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Dinosaurs on the Ark

Updated on April 25, 2013


There were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark. Dinosaurs flourished in the pre-flood world in an environment that was different from what we know today. That being said we would expect to find some evidence of dinosaurs and humans living together.

First, it must be realized that the assumptions made by young earth creationists are different than those maintained by evolutionists. The most obvious difference is that the earth is only 7000 years old rather than some 4.5 billion. Therefore dinosaurs existed only 5000 years ago at the time of Noah’s flood. What evidence is there to support such a claim?

In the 1990’s Mary Schweitzer, a palaeontologist, discovered soft tissue in the bone of a T. Rex. That’s right, a bone, not a fossil, the bone was unmineralized and still contained soft tissue including blood cells. This created a furor in the scientific community as soft tissue is not supposed to be able to survive for the 65 million years since the demise of the T. Rex. All sorts of suggestions were made as to how this could be, most suggesting some sort of contamination.

Further work by Mary Schweitzer and others resulted in the confirmation of her original work. Soft tissue was found in the remains of an Iguanodon (120 million years ago) and a Hadrosaur (80 mya). Collagen was identified as well as two other proteins. To a young earth creationist the simplest explanation is that these remains are from creatures that lived only a couple of thousand years ago (actually some creation scientists have suggested only hundreds of years). Evolutionists are looking for a mechanism that will preserve soft tissue and proteins over tens of millions of years.

There is also evidence in cave drawings and folk tales of human and dinosaurs interacting, only the dinosaurs are called dragons. Many of these drawings and tales are simply dismissed as being mythological or being “tall tales”, but we have to ask, did the people who made these drawings and told these tales do such things? Was it in their culture to make imaginative drawings and to tell imaginative tales?

Today our culture is based on imaginative tales. Check any bookstore or library, we do not have a factual section and non-factual, we have fiction and non-fiction, fiction sets the standard for us. Not so with many primitive cultures. As we examine their drawings and tales we find that they recorded what was real to them. At the minimum we can identify plesiosaurs (aborigine cave drawing from Australia) and stegosaurs (the temple of Angkor Wat). The Bible also contains a reference to dinosaurs in Job 40-41, there they are referred to as behemoth and leviathan (two different animals).

As dinosaurs existed prior to the flood they must also have been on board Noah’s ark. It was most likely juvenile dinosaurs that boarded the ark, being much smaller than fully grown adults. Even using size and growth charts produced by evolutionists the average size of a dinosaur boarding the ark would have been approximately that of a bison, and in the year spent on board the ark they would not have grown a great deal.

The young earth creationist has no problem with dinosaurs. They lived alongside humans and mammals and boarded Noah’s ark. Their existence is recorded in rock art, on pottery and in sculpture. They are ubiquitous in the literature of cultures around the world. It is still hoped that a living example will be found as even today new species of animals are continually being found, and even some living fossils, e.g. coelacanth. As always, the Christian has no reason to doubt what is found in the Bible.


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    • barrydan profile image

      barrydan 4 years ago from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

      Thanks for the comment Ceegen. Paying attention to the evidence is always interesting!

    • Ceegen profile image

      James 4 years ago from Maine, USA

      Not to mention artifacts of an advanced human civilization which existed before the flood. Think of what a person like Einstein could do with an extra 800 years of life. Imagine how advanced we could be today if we could live that long. Our best and greatest minds would come up with amazing things, such as we already have, but in shorter periods of time.

      But some people would say that this is impossible, evidence of "ancient aliens" or some other such nonsense. Evolutionists who find these "out of place" artifacts, go to great lengths to hide them! Their conscious is seared as with a hot iron, and they ignore the evidence they don't like, only accepting that which validates their theory. Great care is given to label them hoaxes, some kind of misunderstanding or even a type of problem with their recovery method. People who point to these types of things are always ridiculed and demonized.

      Plus, every continent has a type of pyramid, which are typically steppe pyramids or mounds. Giza isn't the only place pyramids are found. Some are even found underwater, and the Sphinx of Egypt has been found to have water damage. This is in contrast to Egypt having always been a desert as far as recorded human history is concerned!

      I could discuss this for hours, and I know this is an old hub, but voted up, interesting and awesome. It is always refreshing to see a reasoning behind why things are the way they are; if humans had never seen dinosaurs, separated by millions of years of "evolution", then how would they have ever known what they looked like? Ancient people depicted dinosaurs as living beings, not as skeletons, and certainly not as displays of their bones in museums.

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 6 years ago

      I really enjoyed your hub Barry..It is nice to always back up the Bible with science although as Christians we need not worry... just is icing on the cake..Thanks again for a great hub.