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The Diary - Part V - No Where To Hide.

Updated on February 6, 2019
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I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

They Will Seek Death To No Avail.

A day when the fear of misery exceeds the fear of death.
A day when the fear of misery exceeds the fear of death. | Source

Preface - the 5th installment.

  1. The first four trumpets heralded widespread destruction to the natural world; the forests and croplands, the ocean and accompanied by an un-natural darkness. It has come with a great loss to animal, fish and human life. Still, the worse is yet to come, for it deals with the super-natural.
  2. When God gives the 5th and 6th trumpet judgments a special designation; re: the first and second WOEs – people will long for the “good old days” of the first four trumpets. Even so, these judgments are mingled with mercy, leaving an open window for repentance and yet, only a few will seize the opportunity.

Divinely Sanctioned Tormentors From Hell.

Terrifying, death inspiring but NOT lethal by design.
Terrifying, death inspiring but NOT lethal by design. | Source

The Dairy – Part XII – The Fifth Trumpet – The First WOE.

January 5th, 2028 – There are several of us living in our basement, my pre-war bomb shelter (from about 6 years ago) which we never really utilized until now. Those who have died or are already in heaven would never comprehend what is going on at this moment; I don’t even believe it and I am witnessing it, like watching a horror movie. On New Year’s Day, these pint-sized beasties (it’s what I call them), like something out of the pit of hell – and per the Bible, that is exactly what they are, appeared out of nowhere. The world was obliviously ignorant and was caught off guard. The description that John gave them in the book of Revelation about says it all – they remind me of the myriads of beasts in the old movie – The Infinity War – only these have four legs instead of six and a tail with a huge stinger.

They are formidable but not indestructible, they are ugly, really ugly and they really delight in using their stinger. True to the Word, NO ONE has died from being stung but the agony must be unbearable. Many of those who have been stung, have begged for someone to put them out of their misery; per TV and radio broadcasts that we are receiving, many have attempted suicide with zero success. Jumping off bridges and buildings, attempting to shoot themselves, crashing their cars, overdosing – nothing is working. Even those who are suffering with terminal illnesses are without remedy. There is another thing, they are the noisiest beings on the planet; you can hear them coming and when they are close, it is almost deafening. When it is quiet, people to venture out only due to necessity; I cannot image what it would be like to not have a safe place to which one can retreat.

The young Jewish men and those of us who are true followers of the Messiah have not been stung and we are not the only ones. Per Revelation, the beasties are not allowed to sting those with the seal of God on their forehead. I look around the room and I don’t see any mark or seal on anyone’s forehead, whereas the Jews with their marked foreheads walk around without any concerns. Maybe we have a mark unseen to the human eye. We will continue to avoid the beasties as much as possible, but we are noticing our numbers are growing in this little burg: more people are starting to see the Light. On the other hand, we can see the hatred of our neighbors, which reflects the majority of world’s populace, towards the Jews as a whole and towards us: guilty by association. I am so thankful that I am saved, but I dread what still lies ahead for both the world and for us. Sorry, I wish I could sound more victorious, but should anyone read this in the future, they WILL be able to identify with my personal anguish.

A Supernatural Army Of Executioners.

We can only imagine what John saw, but it was NOT mechanical.
We can only imagine what John saw, but it was NOT mechanical. | Source

The Dairy – Part XIII – The Sixth Trumpet – The Second WOE.

July 17th, 2028 – It has been 3 years since this all began and like clockwork, on the 150th day of the year, on May 30th, the beasties disappeared; probably the same way they came. Now we have to be careful where we go for fear of retribution from those who suffered for these last 5 months. We didn’t realize how bad the hatred was until they disappeared; sure, there were others who wanted to know what we knew, but they seem to be few and far between. Israel remains untouched and unscarred by the events; the world has taken notice and hatred seems to be on everyone’s mind. You would think, that the world would be pounding at their door, seeking their wisdom and their peace. Well, just it like it states in Revelation – “Neither repented they of their murders, nor of the sorceries, nor of the fornication, nor of their thefts.” Wow, I now understand what the Bible means when it talks about the hard-heartedness of man. We are considering a move to the mountains; I know a cabin that belonged to Mike’s family that could be empty – maybe not. I now understand the proverb, “A wise man sees trouble coming and hides himself; a fool continues in his folly.” I know we can’t hide forever, but no use rushing the matter. We all know the 2nd WOE is coming, I just hope that we can be one step ahead; we are exhausted.

December 1st, we got a few months of a semi-reprieve. The cabin idea did not work out, but we found an abandoned farm house with a well, some out-buildings, a storm shelter and part-time electrical service. Several of us relocated here, just prior to the world being besieged by a monstrous army; death has returned with a vengeance. I read somewhere that they thought the description was of modern helicopters or something: what a bunch of hogwash. The beasties have nothing on these “creatures” – they are like fire breathing dragons with riders and they kill with fire and poisonous smoke; seemingly without discretion, though I know that cannot be. (A 2030 update: little did I realize at the time they would be here for the duration, minions of the Beast).

May or June of 2029 (I don’t keep track anymore) – For the last several months it has been very difficult for us to get the latest newscasts, but what we have learned is the following:

  • The leader of the UN, the one who signed the 7-year peace pact with the nations and Israel, was assassinated, shot in the head. But one of the big name religious leaders (not of us though) performed some sort of ritual and he was completely healed with NO evidence of any real physical or mental damage.
  • He seems now to be the one to whom the dragon riders (what I call them) report. For a guy that seemed to be doing so much good during these terrible years; he sure has taken a dark turn.
  • He declared war on Israel, which pleased most of the world, but a funny thing happened: Israel seems to have disappeared off the map. Bad news for us (the seed of the Woman of Revelation 12); for we know who is coming and it is not in peace.
  • He has now outlawed any followers of the Jewish Messiah from being gainfully employed which is nearly impossible anyway, and that everyone that wants to buy, sell or trade anything will have a permanent mark etched onto their forehead or hand. Obviously, this means we will have to fend for ourselves.
  • The guy has outdone himself – the latest is that he has declared himself to be god. Now the mark is not the only requirement, but you will have to demonstrate worship: he has and will be setting up images of himself all over the world – kind of like the Kim fellow from North Korea did to his people.
  • Good news – the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11 have appeared, and they come with literal fire in their arsenal. If they should ever come nearby, we are planning to go see them if possible.

From now on, every time I make an entry in this diary, I will put it away in a locked box in plain sight. Why you may ask? I have given my diary a title – A Manual For Surviving The Last Days. I know my time is relatively short and when I am gone, I am sure someone is going to loot our farm and I want the box to be found – locked. They will think something of importance may be inside and will break it open to see what treasure it may hold. It could be an eternal treasure in the right hands or used as a fire starter; that is up to God. In the lockbox, I have also put a paper outlining all of the scriptures that have fulfilled to date and short letter basically saying – May God bless the reader.

Any future entries will only be for the purpose of assisting whosoever should find my diary and is able to put it to good use. Now we shall await our fate, it is solely in God’s hands.

Who Are These Two Witnesses In The Days Before The 7th Trumpet?

They are NOT who you think they are.
They are NOT who you think they are. | Source

Coming soon: The Death of a Martyr.


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