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Divisional Charts/Vargas in Vedic Astrology

Updated on June 11, 2012

Indian or Vedic Astrology is very unique and different from any other system of astrology practiced around elsewhere in the world , because some of the method it employs are unique to itself.Ashtakavarga , divisional charts or vargas and dashas are a few sub-systems in vedic astrology that are not be found anywhere else in the world. This is the main reason why vedic astrology is so accurate and exact.

Mathematics plays a huge rule on casting these divisional charts , also known as vargas or divisions in sanskrit and supplementary charts are cast from the longitudinal positions of the planets and ascendant at the time of birth. A zodical sign that is rising on the horizon takes approximately 2 hours to descend and many children are born within these 2 hours in the same city. Do all have same characteristics , aptitudes , intelligence and destiny ? Answer is obviously no ! Even twins born several seconds / minutes apart are different , then how can several children born in the same 2 hour window be the same ?

Making predictions and analysis using the Rasi chart is the most foolish thing to do , as in this case it is only blind guesses and bluffs are going to be accurate and nothing else. But when , a sign is divided in 9 parts for example , in a 2 hour window , now we have 9 different people that can be born within the same lagna .Similarly , if the sign is divided in 60 parts , then we have 60 different personalities that can be born within the same 2 hour window.

These divisional charts or vargas are giving us more finer options and possibilites and probabilites to justify that every human being is different right from birth and has their own destiny. Without understanding divisional charts and their knowledge , not even a step should be laid forward in predictive astrology as per Kalyana Verma , the author the jyotish classical ' Saravali'


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