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Is it Christian to be Vegan?

Updated on July 17, 2017

Are Vegans Morally Superior to Non-Vegan Christians?

How do you know when someone is a vegan? The same way you know someone is a Christian; they'll tell you! For better or worse, Christians and vegans share certain behaviors regarding their philosophical lifestyles. Although these are not mutually exclusive philosophies, some vegans protest that eating meat is murder. But if meat is murder, should Christians be vegans?

In the beginning...

According to the Bible, God made mankind to live in a lush garden, plentiful in good food. Everything had been made for man so that when man was made he would have all that was necessary readily available.Note that the reference to vegetables in the Bible includes fruits, there is no distinguishing between the two as we do today. The book of Genesis tells that God had given mankind only the fruits of the trees for food (Gen 1:29).

This would seem like score 1 for the vegans, but not so fast!

After the great flood, there was no vegetation immediately available for Noah, his three sons, and their wives. Due to necessity, God had then declared meat on the menu! Of course, this came with a strict dietary guideline of only certain animals that were considered clean could be eaten (acceptable for human consumption) and they had to be prepared in certain ways. There are no scriptures that seem to indicate animal products such as milk or honey are prohibited. This article will not cover the importance of clean versus unclean animals because of the great importance thereof deserves it's own dedicated article.

According to the New Testament, in Acts chapter 10 God had declared all meat acceptable to eat. This was a message in an analogy to the Jews who followed Christ to tell them to preach the Gospel even to the Gentiles (non-Jews). Even so, the point was still made that we could enjoy delicious bacon and lobster without the guilt of sin!

Consistency with God's law

Now, before the vegans get too triggered, lets consider if this is what God intended for mankind. The Bible displays a consistent narrative of God being merciful, slow to anger, detesting violence, and promoting peace in all ways when it does not compromise His word. How then does this fit with his tolerance of eating meat?

Due to the fallen state of mankind (corruption), God has tolerated many things he had not approved of for man and for various reasons. The ancient Hebrews insisted that God appoint a king for them despite God being reluctant and warning against giving such authority to a corruptible person. He offered to save Sodom if Lot could find just a handful of righteous within the inhabitants of the wicked city. He declared meat a viable dietary option after the flood through necessity, but this was not His original intention. Will meat always be on the menu?

Isaiah 65:25 describes how God will recreate the earth in a new kingdom ruled by Christ. Removing violence and corruption, He also will declare all flesh, including animals, to eat only vegetation. We will once again eat only vegetables and no longer devour the flesh of God's creation.

Vegans rejoice!

The Bottom Line

What then does this mean? Is it acceptable to eat meat as Christians or should we cooperate with vegans and refrain from delicious murder meat?

Well, that depends on you. It is not a sin to eat meat, but we were never intended to do so and will one day only consume vegetables. Making peace with those not yet saved is definitely the most appropriate approach. Refraining from eating meat may show respect for God's creation, though eating meat is not a sin. It's not clear how many brownie points being a vegetarian might get you but it wouldn't hurt to try for the high score.

So, take up and eat! We are all future vegetarians one way or the other.

Share your opinion!

As a Christian, do you feel it would be favourable to be a vegetarian?

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    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 2 months ago from the bridge of sighs

      To quote a good vegan friend of mine (I myself am a non-pet but Other animals are OK hypocrite).

      "I'm not a vegan because I Love animals...I'm a vegan because I HATE plants"...I think that illustrates beautifully the point that for us to live...Something else MUST die...It's simply a matter of degrees...thank merciful god...

    • Drewdermont profile image

      Andrew Haney 2 months ago from Florida

      Oztinato, thank you for your feedback. The main reason that I wrote this is because my twin sister is vegetarian (former vegan) but not Christian and would heavily criticize the tolerance of eating meat in the Bible. I did some research on the subject and found that eating meat was not God's initial intent for our diet and we will eventually remove meat from our diet, but for the meantime it is not considered sin to eat meat.

      So, our Inuit friends can eat their primary food source without guilt. For those that have the luxury of choice, I would encourage vegetarianism but not necessarily from a Biblical stance. I hope this was clear in my article.

      Also, I had chicken for dinner last night.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 2 months ago from Australia

      Very interesting subject.

      For followers of religions where meat is prescribed it would be foolish to criticize. Inuit Eskimos main food is fatty foods such as blubber and meat. They have their own indigenous religion that allows this. To be a vegan in such a cold climate might lead to very early death.

      Anthropologically speaking the new testament is rife with fish eating. Symbols of eating flesh and drinking blood are not vegan in spirit.

      Time place and circumstances rule however.

      Extreme over population may not lend itself to large scale meat eating any longer. Bird or swine flu for example could wipe out most of humanity. Is this worth enjoying buffalo wings or bacon?