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DNA Activation

Updated on May 8, 2011

Everything about activation of DNA

DNA Activation or activating the 12 strands of DNA is a method that promises heaven, right here on Earth. Don't think of Angels and free food, it's all about YOU, knowing and understanding yourself, what your body can do, what that mind, consciousness, higher self are there for, getting close to the truth. Although not everyone will teach you for free to activate DNA, you can find out here all the info you need to figure out for yourself, how to do it.

Activation of DNA: Meeting God

Imagine that you wake up one morning and realize that you have superhuman abilities, that are dormant and just waiting to be discovered.Once activated, these abilities make you capable of achieving everything you've ever dreamed, you can live a life without pain, you could have the ideal body, you become immune to any disease and you could reverse the aging process.

Imagine that you could actually change the life blueprint, DNA, that allows you to increase creative potential, access the subconscious, become intuitive, clairvoyant and instantly discover your life's purpose. There is now a method that will allow you to do all these things and even more, a process called DNA Activation.

What DNA Activation means?

Most people know that DNA is a "the Blueprint of life" and it resides in every cell of the human body. DNA is the famous molecule of genetics that establishes each organism's physical characteristics.

"DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the genetic material of any living organisms and some viruses. DNA contains two strands wrapped around each other in a helix, and these strands are held in place by four chemicals called bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C) and thymine (T). The bases pair up with each other in a specific manner to form units called base pairs -  adenine always pairs with thymine, and cytosine always pairs with guanine." (

 In addition to each double helix with two strands of DNA from chromosome, there are other ten ethereal strands of DNA for each person, that are disabled and dormant since the beginning of history. Each added chain has the ability to enable a person to have greater achievements. Scientists have acknowledged that at present we only use 3% of the two DNA strands that we have. 

Thus, we live in a society where people are sick, unhappy, stressed, cause wars, lose the feeling of love and are disconnected from the universe. Most people have to meditate in order to live a mystical experience - so serious is the rupture in our present day. Imagine that you could activate and use 100% of your two strands of DNA and another ten additional strands. You could develop into a creature with multiple mental powers, to manifest telepathic capacity beyond imagination and so many more. 

In addition, you will stop the aging process and you will look and feel younger. This is the divine blueprint, this is what humans once were. Much has been written about the fact that Jesus had 12 strands of DNA activated. Over the entire history of humanity existed children, who have increased the vibrations of the planet, as they had more than two strands of DNA active.

I'm a skeptic though - all those who have some biology knowledge, have learnt that DNA has a structure with a double helix. How is it possible to have more DNA strands and how do they look? Portions of the DNA chain that science has identified as "double helix", are only the part of the surface chemical components, electrical items and active DNA chains. 

However, scientists must identify the multidimensional spectrum of DNA behavior and be aware that in the detectable DNA structures, there are some structure levels and functions that coordinate the operation of the entire genetic blueprint, and at the moment are not detected by modern scientific method. Human blueprint of DNA at analysis will always portray as a double helix configuration that consists of two strands.

But what escapes understanding is that inside the double helix will gradually develop further double helix strands that come together and add their code in the active structure of DNA. 

What's with that Junk DNA

If you take a look at the ancient history of humanity, you will see that people were not "primitive" as some historians present facts. In fact, they were more advanced than us today. They were actually communicating telepathically and had many abilities that, nowadays, we call paranormal. So, it would be difficult to control such a person. Imagine how it would be if someone at work would have telepathic abilities. Do you think that this would make your boss feel at ease?

At one point, over history, some beings who called themselves "gods" could not overcome human nature, therefore decided to make a genetic manipulation that led to a split brain. This meant separating the analytical part of the brain from the intuitive and emotional one, and this division can still be seen today.

Then they disconnected ten out of twelve strands of DNA, but have left it there. Science call that Junk DNA. Once the ten strands of DNA were disconnected, people who would be born after that, could hardly decipher their own thoughts. Then, these creatures who called themselves gods have introduced language. Language separates people. Think how simple life would be if there was only one universal language!

And so, people began to give verbal commands, to understand and perform certain tasks, and this exists today. The next decision was to change the structure of human DNA, to remove the mental capabilities and to block almost completely, the unconscious mind. Therefore, the 10 strands of DNA were disentangled and the implants were placed in light bodies to prevent them to merge again. Strands were also disconnected from the endocrine system, which prevents the creation of a chemical that activates the pituitary gland, pineal and hypothalamus. Thus, these glands have shrunk because of their lack of usage, and scientists do not understand their role in the body.

For this reason, most people currently use less than 10% of their brain. Only a few individuals have retained the use of these glands in future generations - those genes they carry within them are special, and transform them into real mediums, mystics or shamans. Most of humanity has been left with the ability to activate the glands and the10 strands of DNA, but only if they would want or know how to do it. And that is what DNA Activation does - reactivates the DNA strands so that a person can realize their true genetic potential and their original blueprint.

And DNA activation will also let you eventually use the 100% of your brain. Human history is interesting and encourage you to experience the full knowledge by researching your sarge. Our race was not only affected by genetics and experimental falsification, but was almost completely exterminated due to distortions of the planetary grid. Earth is also a living organism and captures energy from the source just like any living organism or any planetary structure. We, as beings who live on Earth, can capture the vibrations in our bodies that draw the Earth Power. If networks are damaged, every form of life on Earth will have a damaged DNA template. Distortion of the planetary grid since the massacre of Babel caused mutations in human DNA, which resulted in shortening the life of man, blocked the upper sensory perception, memory loss caused mixed race and language of the original patterns. Our race has suffered from amnesia, died young and is in continuous conflict since then. This historic event was noted in history as the story of the biblical "Tower of Babel."


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