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Discovering a different Culture in South Africa

Updated on October 29, 2010

There are many cultures in South Africa and each culture has their dressing, food, and way of life. Different cultures have got different ways of handling weddings and funerals.

Their dressing is their way of showing other people that they are serious on what they believe in. For example the Xhosa, are more known with their face paintings and in their language. The interesting pronunciation in Xhosa is how they talk when they are mixing Xhosa words and English words e.g. someone is waving a hand at you so another person is telling you that he’s waving at you. “Uyaku wavingisha”. This is an example of some Xhosa language.

Their weddings are also beautiful and colorful. The arrangements they do from labola to the slaughtering of the cow and still it comes to their dressing again. Sometimes they cover the bride so that they confuse the groom a little just to know how much he knows about his woman.

Labola is paid in cows or they convert cows to money nowadays. Some people pay their labola in small amounts until it has all been paid off. The labola is very expensive when the bride is highly educated. When the marriage cant work out and there is children between the husband and wife the wife will goes back to her parents leaving the children behind with the husband to raise them.

Their funerals are also quite a significant ceremony. When I say this I am referring to the vendor tribes, Suthus, (Sothos), they bury their dead at night and women are not allowed to enter the graveyard. I don’t know why but I am intending to find out. Some Swazi’s are buried while squatting.

Chieftaincy and its selection has an interesting twist. Just selection on its own causes some chaos in the monarchies. Sometimes people will kill each other for the position. It starts with being enemies and then plotting each others downfall. So it doesn’t just happen in the European world, fighting to be kings are also found in Africa.

Circumcision is a huge mystery; some cultures do prepare their boys to become men and some cultures don’t. These other cultures they let this issue crime naturally. That’s all I can say.

All the South African cultures have their traditional dances. For instance there is a dance where they hold hands, a man and a woman making a circle morning around and jumping up and down.

You can compare this dance with the Brazilians and their samba and the Congolese with their dance called kwasakwasa.

With the Zulus, you can’t even ask, firstly they are warriors and they like their meat. So be proud, don’t hide who you are to the world.


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