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Developing Holy Boldness

Updated on April 17, 2013

Do you ever feel like you are a Christian doormat? Do you feel that people can easily get over on you because of your Christian standards? We as Christians are to strive to be more like Jesus Christ. One characteristic that He had was boldness. If you are a student of the Bible, you know that Jesus said what he meant and meant what he said. He didn't beat around the bush. Yes, He used parables in his teaching, but when He finished his story, the message hit you dead between the eyes!

Definition of Christian Boldness

Christian boldness is defined as "having confidence that what I am doing or saying is empowered by God through the Holy Spirit".

When we are bold, we are confident. We know that what we are saying is ordained by God. It is important, though, to know the difference between what we think the Spirit is telling us or what we are telling ourselves. It is easy to make the mistake of being bold and telling ourselves God said do this or say that. We justify ourselves because that is what we want to do all along.

God will teach us how to be bold.

A Positive Example of Holy Boldness

There are many examples of Holy boldness in the Bible. One that stands out in my mind is Daniel 6:19-23. King Darius signed a decree stating that no one should worship any other gods or kings but him.

Daniel refused to do so and continued to worship the almighty God. This was boldness to the highest degree. We all know the story. Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. However, the lions didn't touch him. This is because Daniel's boldness was ordained by God and Daniel knew how to trust God. Trust is the key to boldness. When we faithfully trust God, we know that however we display boldness, God has our back. Not only did God subdue the lions, he gave Daniel favor with King Darius. When we our bold and in the will of God, God can turn our negative situations into blessings!

Developing boldness takes courage, commitment and sacrifice. Examine yourself by asking the questions below. Jot down your answers and then devise an action plan to help you overcome weakness. Prayerfully ask God to build holy boldness and confidence as you seek to do His will in your life.

Self Evaluation

Action Plan
In what area am I confident?
When do I most lack confidence?
What kind of fears do I allow to control me?
Do people who are more confident than I make me jealous?
Am I cooperating with God to make me a confident person.
Answer these questions truthfully. Use the following scriptures to help you build boldness in your life: Prov. 3:25-26, Prov. 14:26; Heb. 4:16; Heb. 10:35, Phil. 4:13; I John 3:21: 5:14


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