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Discover How Your Potential Is Related to the Essence of Your Being

Updated on June 28, 2011

Just like an acorn seed contains within it, by virtue of its nature, the potential to become a full grown oak, you possess deep within you the abilities to become who and to do what your creator intended you to be and to do in life.

Everything that you need to fulfill your life’s purpose has been packaged within you, and therein lays the seed of your greatness.
You’ve read it well my friend: you possess lying dormant inside you the ability to play your role in the history of humanity in a manner that will satisfy God’s motive for creating you.

It is therefore of a paramount importance to understand the true nature of your being and the way God has intended it to function if you want to be really successful in life.

The Power of the Human Mind

Rooted in existentialism and humanism philosophies, the rise of the Human Potential Movement since the 1960s has seen the idea that the human mind is a powerful tool for creating the kind of life that one dreams of spread like wildfire. This view of the mind as being all-powerful and capable of overriding physical reality comes from the belief that human nature is dual in its constitution.

Is the Mind Really That Powerful?

What Do We Know About Human Nature?

First of all, I would like to state that there are two ways to know the reality of a thing beside the scientific way. But since science deals only with matter and recourses to the intellect to systematically study the material world through observation and experiment, we shall leave it aside because it cannot help grasp the reality of the immaterial dimension of the human nature.

1. Speculation: The way of philosophy

The pioneers of speculations about human nature constitution are Socrates, Plato, and Descartes.

According to Socrates reality is unavailable to those who use their senses. He said that he who sees with his eyes is blind. Influenced by his master’s thoughts, Plato believed that ideas, experienced by the soul, are the reality. For him, the physical or corporeal part of man nature is of little value and trivial. Only the soul which does not exist in time and space like the body does can access universal truths.

In an attempt to explain the relationship between the mind and the body, the French philosopher René Descartes conceptualized the mind – body dichotomy, which led to the theory of dualism according to which, human beings have two basic natures:

  • The material, made of the body
  • The immaterial, made of mind (or soul)

Even though there are different conceptions concerning the human mind, most agree that it comprises conscious experience and intelligent thought. Its different faculties are: perception, reason, imagination, memory, emotion, attention, and free-will (Wikipedia).

All processes, considered by many as mental, that occur within an individual‘s personality below his level consciousness are thought to be emanating from a “part of the mind” subconscious mind which controls all vital functions of the human body, and where all experiences unique to each individual are stored. The Austrian Psychologist Carl Jung, who believed that there is a similar way of organizing all human experiences at a cosmic level, brought forth the concept of the collective unconscious, which is referred to, among the adepts of the self-improvement movement, as the super-conscious mind, the universe, the infinite intelligence, the quantum field, the divine matrix, or the mind of God.

2. The spiritual way: Revelation

When facts pertaining to the reality of a thing are unclear, revelation comes in as an alternative. Unfortunately, it poses the following problems:

  • Inability of human reason to lay hold of the revealed “facts” (requires belief),
  • Authenticity and authority of the source (difficult, if not impossible, to establish and prove),
  • Leaves an open door to all kind of interpretations which might be contradictory (may lead to confusion).

Nevertheless, the bible reports that we are made of a spirit and a body, that the union of these two components produced a functional entity called “soul,” the organ of consciousness.

The spirit is the part of man that allows him to relate to the spiritual world. It is the seat of conscience and intuition, and it possesses the following faculties:

  • The faculty of discerning what is good or wrong without the influence of knowledge stored in the mind
  • The faculty of communicating with the spiritual world
  • The faculty of knowing through intuition

Because of man’s separation from his creator, these faculties are “dormant”:

  • The spiritual world is out of our field of awareness and we are unable to communicate with spiritual beings, except those of us who have been enabled or “empowered” either by God himself through the process of regeneration (new birth) or by some other spirits through certain mystico – esoteric initiations.
  • Despite having an innate compass that points out what is right (or good) man’s morality has been getting weaker and weaker over time.
  • In addition to the above, man can only rely on his mind, his feelings, his emotions and his senses to acquire knowledge. We are naturally unable to apprehend things through the faculty of intuition.

The human mind is undoubtedly powerful, able to help change one’s own reality. A change in your way of thinking, a change of your habits, a change in your way of perceiving things and reacting to them can definitively change you for the best. But what I would like you to realize is that it’s the spirit, the image of god within you, which is all powerful and capable of overriding reality when connected or reconnected to its source. It simply needs to be activated through the process of regeneration.

You are a spirit, you live in body, and you’ve got a soul, a soul that needs to become one with the spirit that you are so as to enable you to bring forth to the world the realities that you are called to manifest.


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    • Stolive profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Botswana

      You most welcome Happyboomernurse.

      I'm pleased to hear, or to read, I should say, that the publishing of this hub coincided with you passing through this marvelous experience at the first Women Empowerment Destiny Conference; it wasn't haphazard.

      Let's all nurture the vision of our respective calling, keeping our eyes on the prize which is attached to it, and persevere up to it's fulfillment, drawing the strength that we need from our source.


    • Happyboomernurse profile image

      Gail Sobotkin 

      7 years ago from South Carolina

      What a thought-provoking hub and question since if the answer is yes, it points to the Holy Spirit as the connector in Jung's collective unconscious. That feels right to me, although I've never thought of it that way before.

      The other thing you said in this hub that really caught my attention on a visceral level was:

      "You possess lying dormant inside you the ability to play your role in the history of humanity in a manner that will satisfy God’s motive for creating you."

      Perhaps I was ready to hear those words this morning as just yesterday I attended the first Women Empowerment Destiny (W.E.D.) Conference. My dear friend, Sharon Lambert, had a "vision" to create W.E.D., a women's organization that inspires women to walk in their full potential of their life with God. The first part of Sharon's vision is that there will be 3 sessions to W.E.D.'s first conference, each uniquely orchestrated by the "Holy Ghost". Each woman will embrace the calling of God within her life, to realize her destiny and activate the power within her.

      I thought I was attending the conference to support my friend, but the spirit, power and love within that room touched every woman, including myself, to her very core as we all began the process of giving birth to our life destiny.

      As chance, or perhaps destiny, would have it, this conference took place on my 59th birthday and was an invigorating new path on my life's journey.

      The other words you spoke in this hub that were powerful for me and dove-tailed nicely with yesterday's conference were: "But what I would like you to realize is that it’s the spirit, the image of god within you, which is all powerful and capable of overriding reality when connected or reconnected to its source. It simply needs to be activated through the process of regeneration."

      Thank you for posting this hub. It's very inspirational.

    • Stolive profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Botswana

      Food for thought: Could the collective unconscious or the super-conscious mind be the Holy Spirit whose nature is similar to the human spirit's nature?


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