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Discontent is purposefully kept in human life!

Updated on August 5, 2016

In spite of money...

Expectations lead to discontent!

When expectations turn big, we get more tension and resultant anxieties. There is none in the world devoid of expectations. Even the poorest man has some sort of ambition in life like earning. Expectation is not a crime in mundane life. But, when it comes to spirituality, we should remain without expectations! Expectations are nothing but craving! Thoughts turn into desires and then craving! If we are not able to realize our expectations, we become dejected and angry. Even if our expectations turn fruitful, the euphoria will remain for a short time only. Every time, we go on changing our aim.

We have gone through different stages of like, baby to child and then as a student to youth! Do we retain the same aims when we were babies? No, it is ridiculous. Babies relish toys and when the same baby grows to be a child, the desires for toys change to play and games with other children. When one becomes a school going student we develop distaste to childhood desires. This is common to one and all. The mind remains dissatisfied even when desires are fulfilled. Evidently, external world cannot satisfy the mind. Even if one gets his desire fulfilled, it is only a temporary lull. The mind starts craving for some other thing better than the present one. Hence a jobless man is satisfied in getting a job initially. Once he starts earning, he feels that the emoluments are not enough. His mind craves for more. At no stage, the mind is fully content with what it has got!

One can not eat money!

Discontent has a divine purpose in human life!

This sort of discontent is known as “Divine discontent”. We were so created that nothing gives us ultimate contentment excepting in the pursuit of Divine wisdom! Hence even the billionaires become discontent at some point of time. This is the case with Ford and Microsoft founder Bill Gates! Hence, they turn to philanthropy to get peace of mind! Hence Ford Foundation was started for charity purposes. Likewise Bill and Melinda foundation started to help many patients in African countries for HIV and other complications. Substantial portion of their profit is earmarked for the Trusts they founded to alleviate the sufferings of many poor people around the world. In India too, many such trusts were formed to help the poor in higher education and employment opportunities. If wealth alone could offer peace and joy, none would have started such charitable trusts and organizations. Money can make one comfortable and vile in luxury but money cannot fetch happiness to discounted mind. The overall wellbeing of man cannot be measured with the wealth he possesses. God has not created anyone in the world blessing him with wealth and happiness. If one is present, the other will be absent.

One may argue that the wealthy people can get their needs fulfilled. No doubt, money can buy many things in this world but not happiness. The happiness need to well up from within one’s self. There are many billionaires around the world who lack nothing physically. However, if you inquire, they will pour out their sorrows. No children, business problems, income tax problems, litigation from relatives, safeguarding their wealth from theft, relatives and cheats. Most of the time, they will be concerned with any one of the problems as above! Most of the billionaires suffer from blood pressure, diabetes, ulcer and heart problems. They will be taking tablets along with their lunch and dinner. They will regularly use sleeping pills since due to various problems; they won’t get natural rest or sleep! How do you expect them to be happy? No doubt, the poor lack the wealth the rich possess.

Self control..

Nothing will serve our joy except self-control

Hence, one need money, just enough to fulfill his essential basic needs, not less or not more. More money means more problems! Even the wealthiest man needs three times food in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner. For the poor, it is just gruel one time a day! A wealthy man may wear two or three dresses a day to suit each occasion. For the poor, it is one set soiled and torn! But the poor man sleep well since his needs are few and he is concerned only about the particular day’s earning and eating! The billionaire needs vast palaces or mansions, many cars, servants and cooks, gardener and driver. He has to keep such a big retinue of employees and pay them. None is aware when the employee will turn enemy? How then he can sleep peacefully in the air-conditioned bed room! He cannot believe his own wife! We hear about such cases where women want to kill husbands to seize the vast estate! If there is a paramour, the chances are more!

Some people feel that if they acquire a flat, they can lead a happy life. Of course, those who reside in rented houses always desire to possess their own houses. If perchance, their ambition is fulfilled; their next worry is to clear the bank loan. How many has got ready money to purchase even a small flat? Many youngsters feel that if they could marry a beautiful girl, they will float in seventh heaven! If they are able to lead a happy life for seven days with a beautiful girl, hats off to them! It is normal that girls who are beautiful are highly egoistic. They won’t allow their husbands to remain peaceful even for a moment! One find morning, the boy will wish to severe the connection forever!

None of the material things in this world, nor wealth or relationship are meant for one’s happiness. It is to teach everyone big lessons of life, all the above things are in place! Adam and Eve were created and they were forbidden to eat the fruit from the tree! But they never listened to the voice from the sky and acted as prompted by their desire to taste the forbidden fruit! Now, we are aware of the consequences! Hence, those on the path of spiritual wisdom are asked to refrain from tasty foods, money and women! Evidently the three will lead everyone to sin. Hence they were trained into celibacy! This self-control will lead them to realize their oneness with the Supreme!


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 19 months ago

      You welcome my friend I hope to always be able to read your very good hubs that are very realistic and thought provoking.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 19 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Beautiful explanations I always cherish! Thank you! Kiss and Tales.

    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 19 months ago

      Good hub on contentment !

      I truly agree on many things spoken in your hub.

      There was a time money was just was a thing used to buy needs and wants.

      But there is a different defintions of it today. It is power , it is a god , it is fame.

      If you have allowed it to be one of these in your life then you have allowed a tangible thing that could change value at anytime to control you.

      First the Goverments give power to money.

      If a goverments fall so will money.

      The great depression is always a reminder that money can lose value and those banks can close their doors

      with your money in them

      Which means nothing if this happens.

      The only thing of value when this happen was humanity , people feeding people in soup lines , and caring for your neighbors welfare.

      People are so far from this that if something was to happen like this again and it will! They will not know how to survive.

      People change for cars stop people from a good walk or exercise. TV may stop people from reading a good book.

      Computer technology may also stop book research by mental exercise.

      There are alot of things that can handicap people if they take the most easy and convenient way out of things.

      While many people think they are on the top of the world the world will turn upside down.

      If you are a spiriual being then that is being rich forever

      It will stand when money is gone.

      The key is the geniune truth that the creator uses .Not all are on his path following him.

      Thanks for sharing.