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Diligence! A key to Success

Updated on June 15, 2012

The world is a busy place today and people are working more and receiving less even to the extent of becoming victims to downsizing and layoffs. Constant effort is continually being made toward medical improvements and political promises, but this constant effort may at times seem futile.Strategies are being used with the expectation of seeing different results with no true evidence.

Doing the same thing expecting different results is what we have heard to equal insanity, but doing the same thing expecting different results according to the bible is equal to faith. Luke 18 gives an example spoken by Jesus concerning a widow who kept doing the same thing expecting different results. She continually approached an unjust Judge who had no regard for God or man to ask that she be avenged of her adversary. Jesus gave this parable to emphasize the importance of persistent prayer and to never give up believing that God will eventually come through.

Diligence is constant careful effort toward what is to be obtained.In other words diligence is not willing to quit under pressure or in the face of failure, but it continues with careful effort... not just effort to obtain the goal. Diligence can be viewed as dripping water that refuses to stop until it has made an impression in a rock. obviously this takes a great deal of time and the dripping water must carefully and continually drip in the same place in order to see change. The water is no match for the rock short term, but over time through diligence it does the impossible. Life is like the water and the rock because we all face challenges that seem impossible to overcome, but through constant careful effort otherwise known as diligence one can become an over comer .

Vain or empty effort

Psalm 127:1a says except the Lord build the house,they LABOUR IN VAIN that build it.

All of the laborious works of men built without God are vain. And even though success without God is possible through a diligent working individual, it may be bad success. It is success without joy peace and fulfillment because Ecclesiastes says only God can give the power to enjoy the fruit of one's labor. Many people today are diligent to build a career, business, ministry, home or relationship only to become unsatisfied and unfulfilled if God is not the foundation of such things. Anything pursued after must first come to the acknowledgement of God so he can direct one's path (Proverbs 3).

Peter knew his business well because he was a fisherman by trade. Luke 5 gives an example of a diligent Peter who was also a frustrated Peter because he had been toiling all night long and caught nothing. The fact that he was willing to spend the night fishing without success shows the diligence he had for his business.

The disappointing night created frustrated individuals who began washing their nets. Washing the nets mean giving up, quitting because nothing had happened in a positive way. Again diligence is willing to continue constant careful effort in spite of disappointment and frustration. Jesus tells Peter to launch out into the deep and cast out his nets for a draught. He encourages him to continue remaining diligent even in his frustration and as Peter obeys he catches two boat loads of fish. Success does come through diligence!


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    • HAexpressions profile image

      HAexpressions 4 years ago

      Thank you RonELFran!

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I really appreciate this hub. I focus a lot on diligence, but you have helped throw some additional light on it for me. I never thought about the widow repeatedly approaching the unjust judge in terms of diligence. Great work!

    • HAexpressions profile image

      HAexpressions 5 years ago

      Thank you RJ68!

    • RJ68 profile image

      RJ68 5 years ago from Memphis

      Pray without ceasing expecting an answer from God in your favor. Sometimes it is not the answer we want to hear but it still works in our favor. Diligence and steadfastness..

      thank you for a great article.