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Dimitry Sheinman: suspect or psychic?

Updated on October 10, 2015

The Tragic Murder (2004)

In 2004 a beautiful and talented music student and actress by the name of Sarah Fox was murdered. She vanished while jogging and her body was discovered in a park, surrounded by yellow flower petals.

The method of killing was determined to be strangulation.Tragically, the case was never solved although many potential suspects were investigated, and the case is still being actively investigated.

The Psychic Emerges (2012)

Eight years later one of these suspects appeared at the police station claiming that he has psychically determined who the killer was by psychically communicating with Fox. Dimitry a.k.a. Dima a.k.a. Viktor now lives in South Africa with his wife who also claims to be psychic.

Since the murder Sheinman spent some time in prison for a 2005 assault on a man in the same park where Fox's body was found. A park he was known to room with his large unleashed dog. During the attack he strangled his victim.

By 2012 Sheinman had long been considered the prime suspect as he was a neighbor of Fox and gave the police tips including information only the murderer would know.


The psychic story could be one way of covered up a knowledge of facts of the crime that an innocent man should not know. However, why would he bring it up so long after the case has gone cold?

One reason might be that Sheinman has written a book on the case (you can see a chapter here) that he may want to promote, or that he simply wants ti be in the public eye.

The Sad Thing...

One obvious explanation for Sheinman's ongoing involvement in the case is that he was connected with the crime, even responsible for it. This would make his claims to speak for the victim after death particularly perverse.

Investigators reportedly feel Sheinman is the culprit but lack the evidence needed to pursue prosecution.


The police are not disclosing who Sheinman has identified as the killer, and I think they are correct to do so. If his goal was simply to help the investigation he could have delivered the tip discretely rather than alerting the media in advance. This whole performance reeks of obsession and self-promotion. I only hope that these latest events do help the police find the culprit, however he might be.

I cannot say definitely that Sheinman is not psychic or delusionally thinks he is psychic, but he has does not seem to have done anything to deserve benefit of the doubt on this issue.

Update: New Suspects (2013)

In May 2013 two new suspects were identified by police. DNA evidence is being investigated but there have been no arrests.


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