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Different type of christians

Updated on June 29, 2012

Is it surprising to you that there are different kind of christian?...may be not...may be yes...
And yes there is: there are hundred of us , we count ourselves by thousand, by millions....forget about denominations, i am talking about us individuals...As different as we are from one another, that is how different we are with our christiannity, our relationship with Christ himself....Perhaps you didn't expect me to say that, Did you?

You wanted me to say, there are Evangelical, Pentecostal, Protestant, Charismatic, Seven Days adventist, Mormons, Baptist, Anglican, Catholic,Church of the Later days, Amish and many many more....
Yes there are even the Churchless ones, the one that just believe and the passer by who just believe he is a christian because his parents are or the one that was baptised long time ago when he was a child and the one who sympathise but too busy to understand....sighs...yes let me say it...There are different kind of christians and with this in mind, please people, understand that to there are different type of christianity...and different kind of Bible also...laughs.

Please don't be surprise when you see two individuals interpret the Bible in two different ways or even have a different Bibles or different versions of the Bible, with less or more books in it.

Sometimes , the interpretations has nothing to do with their denominations; it's simply the result of what's going on in their mind at the time.their expericence, their struggle, their background, the city they live in, the body they grow into, their social influences... or who knows ,their life.

Being a christian, even at the times of Jesus Christ was as confused as ever.some didn't even know if they were supposed to follow John the Baptist or Jesus himself. I mean the one who baptised by water or Fire?
Even the Apostles were wondering as to whether Boast of Peter or Paul; then they were confused as to whether to accept uncircumcised people, gentiles and those who don't follow but use the name of Jesus.

We are indeed different...2000 or something years later, we are still redefining ourselves.But why is it so?
Is it a need to be perfect for God or for our own glory?
When we boast that we are Baptist, is it for Jesus?
When we say that we are charismatic, what privilege does it give?
When we boast that we pray every day and read our Bible daily, is it for Jesus?
When we boast that we go to church, is it for Jesus?
When we boast that we pay our tithes, what are we looking for?
When we say that we are a christian, do we know what we are talking about at all?

Is being a christian a "trade mark"? Christian TM.
I guess Jesus should be happy that we call ourselves christian at all...laughs, at least we belong to a group of people who wants to identfy with Him.
Whether we BELONG TO HIM is a whole different reality.

You see ,Jesus never said, follow a group of people, he said Follow me.
I have found with all the versions in the Bible, the words in RED are always the same.
I suggest we spend time reading them. The accounts about the Life of Jesus and medidate His words for our own interest.

Somehow we've reduced our "christian" life to Church life, denomination life, activity, peaces our mind to know that we are doing everything in our power to LIVE the christian life as set by the Church out there.
If you come to Church every sunday, you are all right.
If you are a prayer warrior, you are alright
If you evangelise ten people a week, you are alright
If you mention Praise Jesus everytime you speak to someone, you are alright
If you carry a Bible around in your office, you are alright...
If you pay your tithe, you are alright....
If you simply say that you are a christian, then you are alright...
And many other stuff....

My friends, I am afraid to say, it's not alright....

Jesus said in the Bible, new testament and you might want to check it for yourself;
It is said that on THAT DAY, many of us so called christians, will come to Jesus and say, we've cast out demons in your name, Lord, we raised the dead, we healed the Blind, and we prophesied , we did so many miracles in your names; and I add, we evangelised ten times a week, we build marvelous churches in your name, we opened oprhanages in Africa for you, we had a TV station to talk about you, we raised money, funds, to finance your work Lord, we sang for you, great artistic ministry, we travel around thew world to speak of your name, we paid our tithes every month...and yet Jesus will say to us: stay away from me, I don't KNOW you.

How pathetic of us...I mean , we are doing so many wonderful things!!!
We might want to check our facts, bring them together and be honest with ourselves. What kind of christian we really are, the one who follow the crowds or follow Jesus Himself?

Cold water isn't it?

YOU know what i am talking about, I know what I am talking about ...
Do I start looking for pastors who preach what I want to hear; to complaise myself in churches where repentance is no more heard. Do I hide, in the church so that no one can ask me what I have been up to...
Do people know me as the christian and the not so christian...????

We go to church every sunday. all smiles, we listen to a wonderful message, we chat after church and yet we go back to our homes where our real lives lies and we are two, three, ten different persons at the same time...sometimes we are rotten,depressed inside,...yet we are all christians....yet we go around very much confused with ourselves...

Is it because we are so use to the system that we don't even have time to build a relationship with Jesus himself? or is it because we choose not to understand.Why do we leave him aside and do what we want instead.

Let's stop the joke... Let's sit down and reason together.

It is good to think about those things.Ask yourself this:

What kind of Christian are you?


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    • loulou2 profile image

      loulou2 5 years ago


    • The Power Glider profile image

      The Power Glider 6 years ago from Southeast Idaho

      This is a powerful read. Thank you for sharing. Considering such an issue can never be a bad thing.

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