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Discernment and Apostleship

Updated on December 6, 2015


I see that many have touched up on the subject of discernment, but I realize that not all of us are operating in any gift in perfection. Yes, the gifts are perfect gifts, but the ones who have the gifts are not perfect, therefore they are capable of making mistakes. I have seen and heard many prophets who have prophesied, but their prophesies have not been fulfilled as of this day; some prophesies have been told about seventeen years ago, but they have not been fulfilled. Take for instance the World Trade Center; I have seen the planes crash into those buildings about a year before it happened, just like it was shown to me in a vision. Jesus told Peter that he would deny him thrice before the cock crowed (Matthew 26:34) although Peter admitted that he will never deny him, but he did. It is evident that God cannot lie, and what he foresaw cannot be changed but will come to pass, so who can alter their fate?

The gifts and calling

Every good and perfect gift comes from the father who gives them freely, so many have various gifts in operation in their lives, but are they operating in perfection of their gifts? I have listened to all the books by Pastor Yong Do Kim, and I have heard that no one can say that they are experts in any gifts that they operate in; further, Pastor Kim has never proclaimed to be an Apostle as so many are proclaiming to be, yet he is in this case has remained a humble servant of the Lord. Many are taking the claim of apostleship in which they are called as Pastors, Evangelist, Prophetess, and Prophets and so on. In whatsoever we are called by the Lord, we should remain in our calling and not become something other than what the Lord has called us to be.

God has order

God called twelve apostles, but one fell by betrayal; so two were appointed by the apostles as a replacement which was: Joseph called Barasabas and Matthias. So when they cast lots, the lot fell on Matthias and he was numbered with the eleven. (Acts 1:23-26) but Matthias was not who God ordained, Paul was the apostle whom God later ordained, apprehended and dealt with through revelation knowledge. Paul was the preacher sent to the Gentile nation. The apostle Paul had a personal encounter with Jesus on the road to Demascus, so Jesus had to blind him from the former things which he was well accustomed to, the customs of the Mosaic Law. Paul became a chosen vessel (apostle) of the Lord for the Gentile nation. We have to see and understand what an apostle is, are any other apostles after the early church? The apostle had the keys of the kingdom, they were able to open the door and let the Gentiles in. Now the apostles had the power to lay hands on people and forgive their sins and the Holy Ghost would come in, they had the authority to set doctrine by the will of God. Signs and wonders followed them with great grace from God the Father. Many who are apostles today are ordained by man and not God; can they retain or remit sins? Can they set doctrine? Are any experts in any gifts? Let us remain in the calling wherewith God has called us and not be above what God has called us to be. Many are feeding off the milk of the word of God and not meat; can they rightly divide the word? Are they experience in the word of God? We know that the word of God discerns all things, even the thoughts and intents of the heart ( Hebrews 4:12) Many pastors have taught us but the increase comes from God; although I have had many pastors through the years, but God has given me the increase and the knowledge of his word, yet I’m no expert at it. So as to mention this, I therefore do discern what the person is intending on through the word of God through their writing. Pastor Kim is also my teacher because I have learned so much through his books. Now God is a God of order, he has order to all that he does in his house, many are out of order because they lacking knowledge in some area.

Abide in our calling

Many that have husbands are saying that God is their head and that they are the head and their husbands who are pastors, are under them, do they not error in their ways? We know that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of every woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God. Evidently, I will proceed on to mention this; anyone who has had a face to face encounter with Christ is considered an apostle whether it may be a man or woman, for God is not a respecter of persons. Yes, they are apostles that God has carefully selected but differ than the apostles in the early church. The apostles that are called this day and time cannot and will never be able to lay hands and the people receive the Holy Ghost. The ones to whom God has selected to be apostles in the five finger ministry, should walk in their calling, however, there are some who have selected this calling of themselves and by themselves, they are walking out of their calling and are in error.

Romans 11:29

29. For the gifts and calling Of God are without repentance.

To whom God has called to serve, he or she cannot back out of their calling, and many are born with their gifts. That is to say, remain in your calling and be faithful in what the Lord has called you to be. Mainly, those to whom God called to minister, but refuse to walk in this calling will face Divine judgment. I know of some who have stubbornly refused to walk in their calling and yet have walked away from it saying profoundly, “I don’t want to be a pastor, teacher, deacon, or an evangelist;” can they dictate to God what he has ordained for their lives? We are not of ourselves; we were brought with a price, so let us abide in our calling.

What are the requirements to become an apostle?

1. Must have had a personal encounter with Christ.

2. Must walk in perfect obedience to the Lord.

3. Must have the five fold ministry gifts.

Discernment is a precise gift.

Is it necessary to have discernment today, and why?

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