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Disposable People - A Kingdom Divided

Updated on August 20, 2011

Success & Fame

 Isn't success great? Wealth, prosperity, fame & fortune, think of all of the good that can or could be done with it, and that's what many set out to do.I mean sure, get rich, amass a LOT, lots of money, lots of stuff, because when you die (and we all will) those that get your money & stuff will really appreciate it. It might be better if you shared it with them now so that you could actually be here to see their joy & appreciation.

 MC Hammer gets a lot of flack, he's often the butt of many "How not to be rich & famous" jokes. He took his "posse", friends, & family to the "top" with him, he was sharing the wealth, fame & joy of his blessing(s). The only problem was, he was sharing at a "rich & famous" level for everyone, as if the party would never end, but end it did, and so did his blessing(s) and the blessings of all of those that he had blessed. Had he focused on more essential stuff it's very likely that he, and they could have been set for life. His good heart & concern, along with a love to share his joy & blessing with others was overshadowed by his downfall & financial ruin.

 I believe his actions to be rather unique in his genre, I've heard of Snoop Dog giving back to the community, but it seems that many of the rappers "move on", leaving their "roots" behind. Sure they may take care of mom's and and a few close friends, but the hood is still the hood and it's also typically what drove & inspired their music & lyrics, don't they owe their success in part to that very community, especially with millions of dollars in the bank? Now that they are no longer thugs, it makes one wonder, how do they view those still in the hood, now that they aren't? Why is it that the home towns & neighborhood's of all the "big guys" of rap are still the same, why isn't their blessing fixing it?

 Perhaps it's because they know that no matter how rich & famous they are today, tomorrow it can all change, like it did for MC Hammer. Popular culture is driven by fads, trends, and well, money, no shock there. Think back over all of the reality type shows that have aired, be it "Pimp My Ride", there you go, DMX gave back, oh wait, the shows sponsors paid for all of that and he got a paycheck besides. Anyway, any show, trend or "in" item is only worthy until the ability to merchandise it is gone, then it's disposable. If the item in question happens to be personality driven, or a person themselves, it's still "disposable", pushed to side at best, thrown away at worst. People it seems are disposable if they aren't generating revenue.

 Many would blame capitalism and the political right for this type of stuff, yet everything listed has pretty much been liberal left Hollywood stuff. There is so much hypocrisy on both sides, people need to wake up and realize that mankind is inherently evil, greedy & selfish, it has nothing to do with party affiliation. What saddens me the most is that so many of these celebrities ignore those who made them famous and continue to carry them, folks in the hood struggling to make ends meet keep buying their "heroes" Cd's, but if they get killed or lost, don't worry, it's being marketed elsewhere, album sales will stay up. When rappers begin drinking Crystal, driving Benz's and wearing Armani, they have become what the were against, and by leaving their roots behind, they have done their whole back story an injustice. how often does one even buy a house in the old hood, (I mean that they live in, not an investment property). Mansions are the new homestead, in gated communities, far from their roots and old hood. The hood where the "disposable people" were left behind.

Making It Personal

 I had an uncle years ago that no one cared for, he was my aunts second husband, in fairness to him, he had a tough road to go down as my aunt's first husband who had passed away, was a much loved & admired man, personally I vaguely remember him as I was so young when he passed, but reputations carry. Her second husband however no one seemed to like. I'm not knocking him, I especially wouldn't knock someone who has passed on and can't defend themselves, I am however stating the fact that no one cared for him. All I personally know is that (to me) his Cadillac was #1 in his life, he babied that thing, and other "things" as I vaguely recall.

 I think my aunt, his wife, was his only "true" friend, there were a couple of neighbors that they were kind of close with in Florida, but that may have been by default. My aunt was much loved and adored, I remember her fondly. If I'd been asked as a youth what or who this uncle loved more, I "think", I'd have to put Caddy in the #1 spot, and his wife, my aunt, in the #2 spot. When she died, somewhat unexpectedly (many years ago) he was devastated, he passed away, alone in the home within a couple of weeks of her death. The Caddy was in his garage (as always), ready to become someone else's property.

