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Diary Of A Paranormal Investigator - Part 1

Updated on February 9, 2019

Private Residence Berlin, WI February 2, 2017

The Story:

A young family called us in to this investigation because they are having many paranormal experiences and wanted to know what it was before comitting to buy this house. They are a family with two daughters ages 10 and 2. They moved into an old Victorian home in November 2007, and immediately noticed paranormal activity including the appariton of a little girl, they have been kept awake at night by footsteps moving up and down the stairs in the front hall accompanied by knocking on the walls. Voices are heard at night whispering and the voice of a little girl sobbing, she also seems to have taken a liking to the older daughter and constantly seems to hang out in the toy room and in the young girls closet. The father saw the little girls apparition one night outside his room, when he asked her name she told him her name was Doreen she then turned around walked through the second story window. Shadows have been seen lurking around the youngest daughters crib in the parents room, the father also gets an intense feeling of dread in the downstairs kitchen. The family has 2 dogs that will stair at a certain area and bark relentlessly.

The Investigation:

Our team arrived around 7p.m. and toured the house, while touring the master bedroom two of our members smelled a strong scent of cinnamon. There was a candle in the room but one member said the scent was different and as soon as the scent was acknowledged it disappeared. The family noted that they had never smelled the scent of cinnamon in there room before.Later in the investigation Eddie and Amy were in the downstairs dining room during dead time, suddenly the area around Eddie got extremely cold, Eddie immediately had Amy point the Thermal Couple at him and when she did the ambient air temperature was 12 degrees colder than the room temperature. Eddie asked Amy to keep the Thermal Couple on him while he moved across the room and as he suspected the cold spot moved with him, as he got to the threshold of the dining room the cold spot disappeared. Later in the evening as we had our team split between the upstairs and downstairs portions of the house in constant contact via our two way radios, the motion detectors went off with no one anywhere near them, we went to investigate and caught a leg heading up the stairs when everyone was accounted for.

Around 9:30 p.m. 3 members of the team went outside to get some equipment and the door locked by itself which is strange because it would have had to have been latched from the inside and no one was around the door to latch it. We tried to re-create the situation but were unable to. Tim our lead investigator summarized that it could possibly have been a button that the doors from that era have that allow the homeowner to lock the door before they leave the house.Our team met up with the clients in the dining room around 1 p.m. where we monitored the infra-red camera in the parents room where the father claimed he saw a shadow by the crib a few times, but we could not verify this. We finally wrapped up our investigations at 3 a.m.

The evidence:

We went over the evidence with a fine tooth comb and came up with a little evidence on video, but no photo evidence. We did however get quite a bit in audio evidence and it was obvious that there is more than one entity in this house. There was a male, female, and little girl in this house and it was obvious on audio that the 2 adults did not want us there, take a listen to the EVP'S we recorded including a not so veiled threat against one of our investigators.


Private Residence Cudahy, WI September 27, 2017

The Story:

A young couple called us to investigate their home. They have been in this home for roughly 5 years and have never had any issues before, but lately their oldest daughter and youngest son have been seeing shadows and the oldest daughter has been seeing spirits. One of the spirits she has been seeing is the spirit of a young girl that has a very badly deformed face from what looks like abuse, the little girl does not speak to her but looks sad. She has also seen an old lady with pitch black eyes as well as what looks to be a man with horns on his head, she and friends who have spent the night have noticed temperature changes and have smelled wood burning in the room. There also seems to be a precursor for the spirits to appear, when she sees the light on her radio turn red is when the spirits appear to her. The mother in this family has had some experiences as well.


The1st Investigation:

We arrived at the house around 9p.m. and toured the house making special note of the reported hot spots. We set up night camcorders in the daughter's room as well the parent's room because of the mother's experiences.We took some base readings on EMF meter, IR thermometer w/thermal couple. We set up motion detectors in the hallway and did an experiment in the daughter's room, we took salt and put it in a pile on the daughter's dresser and placed a penny on top to see if in a controlled environment there would be any movement. We went dark around 10pm and started to do some EVP's, we also made use of the EMF meter the owner of the house is a biker and does not take kindly to having his family scared so he decided to challenge the spirit against our advice.He immediately received a response on one of our EVP's where the male spirit responded by saying "come and get me" the EMF started going crazy right in his immediate area. we got some evidence and decided to call it a night at 4am. This investigation is not over and is still pending we will bring you more when we have more.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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