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Devil May Cry, Dante's Hand Guns

Updated on June 19, 2013

The guns from the games

Not glued just yet...
Not glued just yet... | Source
still loads of work to do...
still loads of work to do... | Source
note the pictures of Dante's mum have not yet been covered
note the pictures of Dante's mum have not yet been covered | Source

Hand made DMC guns

Devil May Cry Hand Pistols Replica’s

I have always been a big fan of the Devil May Cry game series, and over the years I have played all the games and been given two statues, One of Dante and one of Nero.

But what I really wanted was some replicas of the weapons used in the games. I found some really good copies Dante’s twin hand guns Ebony & Ivory online. I really liked the pictures and soon found I wanted a pair for myself. But then they were retailing at around $300, and as I have a son and Christmas was well on the way. I found I could not justify spending that much money on a pair of fake guns.

So I decided to make a pair.

The first thing I did was find all the images I had of the guns for details, then I used the statue I had of Dante and his very small copies of the guns to work out the scaling up of the toy guns to full size props. To do this I measured the hand of the figure and recorded this, then I measured my hand and worked out the scale. It was around 1mm = 40mm or there about. This was the easy bit as then I had to draw up the plans and this took some time. I soon found that the two guns were not only different in colour, but where different in finish of details. Everything from trigger guards, sights, ammo realise and safety ect. This added to the planning stage and also added some time to the construction stage of the job. Finally I had the finished plans and I found I was surprised to see how big the guns were going to be. This worried me as I first thought I had got the scale wrong. But when I compared the toy guns to the figure and checked the measurements again, I found the guns where to a large size (about the length of your forearm) if you are wanting to make a set.

This just got me worked up for starting the job. Now I needed to keep the cost down if I wanted to get them finished, but I also wanted them to look as good as I could make them.


While I had been working on the plans I had considered what to build the guns out of. Now I don’t have any fancy tools, resin kits or major power tools from a workshop. So I decided to make them the old fashioned way. I would make them out of wood and hands carve the guns with a Stanley knife. I purchased the wood in the form of a wall shelving unit (flat packed of course) this worked out cheaper than buying the timber and meant that the wood cost me under £5. Bargain!


As I said earlier, I don’t have any fancy tools so I was working with the basics, Hacksaw, coping saw, files, Stanley knife, and chisel. Also some sand paper to get a smooth finish.


This was the fun bit, hard work but fun. I started with the handles and figured that as the guns were similar I should build both at the same time. I marked out the wood, checking the size to the plans before I made the first cut and then cut out the pieces. Once I had all the bits for the handles and hand grips, I glued them together. I then clamped the glued pieces until they had dried fully. While I was waiting for the handles to dry, I set about marking out the top section of the two guns, and the under section of the barrels. Once marked out I cut out the basic shapes. Please bear in mind that this was all done over several short sessions on days off work. Now I had all the basic bits cut out, I found I had the hard, and time consuming part to do.

Carving in the detail, and this was not easy. I marked onto each piece what needed to be on there with a pencil and then spent several hours carving each part. Making sure I covered all the differences between the two guns.

I now had lots of bits that needed to be fitted together, easy and in no time the two guns were starting to take shape. So then it came down to the fine detail, sights, catchers, triggers, and wording on the guns. A good thing to remember at this point is not to put the pictures into the handles until you have painted the guns in full. That is the last thing that needs doing.

Anyway, with all the details in place and two really great looking wooden guns made. The paint job was next. Now I wood stained the handles first, and then left them to dry before I covered them in masking tape. This meant that they would be protected from the spray paint which would give me a great even finish on the main body of the two guns. Once both guns had been sprayed the base colour, One Black and the other Silver I set to work on the triggers, catchers, hammers and ammo clips. These where easy to paint and took very little time. Still it made the world of difference to the guns. Also a good tip is to use a small amount of silver paint to highlight the black gun and make it look more metal.

Finishing touches

The only things I had left to do were the pictures in the handles and the final coat of clear varnish to give the guns that shiny finish and add a layer of protection to the paint work. I figured that I should varnish them first. As I didn’t want anything to damage the pictures I would be setting into the handles.

I now had two great copies of the guns, so I moved onto the pictures of Dante’s mum. I first set them into the handle’s one by one using PVA glue. This would not damage the art work before I covered them. Then after trying several different ways of covering the pictures (unsuccessfully) I used a clear hard plastic of about 5mm thickness. Cutting them to shape was the hardiest bit, before I rounded the edges with a file.

Finally I set the plastic pieces in place before I finished them off with a fine paint brush, giving the rounded edges a brass look, to tie in with the detail of the guns from the game.

Finished Product

As you can see from the range of Pictures I have added to this hub, the guns look great and they have all the size and detail I wanted them to have. I hope you have enjoyed this hub and good luck to anyone wanting to make their own set. I think I should do this sort of thing for a living.

Have fun….


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    • Sharminator profile image

      Sharminator 3 years ago

      Thanks for the compliment, it was hard work but fun. I would start by saying make sure you have good 1:1 scale plans, then remember that each pistol has many differences, from the sights, hammers and ammo release opening. Which are on different sides of the gun. I hope my hub helps and feel free to ask about anything if you get stuck. I will look forwards to seeing the pics when you are done.

      Chris Sharman

    • profile image

      Draco 3 years ago

      Ummm hi I am a beginner with no tools and seeing how you did with the gun I compliment you and ask do you have any tips on hand making the gun

    • Sharminator profile image

      Sharminator 4 years ago

      Thanks loveofnight, its great when someone enjoys the work you do. I was very pleased with the out come and I am now planning the next project...

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 4 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland did a great job on this. In my earily days I use to collect model gun kits, I loved putting them together as well as displaying them on my wall. But you have taken gun models to another level, you may have started a new hobbie/income without knowing. Well done