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Did God Tell You To Kill Me?

Updated on November 17, 2012

He asks you a question before you begin your fight to the death
Did your God tell you to kill him the same as he has been told?
Who reconciles your mutual destiny with the source of the light?
If you kill one another will hate walk upon the streets of gold?

Did you speak with Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus or Mohammad?
Are all these prophets equal in the eyes of the Lord?
What of Buddha, Mother Theresa, Confucius, Gandhi and King?
We ask these questions because you stand sharpening your sword

Are these not the questions to ask of me or my own kind?
Who dies for God or for a race or for a land or for a child?
In the reflection our eyes pass those who shall be avenged
Did the book not teach that the dead have already smiled?

What was told of the after-life prayed over until death do us part?
Is there an unknown chord or an answer to human need?
Have we considered every voice or song under the heavens?
Did greatness that perished as a child resurrect in another’s seed?

As you prepare for presentment to all that you hoped to die for
You must know that he is the same in the zeal to which he clings
He has his God and is prepared to die or kill no matter to which end
For a martyr will smile as his truth has already pardoned the next killing


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