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Did Nostradamus predict Trump?

Updated on November 17, 2016
Visitors in house that belonged to grandparents of Nostradamus with a picture of the man himself behind them
Visitors in house that belonged to grandparents of Nostradamus with a picture of the man himself behind them | Source
Trump firing people
Trump firing people | Source
Image of the Anti - Christ
Image of the Anti - Christ | Source
Obama also called Anti - Christ once
Obama also called Anti - Christ once | Source

Followers of the 16th Century Prophet Michel De Nostradame or Nostradamus as he is known to most has supposedly predicted the rise of the Anti - Christ in one of his quatrains. The followers of his predictions which supposedly predicted the rise of Hitler and other calamities have seized upon this as being the election of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump probably is the Anti - Christ to those on the left but to be fair there does seem to be genuine fear amongst many Americans about this maverick take no prisoners American businessman.

In one quatrain Nostradamus purportedly refers to Trump as the "Great audacious bawler" and says this figure (if it is Trump) will divide people on many issues (this has happened) and in 2017 he will order a military action culminating in WW III which will be the end of the world.

Nostradamus also mentions the word Trumpet which is also taken to mean by his followers Trump. Just as they say he got the word Hitler wrong and called him Hister. Maybe, Nostradamus was having a bad prediction day in getting names slightly wrong.

Nostradamus himself was a Jew but quickly converted to Christianity as many Jews did back then on pain of death or a genuine revelation. Any how Nostradamus was a doctor back in the day and practised for the upper classes and the peasants. He was married and had a few children so no doubt some where there is a descendant of the man himself creeping around France some where. Any way to cut a long story short he started having visions and wrote them down in verse known as quatrains and over the centuries people up until this day have seen his lurid language in the texts as predicting the future.

Of course it is possible his verses have been misunderstood down the years and he may have been speaking about his own time. Just as Revelation in the Bible is confused with some saying John of Patmos was attacking the Roman Emperor Nero in his verses where as other scholars say it predicts the future with Anti - Christ when Christ will return to confront him.

Trump will not be the first President to be called Satanic Obama has been vilified in no end of cartoons or illustrations as the son of Satan. So it happens all the time saying someone is the incarnation of the devil.

Nostradamus left our planet in 1556 and what he would make of all this fuss over his quatrains now is anyones guess.

Some say Nostradamus predicted the twin tower attacks of 9/11
Some say Nostradamus predicted the twin tower attacks of 9/11 | Source

Predictions of Nostradamus that supposedly came true:

1) Great Fire of London 1666

2) French Revolution

3) Rise of Napolean

4) Louis Pasteur

5) Rise of Hitler

6) World War II

7) Atomic Bombings

8) Death of the Kennedy brothers

9) Death of Princess Diana


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