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Divine Mother Easwaramba!

Updated on May 21, 2017

Easwaramba, the chosen Mother!

Easwaramba, the Divine Mother!

Easwaramba, a simple village woman bore in her womb, the divine child “Sathya”. The conception is the result of a ‘blue ball of light’ from the sky entering in her, when she was drawing water from a well. Instantly she swooned and her mother in law and others ran to revive her. She confided with her mother in law, the mysterious blue ball of light entering her person while drawing water! They were simple woman living in a remote village “Puttaparthi”, an unknown name not found in any of the maps. How she was chosen to mother the incarnation? Sathya Saibaba once told an audience, you people could select only your spouse’, but I have selected my mother in whom I should take birth! This was an astonishing revelation to many since only an Avatar could choose his mother to be! Mysteriously one Pundit well versed in the scriptures once asked Baba, whether his birth is normal or Immaculate Conception? At that time, the mother was sitting nearby and baba asked her to narrate the incidents when she was drawing water from the well. Easwaramba, the innocent village woman, narrated the incident on that day and how a ‘blue ball of light entered her person from the sky! The Pundit was astonished to hear the proof from mother and he was convinced of the Divine birth as “”Immaculate conception”. Readers may compare this with the experience of Mary, who bore Jesus! Now it is clear that Divine incarnations never takes place in the ordinary manner.

The ball of blue light from sky!

Divine births of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna!

Shri Rama took birth as a result of Divine blessings from the sacrificial pit, from where a delightful form manifested and handed over sweet pudding in a container with the instructions to distribute the same among the queens. Shri Krishna too was born in a mysterious way and got himself transported to another place by his father Vasudev who received divine promptings to carry away the child to Gokulam, a village across the river Yamuna. The river was in spate and there was rain. Vasudev placed the Divine blue child in a basket, covered it with some piece of clothe and carried it away on his head from the prison! The bolted prison doors swung open on its own, the guards fainting and the iron chains which bound Vasudev snapped free. He could freely carry the Divine baby but there was rain. To the astonishment of Vasudev, a huge serpent was preventing rainfall over the baby by covering it with its huge hood.

When Vasudev stepped into the river and wading, the water touched his chest and rising to his neck. Suddenly, he found that the river parted itself leaving the hard ground as happened during Biblical days! Thus the baby was carried to his close relative’s house. There Yasodha had just delivered a baby girl and fainted. None was there near the bed. Vasudev placed the child he carried from the prison besides Yasodha was in a swoon! He silently took the baby girl to the prison and till such time, the guards were in swoon and the doors opened. As he entered inside the prison, the doors closed themselves and the guards woke up from the swoon. They hastily informed the King that the eighth child born to Devaki is a girl. Long ago, the king heard a voice from the sky that the eighth child born to his sister will slay him! From that moment he imprisoned them both and informed them that they should dutifully hand over each child to him so that he can kill them instantaneously so that he can avoid his death! Unfortunately the king was not aware that the eighth child a boy is already shifted to Gokulam. The King rushed to the prison in anger and clutched the feet of the new born baby girl to dash it on the ground. Instantly, the baby girl flew from his clutch and rose above and told the king, “Oh king, the boy who will kill you is already born and he is being raised up in a nearby village! The king Kamsa grew wild and asked his army to kill all the children born a few days back in the nearby villages. Many babies were slain but the lord grew up in the house of a chieftain of a village

Her desires fulfilled by Saibaba dutifully!

Sathya's young days in poverty!

This is how incarnations perform the so called miracles as Jesus performed. Coming back to Sathya Sai incarnation, the boy took birth in a lower middle class family and with great difficulty, the mother and father managed the house hold. He had two elder sisters and one elder brother. He had only a pair of clothes and hence he used to wash it every day in the river and dry it on the ground. Hence the shirt and drawer had many holes and he closed the holes by some thorns found in some plants. It was just like a pin. He ate ragi gruel in the morning and walked around eight miles to attend his elementary education. Though an incarnation, he lived under testing circumstances to teach the world that one should not bother bodily discomforts and attend to his education. Jesus too grew in such circumstances and he helped his foster father in his works. Very often he will be missing and Mary used to walk throughout to find his presence. Most of the time he will be found in the church where he used to deliver impromptu teachings from ancient scriptures! He used to discourse them to the gathering with full authority! When some one desired answers to intricate questions, he used to tell them quickly in easy language! He never hesitated clarifying spiritual doubts.

Samadhi of Divine Mother and foster father!

The mother's three wishes fulfilled by Saibaba!

After going through the life of such holy incarnations, we find that there are lot of similarities in the life of them. In the case of Sathya Saibaba, his mother had placed some requests to him. She said that the poor children of the village walk many miles to attend elementary school. I wish you provide a school in this village itself. Saibaba fulfilled her wish by starting a school in Puttaparthi which has grown like a banyan tree. Today besides children school and high school, a university is functioning at Puttaparthi which offers free education to one and all. Again his mother asked him, the ladies of this village walk many miles to take their wards to hospitals and doctors. Please start some health facility here itself. Dutifully, he started first a twelve bed hospital which has grown into a super specialty hospital offering free quality health care to all including major surgeries which may cost easily four to five lakhs elsewhere! Finally the mother pleaded that there is no drinking water facility in the village and the river used to remain dry for major part of the year. Saibaba again fulfilled the wishes by providing potable water at the door steps of the village. For many decades the people used to trek ten to fifteen kilometers to fetch a pot full of brackish water! Their sufferings ended by Saibaba providing free water supply to each village in the district which are more than seven hundred in numbers. He never took assistance from government funds. He spent around eight hundred crores from the trust to provide free drinking water to one and all. It is a lesson to all government institutions that education, health and water must be supplied FREE to all citizens! Such a noble mother lived many years witnessing the glory of Avatar which spread throughout the globe. There is no Nation or country without the service organization branch which offer silent services without attracting media glare! Hail the mother Easwaramba who bore the incarnation in her!

May sixth is the day when she merged in Bagawan in a fully conscious state! On the day prior to her attainment, she saw Sri Rama in his resplendent form which was the result of her deep devotion to Saibaba and the way she bore everything hiding her motherly affection to him.

Life of each incarnation is very mysterious!

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