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Dissecting Key anti-Young Earth Creationism Arguments

Updated on April 8, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

A few beginning words

The arguments are taken from a fairly old post by Dr. James McGrath. He is a strong anti-YEC and over the years has posted many articles that attack the YEC position. You can read these arguments and the article in their entirety, just click here.

I am just going to dive in and waste no more time getting started

Key anti-YEC arguments and a response to them

#1. Young-earth creationists claim that the being who made the Earth and humankind is neither trustworthy nor honest. Their concept is of a God who makes the universe look like it is a particular age, and the Earth look like it is a particular age, even though they were created much more recently, and then condemns people for believing that evidence

This is some what an unrealistic argument to make. It is a scam in fact to justify rejecting Genesis 1 and accepting an alternative creative origin. If you think about it, anything that is made has the appearance of a particular age.

Cars do, houses do, even books and picture frames. You cannot escape that fact. Even the earth and universe will look like it is older than it really is. The problem anti-YEC supporters have is that their supposed evidence for age is not evidence.

#2. Young-earth creationists do not believe the Bible’s testimony (in particular in Romans 1) that the Creator can be known through observation of and reflection on the created order.

God can be known through nature, but just not like the Old Earth creationists or theistic evolutionists claim. When we look at nature, we get to know God’s foresight, his wisdom,. his creativity, his innovation and even his complexity.

We also know a little about his love since he made everything perfect for us. What we do not learn from nature is how God created everything. There is no book of nature telling us the process God used to create everything we know exists. Genesis does that for us when it says ‘God spoke and it was’

#3. Young-earth creationists believe that the Creator responded to human sin by introducing flesh-eating bacteria, killer viruses, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and carnivores into the world, just to name a few things.

This is another misunderstanding on the part of those who reject a Young Earth Creation. Killer viruses, bacteria, germs and more are not god’s creation. God did not create those in response to human sin

All those items were introduced into the world when sin and corruption came to the world via Adam’s sin. The world was perfect prior to that moment and when Adam’s sinned, all that God created was altered and corrupted so they did not work perfectly any more.

#4. Young-earth creationists believe that it is perfectly acceptable to repeat lies, promote misunderstandings, distort scientific publications, demean the character and credibility of Christians as well as others who work in the natural sciences.

Lying is not acceptable no matter which side of the creation argument one is on. But just because someone believes different information than the YEC supporter does it mean that the latter is lying.

There are some YEC supporters who do those things but not all do. Some repeat what they believe to be the truth even though it may not actually be true. There are a variety of reasons for this which s[pace does not permit to explore at this time.

It needs to be remembered that scientists are not perfect and they make alternative claims about our origins that have no hope of being true. Just because a scientist is behind the study, etc., doesn’t make the study true.

Those people claiming to be Christian yet accept & promote a Genesis 1 alternative are not credible and show they do not believe the god they claim to follow.

#5. Young-earth creationists believe that it is appropriate to spend millions of dollars promoting their dishonest claims about science, which could have been used to house the homeless, feed the hungry, or in some other way promote the good news of Jesus by following his teaching and example.

This is a nonsensical argument that can easily be pointed back at the evolutionary scientist and others who support evolution. The Large Hadron Collider, the largest in the world, cost approx 7 1/2 billion Euros to construct and it doe snot operate all year round

Of course, there are other costs involved that make it a pointless project whose money could have been spent on helping the homeless, feed the hungry and other social work. The sad fact is this is not the only collider or evolutionary project that has wasted billions of dollars.

The evolutionary supporter is in no position to pointy a finger at those YEC advocates who spend money spreading the truth tot he lost world./

#6. Young-earth creationists have made it their central mission to identify Christian teaching not with self-sacrificial and humble following of Jesus, but the arrogant proclamation that the world’s scientists are wrong, and that one must choose between science and faith in God.

This is another badly constructed argument as it blames the YEC supporter of not following Christ or making Christian sacrifices. The problem for those who hold this position is that Jesus promoted young earth creation and never changed what Moses said.

The YEC believer is being sacrificial as they take a lot of flack, abuse and personal in jury promoting what they believe. Just like Jesus did. The other problem for those anti-YEC people is that they do have to make a choice.

They have to choose to believe God or believe fallible scientists who are deceived and blind. And yes, a person does have to choose between science and God. There is no middle road and God said, you are either on one side or the other.

#7. This is not Christianity. It is an attack on Christianity. And so, I call upon young-earth creationists to repent of their rebellion against God, and their depicting of God as more like a devil.

Like #6, this argument is totally in error. Believing God and promoting a YEC origin is not an attack on Christianity. It is Christianity because it is what both God and Jesus say. The[people who are making the attack on Christianity are those that claim the Bible is wrong.

Then the only people depicting God as the devil are those who promote alternatives to Genesis 1. They are saying God lied and that he created his life forms to develop through a very cruel and inhumane process like evolution.

YEC people depict God as who he is- an all powerful supernatural being, who has creativity, love and more.

Some final words

In reality, it is not the YEC people who do most of the lying, demeaning and disrespecting. That task falls to those who decide to leave the truth of the Bible and adopt an alternative origins narrative.

It is also not the YEC crowd that is misrepresenting God and his creative act. They are sticking to the biblical narrative and proclaiming it as the truth it is. As you can see, the people trying to hide the truth are those who have rejected it and have accepted science over God and his word.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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