure heart of intimacy in the eyes of an all seeing God who has a deep burning desire to bring us to a good end that we may be presented blameless on that day when he makes up his bride.

My Conclusion

I conclude this hub with an urgency and a warning which shall either cause us to launch out into the plans God has for us or remain in a self satisfied condition which so many seem to be in today as if being slipped some kind of a pill which would cause people to slip into a coma like state where nothing affects them.

I once saw this actual scene played out in front of my eyes as I watched National Geographic show a mouse playing around on a poisonous snake which seemed to ignore the mouse.

Finally the snake awakened from its stupor and struck at the mouse and even though the strike caused the snake to catch the mouse in its mouth, the mouse was able to escape because the snake failed to puncture it with its fangs.

Now dear reader we are in a desperate need for someone to break out of the norm and seek the Lord with all their heart to be used as a mighty man or woman of God in these last days.

Here is the bottom line of this hub and that is that in order for there to be life there has to be conception and for there to be conception there has to be intimacy.

You do not open your curtains and allow others to see what goes on in your home with you wife because that is personal between you and her.

She sees and knows all about you and you are not ashamed for her to know you in that way because you are boded together under the covenant of marriage.

The same is true as you seek the Lord and get to know him and you do not disclose all he what he reveals to you because of the intimate relationship you have with him.

Because of your intimacy with the Lord you are going to spiritually conceive and remember this precious seed must be hidden and protected as it goes through the growing process.

Some of you are already pregnant with the plan and destiny the Living God has chosen for you and you are about to give birth as the precious life drops into the birth canal causing your water to break and that is why we must get back to purity and holiness before a perfect creator because he says in his word that "without holiness, no man shall see the Lord".

Do you want to be intimate with him who is holy , just and perfect in all his ways then read John 15 verse 16 as it states that you did not choose him but he chose you for the purpose of using you to leave his signature through you to your generation.


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