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Divine inspiration.

Updated on July 14, 2015

Isis had inspired me, and I drew this.

I felt so inspired by Isis and Horus, that I ended up drawing this. I am not an artist, but when I feel it, it's not bad.
I felt so inspired by Isis and Horus, that I ended up drawing this. I am not an artist, but when I feel it, it's not bad. | Source

Isis, and how she inspires me everyday.

I read my new book every night before falling to sleep. Sometimes I fall asleep with it in my arms, or on top of me when I'm laying on my belly on the bed reading. I been so inspired lately, reading this book, watching documentaries about the Queens, and Pharaoh's of Egypt... It makes me almost wish I was living then, I know that I would probably been a servant to the Priests in the temples, and helped the Queen with her daily, morning, and evening ceremonies.

I could just imagine walking through the pillars in Thebes, and looking at all the beautiful paintings, and scriptures written everywhere for all to see. I can imagine also walking passed the Sphinx coming from the desert into the temple.... I can imagine looking up at the sky each night with billions of stars staring down at me. Knowing that all the Gods and Goddesses are watching over me, and all my ancestors guiding me with their divine whispers in the nightly wind brushing over the sand, and over the city....

I can almost hear the whispers from Aset (Isis) herself, telling me that she's proud of me, she's guiding me with Maat by her side, and letting me know that Maat is in my heart not to worry. I can almost hear Osiris telling me that my heart is strong, and passionate, that it will do only right in this world. All these beautiful things surrounding me, my children who I prayed many days and nights for. (Which reminds me I'm going to post the spell I used to become pregnant). Watching them wonder about the beauty of everything around them. Watching them explore the land they have before them, learning new things everyday. Watching both of them love each other is enough to make me cry happy tears.

Isis and Osiris's love...

Isis and Osiris's love so inspiring.
Isis and Osiris's love so inspiring. | Source

Isis's and Osiris's love is inspiring.

The love Isis has for her beloved Osiris is enough to inspire anyone who is in a relationship to aspire to their level of love. She is so devoted to Osiris that she went up the Nile searching for his body parts when Seth ripped him apart, and scattered him all up the Nile. I truly believe that if my husbands body parts were spread out of Surrey, I'd go searching for his parts, especially if I knew that my son Horus, and my step son Anubis were going to put his parts back together so I could bring him back to life.

He left her in charge of his kingdom while he went off to teach the world skills in harvesting, planting, dancing, poetry, music, and speaking, writing,.. I truly believe that Jonny is my Osiris, and I his Isis... Our children are Horus and Anubis. To me my house is our palace. I know this may sound strange to some people, but in my heart and mind, I believe as the Ancient Egyptian's believed that we are descendent of Gods, and Goddesses. We are divine, we are made in their image, we speak with their tongues, we honor them for giving us abundance of food, and water, and because they gave life, the power to give life...

I believe that all women are Goddesses, and we should be honored as one too. Who else has the divine right to breathe life into a being growing inside of them? The Gods, and Goddesses, gave this rite to us... We should be honored. In Egypt women were honored for many reasons, one was having a natural cycle of purification (Menstruating, a.k.a. period). Another was because we can carry life inside of us, and give birth to the new Kings, and Queens. Women were considered equals in Egypt, and there is so much evidence to support that. They were found a lot of the time worshiped the way the Pharaoh was, and even more so in some dynasties. Some were even Pharaoh's in their own right.

Interesting to see how Ancients loved and honored women, and then out of nowhere that changed with Christianity, and other one God religions. They forgot to honor the ones who gave them life, who gave them breath... I'm glad both my boys won't ever know that kind of world. My 3 year old tells me all the time "Mommy you're beautiful" he says "Mummy Logee loves you" He is such a sweetheart.

My home.

How much does my faith mean to me?

I would have to say that it means a lot to me. I have spent so many years learning, and I still am learning. I haven't stopped, because there is so much to learn, and find out. I follow the Ancient Egyptian beliefs, religion, customs, and culture, and believe me there is so much to learn, because they were a huge and diverse culture. It was never the same, things changed all the time, from Gods and Goddesses, to the worship styles. Currently I'm reading a book that teaches you the 42 Maat principals, and how to do the daily morning, and evening ceremonies. I am hoping after reading this book, it will lead me to my next, which will probably be the book of the dead. I'm very interested in that one.

With the new book I realized there are a few things I have to change about my alter now. I need some items I don't have.

1.) A censer

2.) Sistrums

3.) Wesekh collar

4.) A crown.

This list will undoubtedly become bigger as I read. I been highlighting the things I'm going to need, and there actually pretty cheap considering for my old Alter it took me 7 years to gather everything because it all cost me so much... I spent 600+$ on my old Alter. I'm glad that I've already begun gathering things. To worship Isis, you need to wear a White Dress with a Red scarf. I have both :) My faith means a lot to me, other wise why would I spend years gathering all the things needed to worship and honor my Gods and Goddesses properly?

