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Updated on December 10, 2010

Responsibility is essential that each one owes to society of sentient beings in the birth, the environment and finally, in our "Being" inside higher.

Dharma is what we owe to life, life does not owe us anything, because he has given us life itself! It is we who are committed to it in order to promote the group's evolution and personal development for the mere act of being alive.

Speaking of numerology, it is said that at birth we are given a Dharma, this has to do with the date of our birth, we could say that is the mission entrusted to us. Unless we learn to listen within, and do not act according to our essence, we are in a life of suffering and pain, this is a sign that we are not fulfilling our mission. There is no greater sadness that does not follow the voice of our hearts, keep our Swadharma.

The Swadharma is the path to joy and happiness. It has to do with individual mental tendency or nature, and their needs for growth.

It is very common to criticize the faults of others and we can not see us, Christ said: "As you can see the speck in your neighbor's eye and can not see the plank in your eye" as the "straw" we criticize is the same "beam" that we see, that is, when something bothers us of someone, when we criticize their way of being or behaving, we must pause to consider whether this defect is not what we have, usually occurs a phenomenon projection where we see our own faults projected onto people with whom we live, is like a warning, a signal is the most direct way we have to look at ourselves and fix whatever needs to be corrected.

It is best not to waste our energy judging and criticizing others and use it better to order our lives, overcome our shortcomings, to continue to enhance our strengths in our evolutionary process that's enough work!.

Categories Karma

The Karma has many divisions and categories, at this point cite the 3 most important are the following:

SaBija Karma: It is with which we are born as a result of previous lives.
Agami Karma: The we collect throughout our lives, from our birth.
Parabdhra: Karma is inevitable, the harvest of all our lives.


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    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 7 years ago from Arizona

      The swan icon from the TV show 'Lost' that you have on this here web has been reversed. It's supposed to be a Black Swan which is a symbol of the island show.

      I'm currently reading The Black Swan:The Impact of the Highly Improbable is a philosophy / literary book by the epistemologist Nassim Nicholas Taleb but I loathe the author's viewpoint of 911 being 'unforseenable'.