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Did Liz Taylor's Spirit talk to Lindsay Lohan

Updated on February 10, 2017

Lindsay prepares to Play Liz

Lindsay Lohan was selected to play Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime made-for-television movie. Many considered it a bit of an ambitious role for a dilettante actress, but then it would be daunting for anyone to play such an iconic figure.

Rosie O'Donnell was the most prominent critic of the casting choice who clearly did not think Lohan was in Taylor's league. And Lohan herself was reported as being uncertain about tackling the role.

The real Elizabeth Taylor
The real Elizabeth Taylor


But there are rumors that Lohan went much further. She wanted to literally "get in touch" with the character she was hired to play. Specifically that she went to a seance to contact the actual spirit of the late Elizabeth Taylor herself.

The medium used an element of psychometry, having Lohan bring along an item that used tobelong to Taylor--a hairbrush.

The National Inquirer broke the story that Lohan was assured by the spirit of Taylor herself that this movie (entitled "Liz and Dick") would relaunch the troubled actress's career.

Lohan styled as Taylor
Lohan styled as Taylor

Who was the Medium?

No word yet as to exactly who the medium was, that put Lohan and the late Taylor in touch.

Whoever it was, they gave Lohan exactly the kind of reassurance she wanted--but was it what she really needed? Thus comforted she proceeded to crash her car, arrive late on set and apparently not learn her lines very well.

According to gossip, her bizarre behavior also extended to attempting to steal jewelry that once belonged to Taylor.

Liz and Dick

The movie aired on November 3rd, 2012 to mixed reviews. Grant Bowler plays Richard Burton. The chemistry between the two was apparently not very good and there was a lot of trouble on the set. So it seems to be that either the medium got the wrong Liz, or her advice was way off.

Tiffany Ava Mitchell

Maybe Lohan was not very happy with the psychic profession, as later in November of 2012 she was accused of punching a psychic in a new York night club. The psychic, Tiffany Ava Mitchell, apparently offered an unwanted reading. After the conversation went downhill Tiffany also offered the opinion that Liz and Dick "sucked". The charges were dropped after video footage failed to show any physical contact between the two.

An Extremely Lucky Year

Lohan's lawyer reported that "a psychic fortune teller has predicted the year 2013 will be an extremely lucky year for Lindsay Lohan".

Helena Bonham carter

History repeated in 2013 when Helena Bonham Carter was approached to play Elizabeth Taylor for a BBC production "Burton and Taylor" and she also approached a psychic. Once again it seems that Taylor gave her blessing.


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