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Did Aliens Invented The Religions?

Updated on August 17, 2020
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Khalil is a longtime freelance writer who loves writing about science and debunking conspiracy theories.

Are religions a mere Aliens teachings?
Are religions a mere Aliens teachings? | Source

When you read the religious texts, you will be stopped by some strange events, descriptions, acts, creatures, such as the chariots of gods, gods live in the mountains, gods coming from the sky and they will be back someday, God punishes his creatures by some kind of a destructive weapons, God comes to see his prophet accompanied with fire and smoke....... etc.

Descriptions of God as a supreme power without a physical entity or a place to live, God that can do anything whenever he want without using any kind of tools, only his will, is not what you will find when you read the many following religious texts. But in the end, we should follow the truth, not the truth follows us.

1- Strange Descriptions of God in The Old Testament

Among the holy books, the old testament is the most weird when it concerns about God descriptions, as an example in the Exodus 19/16-19, God descended with a thick cloud on mount Sinai accompanied with smoke, fire, and a thunder-like voice to meet Moses and his people. It seems clearly like some kind of an alien ship.

Also, you find in Isaiah 19/1 that God rides a swift cloud on his way to Egypt, however, in Ezekiel 1, God comes to see his prophet with a windstorm, immense cloud, flashing and brilliant light, a fire looks like a glowing metal, as Ezekiel himself describes it.
It supposes that God can be anywhere, anytime without such an ‘advanced alien ship’.

Read carefully these two verses:

  • « The people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick darkness where God was » Exodus 20/21
  • « As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind » 2 Kings 2/11

God is not in need for chariots to take his prophet, only aliens do that.

In the Exodus 12/12-13, it describes how God uses the blood as a sign on the Moses's People doors in order not to miss them with the Egyptians when he strike them down. Also in Genesis 3/8-9, he walked in the garden of Eden looking for Adam and Eve and he called to them, "where are you?"
God the almighty power does not need help to carry out his will.

The ancient Mesopotamian gods lived among the human beings!
The ancient Mesopotamian gods lived among the human beings! | Source

2- Gods or Aliens in Mesopotamia (Iraq Now)?

In the Mesopotamia ancient history you can find a clear indicates that gods were a mere aliens, not the gods that one might imagine. As an example the fifth clay tablet of the archeological Gilgamesh saga contains this phrase: "No creature should come to the mountain where the gods live, and everyone who sees the gods, must die", also you find in the same saga, that the god of the sun came in a cloud of dust and took Enkido with him to visit gods in the sacred mountain and how he (Enkido) saw the ground and the waterways below him getting smaller and smaller.

In the gold tablets that has been found in Uruk (an archeological city in Iraq) there are inscriptions that talks about gods in human-like form that came from the sky and gave these gold tablets to the priests.

3- Another Evidences of Aliens as Gods

The Incas mythologies describe gods as some kind of an alien beings that came to them from the stars, and they said that the god firacotcha visited the villages and the cities in the ancient past and gave his teachings to the local peoples before he flies away and said to the people that he intend to come back in the future.

In the ancient india sacred texts, you find that gods used their ships to travel from place to place and to fight their enemies with an unknown destructive weapons that causes huge damages to all living beings. You can use a translator and look for that and more in the Ramayana and the Pajavadjita sacred texts.

The great historian Herodotus narrated that the Egyptian priests had been visited many times in the past by the gods before they stop to do that.

The Buraq carried the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during a one "Night Journey", is it a miraculous creature or an alien spaceship?
The Buraq carried the prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem and back during a one "Night Journey", is it a miraculous creature or an alien spaceship? | Source

4- Strange Events in The Islamic Religious Books

In the Islamic religious books that narrate the life of the prophet Muhammad, you will be faced with some texts that refers more to an aliens acts, as an example, the prophet had been taken by two strange men when he was a kid and they opened his chest and took something from his heart, they described it to him as the chance of the devil. Is this some kind of a surgery to prepare him for the future ?, because God can take the chance of the devil by his will not by a surgery.

Another example that you can find is the symptoms that the prophet shows when he receives the revelation, he was perspiring heavily and can't move and sometimes he loses consciousness, is there anything planted in his head or is anyone trying to send something to his mind using some advanced techniques? , Because God can simply send revelation to the mind of his prophet without making him suffer.

Also, why God in the Quran (the holy book of Muslims) uses the plural pronoun everywhere when he describes his acts and what he did for his prophet and the believers or anything else?

5- Why Aliens Didn’t Send Prophets in The Modern Life?

Simply, it's hard to use the same acts (fire, smoke, advanced spaceships, strange weapons,....) when dealing with the modern human being, because he will consider it as an alien invasion not gods or God is trying to give him teachings.

An alien spaceship is something advanced compared to what we have, but not enough to consider his owner as a god, however for the ancient civilizations' inhabitants, it's something miraculous and it should definitely considered as something sent from God.

Do you believe that aliens invented the religions?

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