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Discussing “Insanity”: The Suppressed Emotion

Updated on June 7, 2017

Passion is not the most intense emotional drive. It carries an ambition, a drive, a dream, a goal and perhaps guides people towards a path. But, in reality, there is an emotion that many do not explore and do not release. It is an emotion that can drive you in life like no other. It allows you to put everything and everyone behind, yet focus completely on one desire that defines not just your life, but your existence. The emotion is so intense that it does not even count as an emotion, people define it as insanity. The reason this intensity to do everything for one desire is often defined as insanity is because many people are too afraid to let themselves even feel a hint of it. There are, however, a few “crazy” souls, who are born with a single purpose, a single desire that they discovered within themselves and gathered the courage to pursue that.

We all carry that desire, that single motivation, that seemingly unattainable dream, yet the meaning of our lives. But many of us are taught, influenced, and forced to let go of our “insanity” as we grow from children to adults, just like it was snatched away from the adults who raise us. There is an immense sense of freedom in carrying that so-called craziness with you throughout your life, but, it is not an easy life and it is not a secure life. So, why have we as humans left our animalistic nature to fight for survival behind and have begun to constantly search of security in all aspects of our lives? Why have we lost our ability to embrace the unknown future and live life as an adventure? Why have we become so fearful of losing money, relationships, jobs, homes or cars? We have built ourselves to live in an environment that makes us fear life when it throws a curveball at us that we were not expecting. In reality, though, life is not throwing curveballs, it is doing what is natural, encouraging you to have some adventure, some fun, some challenge so that we do not turn into boring robots that live each day in and out without any real purpose.

We need to take a moment and think, what is the worst that can happen, why am I so scared to live in my natural state, why have I made myself so dependent on a life that values security over purpose or desire. All of this will sound nothing more than just words to some of us, and that is our rational side that tells us to value security, to remain sane. In the world we live in today, there is a strong battle between, should I choose a secure life over a life of more hardship, but also more excitement. All we need to think of at this moment is, how to let go of our fear of the unexpected, how do I learn to embrace uncertainty if it may arise. We need to relax our shoulders, lay back, put our feet up and just appreciate how good things are at the moment. When a storm is to arise in life, our survival instincts will kick in and our strength will increase 10 folds to cope with that situation. Being fearful of where the future is headed weakens us to cope with today and to enjoy life as we live it.

Not everyone wants to explore that emotion of insanity because their purpose in life is security and that is what they live for and to them, I say, congratulations on finding your calling. But for the rest of us, I say, embrace your emotion of insanity, do not suppress it, let it flourish. Break the chains of society tying us down from living a life of adventure and excitement. There is no formula for a perfect and secure life, but there is a formula for an adventurous life and that is to let go of things you cannot control and drive yourself to exist for your insane purpose, insanely!



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