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Divine grace achieves where technology could not reach!

Updated on January 15, 2013

I am the invisible guide!

Saibaba's grace achieved an insurmountable task!

We marvel at the achievement of scientists around the globe. No doubt, it is a laudable achievement. Especially in the area of ‘information technology’, their achievement is really superb. But I would like to clarify a fundamental question. All inventions are supposed to better human life. If we ponder over this aspect, it is doubtful whether information technology has raised the value of life of a ‘common man’; my answer will be a big “NO”. Around 90% of the fruits of technology are used for entertainment and a meager 10% is utilized for betterment of common man. This 10% is the contribution from NGOs and a minute part is from Government. Of course ‘E-commerce’ has reaped most of the benefits of IT boom. Empowering the life of common man has become a utopian dream. In fact, the Government should utilize this tool for bettering the administration and to reach out the tail end rural farmers and illiterate lot who are hampered with many draw backs due to lack of proper education and information regarding the subsidies offered by Government for small farmers. Even after decades of innovation in the technology, it has not reached the most backward regions and poor illiterate people.

If we look at the healthcare scenario, it is no better. Of course, the urban population gets the benefit of specialty hospitals and tertiary health care. But what about the rural people who are remotely located. Has any government taken steps to reach them and provide medical care? The tribal and those who are located in hilly regions are the most disadvantaged lot. Even if the government plans some new schemes for their benefit, it never reaches them due to inaccessible terrain and lack of interest of government officials to reach those places facing many odds. Then who will take care of them? It is at this juncture, the active workers and ‘sevadal volunteers’ of Sathya Sai Samithi surveyed one such tribal area in the hills of West Godavari Districts. Due to inaccessibility, the naxal movement has infiltrated in those region and people were at the mercy of left wing extremists. This is also one of the reasons for laxity of government officials. Sai volunteers braved many odds and reached that remote area by ascending the hills, risking their life. They found some cluster of huts on their way and approached the people to know about their living conditions. However, the villagers were not forthcoming to open up their woes to strangers fearing intimidation from the terrorists. But Sai volunteers persisted politely and explained their mission and their motives for the mission.

Slowly, the villagers talked about their problems, especially potable water for sustenance. A group of Sai active workers climbed further to locate some natural spring or source of water. Fortunately, by the Divine grace they could locate one such water source. But to bring it near the huts is a monumental task. They returned to their base and mobilized resources, men and materials, pipe lines, and other tools for making the project a success. The daunting problem is transport. Every thing has to be carried by head load only. It took about a month or so to reach the village with the required quantity of pipelines, plumbers and tools. They all had one common backing. It is the power of the name “Sairam” which rendered their effort easy. Every body was talking only “Sairam”. The tribal population too gathered the vibrations of the Divine name and they all joined together to get potable water supply in the remote hilly region. No government has attempted it so far. Even the naxalites saw the nobility of the venture and they too co-operated without obstructing the work. It is mainly due to the faith of the Sai volunteers and the Divine grace of Saibaba achieved the rare project. Now the villagers are happy that there is some one (Sairam) who care for them!


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