 People matter, yet we seem to often these days to esteem stuff above & beyond humanity far to often, as if "things" can make us happy. the story of my uncle serves as a grim reminder to me that "stuff", which truly is disposable, cannot take precedence over people (humanity), which isn't disposable. Does someone, (the right someone) need to die in your life for you to realize this, or is it something that you can come to terms with without that loss? My uncles realization came far to late, and is likely what killed him.

Capitalism Corrupted

 Capitalism is good at it's base, it's core is Biblical, offering the same freedom of choice that God offers us, but like anything else, "to much of a good thing", can become bad. America has surely been blessed, because of it's capitalistic roots, however, it's self destructing because of them too. The worst thing about rampant success is that all to often, sight is lost of other things, as the more self sufficient we become, the less we look to God. As "mans" great success here in America has abounded we have looked more & more to "man" for answers, solutions, provision & direction. Even the push or move of some in this country toward a type of socialism is born out of our capitalistic success.

 Many may argue all of this, because they don't want to hear or believe it, but it's true, it's history repeating itself yet again. Take a Biblical, look at Israel coming off of their 120 "glory years" of Saul, David, & Solomon, the imploding began with Rehoboam's "heavier yoke". The Israelites realized that they were once again "enslaved", it's just that this time it was to their own people instead of Egypt or another.

Imploding Israel & Others

 Israel was far from alone in this, how is it that EVERY nation that comes to power, loses it? When your that "big", how do you demise? Virtually NONE of antiquities were ruined from the outside, meaning, by another nation. Several were "finished off" or dealt the death blow by outsiders, but only after they had started self destructing from within. Success breeds greed, selfishness, complacency, over confidence & arrogance, factors which can surely destroy. Especially so when a nation has it's very beginnings & foundings in God, His Son, & His Word, and yet fall so far away from all that was initially instituted. The more powerful & successful "man" became, the less we saw of God & godliness. For every bit of selfishness though, there is the counter balance of greed - envy, acquisition - covetousness, arrogance - despise (or spite) and it has played out to divide our once united nation. Israel became divided after Solomons reign (Israel & Judah) and NEVER reunited before being over run & destroyed. The people that overtook them saw them as "disposable people", but heck, their own nation had come to see them that way.

Is America Next?

 I have a great amount of respect for all of our soldiers & armed forces agencies, past & present, for hundreds of years now many have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. However, when you really break it down, it just shows you (through war) that nations see their citizens as "disposable people" to serve the greater good. It's not always even OUR greater good that we pursue, we have given so many American lives for other nations freedoms, and, THAT is a Christlike love & sacrifice on Americas behalf. What other nation is willing to do that? What other nation AFTER a war DOESN'T occupy & take over other countries, yet helps to rebuild them AFTER fighting them?

 Only America, talk about a Christlike attitude of forgiveness, we rebuilt Japan following WWII, after the loss of many lives, disposable people. Will our Kingdom divide? It already has, it's just not been geographical as much as it's been political & social. None of us are entitled to anything, all any of us deserve is death, but by the grace of a mighty God we can be sparred, forgiven and redeemed - restored to Him, but even then we aren't "entitled" to anything. Expect nothing, be thankful in & for all things and enjoy your freedom, so very few in this world have it.


In Christ

Jimm Bacon


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    • Jimm Bacon profile imageAUTHOR

      Jimm Bacon 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Good words M.F.M., thank you for reading & sharing.

    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 

      7 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      Nice article, Jim. I think the 2nd husband truly did love your aunt. Dying soon after a spouse's passing is often called dying "of a broken heart". Love is the most important thing. Those without it are as a "resounding gong".

      Working hard is biblical. Using wisdom, as in lean principles of management, improving proactively, not just reflexively, this is also biblical. Working hard to become expert in your profession, this is also biblical. Usury, however, the worst part of American culture, is expressly forbidden. I felt that worth mentioning.

      Peace, Man from Modesto


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