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Difference between ethics and morals

Updated on May 22, 2013

Difference between ethics and morals

Morality has a practical,restricted, historic and relative character.

Ethics is the :

- philosophical reflection on morality
- search to justify the moral
- the subject that guides to action
- the purpose that guides and orients human life rationally

Despite having a similar purpose: to help man build a good character to be humanly perfect: the ethics and morals are very distinct.

The moral has an immediate practical character as an integral part of daily life in society and individuals, not only because it is a set of rules and norms that govern our existence, telling us what we should or should not do, but also because it is present in our discourse and influence our judgments and opinions.

The notion of immediacy comes from the fact that we use it continually. Ethics, by contrast, is a philosophical reflection, just purely rational about morals. Thus, demand justify it and support it, finding the rules that actually are important and can be understood as a global good practice and applicable to all subjects, which means that ethics is of a universal, by opposite the restricted nature of morality, since that belongs to individuals, communities and / or companies, varying from person to person, from community to community, from society to society.

The purpose of the study of ethics is, therefore, that guides the action: the reasons, causes, principles, maxims, the circumstances, but also examines the consequences of those actions.

The moral is also presented as historical, because evolves over time and varies in space, as well as the societies and customs. However, a moral norm can not be considered a law, despite the similarity, because it is written, but based on the laws, because the vast majority of laws is made taking into account moral norms.

Another important feature of the moral (and yes this is different from the law) is the fact that it is on, just because something is considered moral or immoral according to a given moral code, which is different from individual to individual. Finally, ethics aims to lead to fundamental changes in morality, with universal application, guiding, directing rationally the best way human life.

difference between ethics and morals
difference between ethics and morals


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