Meeting Osiris

Meeting Osiris after weighing of the heart ceremony.
Meeting Osiris after weighing of the heart ceremony. | Source

Why mine and not another?

I don't think that any other could give me the spirituality that is needed like my faith gives me. I can explore not only my mind, but my body, and soul. I can achieve goals within my faith. I am currently working on my Penal Gland. It's supposed to be the gateway to the soul. The Ancient Egyptians were aware of it, and not just that, they knew how to tap into it. The bulb at the top of the crown of some of the Pharaoh's depicted on the temple walls, was a representation of the Penal Gland. They knew that reality lies in there. They knew a lot of secrets that we today are just starting to uncover. That's one of the reasons I chose Ancient Egyptians faith to follow, they were so deep into the knowledge of the universe, and our bodies, that in a lot of ways I consider them more advanced than us. They even knew how to heal people and set back broken bones.

They were so intelligent, way more intelligent than anyone truly gives them credit for. I know that if we could develop a time traveling machine I would go back to then, and learn all their secrets, and then come back and teach my children. Or I would write a book about it, because I would want to share their intelligence with the world itself. I just wish that we were allowed to know the true knowledge of them.. I will share a video of what I mean by the true knowledge... We have been silenced and why? What could possibly happen from knowing what they knew?

My faith has inspired me to search for the truth in my faith, and to uncover all there is to know about the foundation, the middle, and the top of the whole thing. I want to know as much as there is to know, and until I know everything, my years will be spent worshiping and growing my knowledge about the Ancient Egyptians. I love and adore them, and I will look with my heart open to them to receive whatever divine knowledge they bestow upon me.

I sincerely hope that while learning their worship I learn how to speak to the Gods as they did, gain some knowledge from the Gods themselves. That would be the ultimate gift from faith. I already hear whispers as I get closer and closer... Now I just need to learn how to quiet my mind to be able to fully hear the voice clearly, and directly.

I hope you enjoyed my hub, It was more like a diary entry, but still I hope you enjoyed it non-the-less :)


You have to watch that documentary.

If you don't watch it, you are not allowing yourself to hear the truth of what's happening to us right now. The Ancient Egyptian's knew it, all the Ancients knew it. If you watch it, it buts everything into FACTS. Undeniable facts, that can't be explained at all without considering the real explanation of WHY! And for WHAT purpose. This movie definitely gives you purpose, and puts into perspective the reality that we have refused to acknowledge over millenniums. We have closed our eyes because we are too busy shopping, working, paying bills.

Our Ancient mothers and fathers have left us the truth and they honored the truth. They worshiped it because they felt that their knowledge would only become greater than petty things. Boy were they wrong, except for the few that are growing who know that climate change is real, and that someone is warning them... OUR ANCESTORS are warning us. Like trees we have away of communicating with those who came before us. We just need to use the Ancient teachings to tap into the vast knowledge unseen, and unheard.

I had a dream some time ago... And it plays into a lot of what is discovered in that movie, it was before I even came across that movie on my quest to understand why I'm being called to Egypt... I was over at my moms house, and my kids were there, my husband... I heard something outside and it was sudden, it wasn't something that gradually happened... It was very sudden. I heard something that sounded like grinding coming from outside. I went to the front door of my moms house... I couldn't see anything but a big wall of fire coming straight at me, I turned to my family and screamed I love you very much. They were confused, but then I felt my whole body burning and it was only a second of pain... I woke up sweating and crying...

In this movie I saw my dream, only it's not a dream... It was a message from Isis, and Osiris, and my Ancient mother's and father's telling me that It's not a dream, it's reality, and without waking up the globe to it, there is no stopping it from happening. It's going to happen because no one is opening their eyes... Only those who hear the voices screaming it at them are the ones who are trying to wake up the rest of us.... But honestly... No ones listening to us that matters, that need to listen and wake up, open their eyes to this. If they watched this movie, or better yet, if all the people, not even government but just normal people, if they all saw this movie... They would tell someone or some people to watch it, then soon enough everyone would realize that there is something that needs to be done other than being distracted by every day things.

How do you wake up the blind? How do you speak to the deaf? It's not a matter of impossible, it's a matter of speaking in their language.... Then it's up to them to choose to do what they are supposed to do with this information. I just hope that after people see the truth they make the right decision. It's not an easy one, it will be hard, but if all faiths lead back to this truth, than why not follow it, help everyone get there, and then we will save ourselves rather than letting ourselves parish.... Is this all for nothing? Life? Living? Bringing humans into the world?

I can't believe that we were all created for this purpose... To die... We were meant to do something, we were meant to know something... or at least understand something... Faith is inspiring because it helps you see purpose, it helps you discover that there is more than just this fabric of existence, there's more. There's so much more, and I know it, I just wish that through this, and my blog, you will watch this movie, and understand more than I could (Kids were screaming and needing attention inbetween me watching it).

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my hub.

I thought this would be fitting...

Fitting because of the movie I posted in here.
Fitting because of the movie I posted in here. | Source

What does faith mean to you?

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If you have 8 hours you have to watch this!!!!


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