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Did You really expect a Rose Garden without the Thorns

Updated on November 3, 2011

Crystal Fairies helped me with self-healing

Did you expect a rose garden minus the thorns?

Can you accept that your rose garden comes with both flowers and thorns? If you do accept this what will you have to give up? Is change frightening to you? Can you change? What happens if you do not like where the change will lead you?

Though my life has been filled with the thorns, to be honest with myself, I did believe eventually my rose garden without thorns would come. Is it not odd how we hold on to a fantasy, even during times of struggle? Perhaps it is during these times, when facing reality that we cling even more to our fantasies? Sometimes I have wondered if it was not for this group of entities, who I channel, if I would have ever realize my views on life needed mended?

Very early in my childhood years, I realized that I could see and hear things that others could not. Thank goodness this was explained to me at a very young age, and not discouraged. Yet the word psychic would not hit my word list until my late teens. I never knew seeing and hearing spirit had a name. All I knew was that people would either cling to me or call me crazy. It would be my late husband who would help me to understand this, yet a part of me was afraid of what would happen if I totally accepted them. Definitely most of this circled around people not approving or liking me. When my major support of who I am died, I became lost. I was hoping in some odd way that perhaps a rose garden of normalcy would grow and replace this psychic oddness in me. It did not happen though, and a group that my spirit guide introduced me too years ago, came back into the picture. It was through their teachings these past six years that I began to understand that life always has both roses and thorns.. It was the Crystal Fairies who came through for me, and guided me in their self-healing instructions. If they did not work with me these past six years, I probably still will be wondering aimlessly through my life.

There have been many methods that I have tried in healing myself since I was in my twenties. Law of attraction was one area I have dabbled in since my thirties, when it was discussed by other authors. Most recently with so many books coming out this past decade, I applied again and as usual, I just kept running into walls. The Crystal Fairies gave me different laws, and for once life began to make sense. Life, even during episodes of experiencing hell on earth, life became more manageable. They explained how our ancestors are connected to our present life. these ancestors also included non-blood relatives. They have taught me along with my spirit guide, John, how life is connected beyond what we can see. We are all one and we are connected to soul groups. These groups have dharma and karmic conditions. They explained how I made certain agreements with God prior to this incarnation, as well with my soul group. They also taught me how my thoughts are connected to those of earth and those in spirit planes. We are not alone, and we are truly magnets to others with similar thoughts. They have helped me to understand that my wants most of the time do not serve my needs, and by seeking my wants the answers to the needs do not materialize. If you want to understand how your rose garden, which contains thorns, can be utilized in a positive way, then their material might be of interest. I just know I view life in a very different way, which has set me free from my ego-self-imprisonment.

Do I still have fears regarding change? Yes, but they do not stop me anymore. Have my wants and desires changed? Yes, I am more focus on the needs of my spirit, who lives within me. Am I happy? I am basically content with life, and know there will always be thorns and roses, some days there are more of one then the other, but they both always exist.

Who are these Crystal Fairies? They are an ancestor group carrying out their agreements with the Cosmic Source, (God). They have helped me to bridge the gap I created for myself with this Creator. Much of my blogging these past couple years have been on the teachings of the Crystal Fairies. They helped me to find peace, even when life has been bitterly miserable. They have helped me to move away from blaming others for my problems, or even beating myself up when I thought I made a mistake. Their teachings have been written down and formed into Pdf files for people who are interested to read.


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    • Renee Abbott profile imageAUTHOR

      Renee Abbott 

      7 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you very much Eiddwen.

      Have a blessed day,


    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      A great hub on a theme very close to my own heart.

      I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care and have a great day.



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