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Creating success through diversifying your vision

Updated on January 3, 2013

There's more than one way of looking at things

Have you ever tried to accomplish something of importance only to continue to fall short ? Does it seem as though you are continually remaining in the same cycle? The problem may be that you are looking at the problem one way. If you continue to do the same thing expecting different will continue to see and experience some of the same things that you already have. There is one exception to this rule...if you know that the Lord is leading you in a certain direction,or to do a certain thing, then continue doing the same thing, expecting different results, because you will, in due season... through your persistence. Did you know that God used 10 different methods to achieve one specific goal? When God told Moses to go down into Egypt and tell pharoah to let his people go...the first method used was his rod being thrown down and transformed into a serpent in which pharoahs magicians responded with their imitation tricks.

This method did not release the children of Israel right away, but it actually made things worse because they now had to gather their own straw to make bricks. The other nine times we do not find Moses Going back to Pharoah throwing his rod down and watching it turn into a serpent over and over again because he used diversified vision at Gods direction . Finally after the last plague, the firstborn of Egypt were all killed by the death angel, and Pharoah finally let God's people go. This is an example for us today to stop looking at just one way to accomplish something, but seek out other options to attack the issue.

Investment Diversification

One of the rules of investing is not to put all of your eggs into one basket; What this means is you have a better chance to recoup your losses if you diversify. If you have everything invested in one portfolio, and that portfolio does bad...then you lose everyhing. Life's issues can be that way also if you look at only one way of solving an issue. Couples that learn to negotiate an arguement will be better off than couples who feel they need to win. Just by diversifying or by looking at another way of arguing, the problem may be solved. What are you investing in? a better relationship? a better job? to be debt free? Invest in these goals by diversifying or looking at more than one way to attack them.

Knowing where you are:

Investments cannot be accurately made without assessing where you are , and by knowing the answer... you can begin answering the question of how much can I invest, Like a tree branching out and trunk has many different variations from the branches that are connected to it, and likewise, knowing where you are is like the tree trunk, and the many ways of coming up with solutions, are like the variation of branches.This same principle is the same whether investing in your family, marriage, business or whatever. People who are set in their ways are people who refuse to change, because they refuse to see things another way, and many times it may not be their fault, but because of the way they were raised.

Their past, their environment,and their culture may be some of the reasons why, but one "must" be willing to change. An unwillingness to change may keep one in a cycle for years, and many times christians fall into this trap of remaining where they had experienced Gods provision, healing, blessing, and then God says to move and they only see things one way. Elijah was told to go to Cherith and it was there that God fed him morning and evening through the ravens and he drank from the brook. Then in the midst of the famine, God tells him to go to Zarephath because he had commanded a widow there to sustain him, Elijah obeyed... but it is at this point many christian don't ... because #1 there's a famine, and it's hard to change whats working (ravens and the brook) and go into unchartered waters (Zarephath). This pressure keeps people looking at just one way...their way!

Whats right for others may not be right for you

After this there was a feast of the Jews and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is at Jerusalem by the sheep market a pool, which is called in the Hebrew tongue Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk, of blind, halt,withered, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool and troubled the water; whosoever then firstafter the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had (John 5:1-3).

The man in this text was sick for 38 long years because he kept looking at things in only one way; to receive his healing... he began doing what everyone else around him were doing, they were waiting for the angel to trouble the water, and he had decided to wait likewise. It is human tendancy to go with the crowd, in other words whatever the majority is doing...thats what people follow. So then instead of seeing things from our perspective...we see things from other people's perspective. The problem with this train of thought is that whats right for others... may not be right for you! many people continue to stay in their problems for years and years simply because they will not use diversified vision. Whats right for someone else may not be right for you, even when it is a proven system. This was a proven system because every year an angel came and troubled the waters, and every year one person recieved their healing. This man wasted 38 years of his life going after something that he would never receive because of looking at things in only one way.

When you see things one way you may make preparation in that same way, for example for 38 years he would make preparation to be carried there, but never made preparation for someone to remain and put him in the water. Notice that in verse seven...the impotent man answered him sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming another steppeth down before me. So then today one must think diversely in order to see where the problems are, and act accordingly. The main reason the man wasted 38 years of his life was because it was not the will of God for him to recieve his healing the way he was pursuing it. The bible says there is A WAY (one way of looking at things) that seems right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death. Jesus simply told the man to rise and take up his bed and walk (John 5:8) which was totally contrary from him waiting for an angel to trouble the water. We must find out the will of God for our life and totally pursue that with focus which is the right way to look at a thing, and to not become distracted by anything else.

Proven plans don't guarantee success

Learn not to become frustrated or upset just because you are the minority and not the majority; many times it is the majority who are looking at solutions in one way because all they are looking at, is the fact that if everyone is doing must be ok. The question is it ok for you? Proven plans don't guarantee success because there are too many factors that must be evaluated. First, a proven plan may not fit a certain personality, makeup, or a person's demeanor; for example a person who is motivated and persistent will do much better than a person who procrastinates and makes excuses with the same opportunity. A person with diversified vision knows that they must find what works for them regardless of the statistics of a proven plan, because if the opportunity is not right for them...they know that they will become a statistic. Come up with proven plans that work for you and incorporate them into your endeavors.

Looking from a childs perspective

Seeing the world around you from a childs perspective once reaching adulthood can sometimes be seen as a waste of time because adults have learned to take everything seriously. But within each adult there needs to be a little child that can come out and play. Whe I see parents playing with their children and interacting with them in their world I say there is a parent who has learned the importance of seeing things from their childs perspective. These are some of the most memorable moments for a child and as they become adults themselves they pass on the same tradition they learned from their parents. As children reach their teenage years there seems to be a cross up of mixed communication between parent and child because both refuse to look at the issues from the others point of view. When a parent can go back into the past and remember what it was like to be in the position that their child may be in at the present, it brings an understanding that could not otherwise be gotten.

Many teenagers say my parents just don't understand! but in reality it is not that they don't understand, but it may be because they fail to look at the issue from the teenagers point of view. I'm a parent of one teenage daughter and one adult and as a parent want to do everything possible to protect my children from the mistakes that I made in the past. But sometimes the greatest lessons learned are those issues that they face head on because of not looking at issues a parents way, so experience becomes the best teacher that changes a teenagers view point about an issue.

Jesus came down to earth for this very reason, so that he could relate to mankind. The bible says that he is touched with the feeling of our infirmities and so he knows what it is like to hurt, cry, love, smile, wrestle with issues, why? again because he came down from heaven to have the opportunity to see things from mankinds perspective.

Humble yourself as a parent and put away the drill sergeant uniform for a minute so you can see things from your childs perspective and better relate and resolve the issue.

Focusing in on one thing stops you from seeing everything else around you

Let me begin by saying that focus is a needed and necessary part of success because if you are not focused you may not be as persistent as you should be.Distractions are a dime a dozen so focus must be managed properly. This is the positive side of focus, but the negative side is when attention and focus itself becomes the distraction. There are other things around your circle of influence that will need your attention and if these things are ignored, then success may not be possible or enjoyed. How many people are so focused on success that they forget to give attention to their family? well when they finally reach the success that was driving them, they all of a sudden do not have anyone to share the success with, all because of being focused on one thing and forgetting everything else of importance around them. So my friend one of the answers is priority and timing.A person should diversify their vision and focus on what is important first, second, third, etc and to give a specified amount of time to each because true success is diversifying your vision to bring balance to everything that's important to you.


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