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Do Aliens Exist? - Extraterrestrial Investigation Part 12: Significant Discoveries, NASA & Majestic-12

Updated on July 30, 2012
Nuremberg, Germany 1561
Nuremberg, Germany 1561

Significant Discoveries

In Part 11 we took a look at the Disclosure Project and the testimonies of several government and military officials, heard the claims of contactee George Adamski who had close-up photos of the moon before Neil Armstrong had even been there, heard what John Lear believes is going on and how he was involved and looked at how Gary McKinnon hacked into several government organizations including NASA, DoD & US Air Force in search of information. McKinnon discovered evidence that NASA do indeed airbrush their images before going public as claimed by Disclosure Project testifiers and confirmed that there may be something not man-made in Earth's orbit. We also heard about the book retrieved from US Air Force that confirms that four different types of extraterrestrial species had been recorded as early as the 1950s and according to Clifford Stone 57 had been catalogued by the miltary by1989. We also saw evidence that the UK's MoD (Ministry of Defense) confirms Majestic-12 as a reality though investigations proved that it was difficult to attain any more information on the subject.

Let's go over the most significant discoveries throughout this investigation so far.

* It was stated on UK BBC television (after the release of another 9,000 documents) that UFO's are highly likely to be extraterrestrial craft with propulsion systems way more advanced than ours.

* The Vatican opened their doors to the idea of extraterrestrial existence.

* UFO crashes have been covered up by governments since at least 1897.

* Flying saucers and holographic technology are depicted in many paintings that are thousands of years old.

* Betty Hill's star map of Zeta Reticuli, the binary star system, couldn't be deciphered until 1969, some eight years later but wasn't realized until 1971.

* Alien abduction also happens to pilots in the skies.

* Bob Lazar, Lt Colonel Philip Corso, Boyd Bushman, Tom Keller and many other people have proven each other credible and provided corroborating evidence of the reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology.

* Roswell was real and any information that ever comes forward always seems to confirm Corso's claims.

* Extraterrestrial technology has been captured and reverse engineered by both Germany and USA. Sources from Lockheed Skunkworks have confirmed this in the US.

* Several presidents have spoken about UFO's and extraterrestrials and have confirmed Corso's claims.

* Both the MoD (Ministry of Defense) and Stanton Friedman proved Majestic-12 is real.

* There are US laws relating to extraterrestrials and their vehicles.

* A book from the US Air Force confirms there were at least four known species of extraterrestrial by the 1950s.

* George Adamski had accurate photographs of the moon except they were showing trees and an atmosphere before Neil Armstrong had even been there.

* Over 450 military and government officials have testified to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and zero-point energy systems. Thousands have come forward additionally. If guilty of perjury they could face up to 25 years in prison.

* Media companies were told to ridicule the subject by incorporating little green men into cartoons whilst a cover-up was used as disclosure and disclosure was used as a cover-up.

* Many declassified documents refer to UFO's and extraterrestrials and also show how the subject was kept quiet and policies were introduced to ridicule the subject publicly.

* Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper have all confirmed the reality (though Armstrong later denied it).

* Gary McKinnon hacked into computers owned by US Army, US Air Force, DoD (Department Of Defense) and NASA. On NASA's systems he found evidence that they airbrush their images, a list of terrestrial and non-terrestrial officers and a cigar-shaped object above the northern hemisphere he claims is not man-made.


NASA have said all along that they do not track UFO's. They have been known to pass off unexplained phenomena as dust or ice particles or space debris just as they did with the (coincidental?) flying saucers in the tether overload incident - even though the tether was 12 miles long and the saucers were passing behind it. However, Martyn Stubbs is known to be in possession of thousands of hours of NASA TV footage that he recorded and has many many clips of UFO's plus transmissions that were recorded live. But have NASA since decided to start being a little more honest with us? Check the video to the right.

Recent rumours suggest that NASA have already been told that they are to eventually announce the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence but they don't feel the general public are quite ready just yet. Is it just coincidence that on 18th August 2011 NASA revealed a speculative report regarding extraterrestrials and the possibility of contact which was picked up by Jamie Maussan in the video below? The issue has been highly dramatized in the video admittedly but the move is certainly interesting. It has been said that this report is a way to prepare humanity for upcoming disclosure - a desensitization program is in place.

(EDIT: The video is no longer available on Youtube)

Super Earths

Very recently it was announced that another 16 super Earths had been discovered. The most significant planet is HD95512b which orbits a star that is part of a binary star system. The planet lies in the goldilocks zone and is capable of harboring life. Scientists believe that if human life has evolved on this planet then they are likely to be shorter due to the planet's larger mass and stronger force of gravity. Interestingly it was also admitted that researchers had been studying the planet for 10 years before it was publicly announced meaning that they actually discovered it in 2001. Given the fact that two of the proponents of the building blocks that make up DNA were recently discovered on meteors it's likely that life on those other Earth-like planets could be very similar to how it is here on Earth. Could Noah's Ark have been a DNA bank? Gliese 581c is another Earth-like planet that lies in the goldilocks zone. Life could be everywhere in the universe.

Back To The Documents - Majestic-12

Let's take a closer look at the Majestic-12 document that Stanton Friedman proved was real in the video in Part 9. This is a very revealing document indeed. The full document can be seen in full here and was written by Corso's 'partner in crime' General Twining.

* The document refers to a crash and retreiveal of alien bodies that took place in 1941. The incident turned out to be true.

* It states that there has been no evidence of hostile behaviour or intent by the visitors. Clearly there is a different culprit behind cattle/human mutilation but what about alien abduction?

* It says that of the 1200 UFO reports since 1942, about 200 of them have proven to be craft of unknown origin travelling at speeds in excess of 1200MPH.

* The document states it is unknown if the occupants had the intention of exploration out of curiosity or the intention of surveying for some other reason. No hostile action has been taken by them (except for shutting down nuclear weapons if that can be considered hostile).

* The craft are not designed for flight in our atmosphere and lack conventional features such as wings, fuselage, air intake, exhaust and fuel system.

* The occupants mimic the features of orientals and appear human-like except for one feature (blanked out) that supports the theory they are extraterrestrial in origin.

* Flat panels of unknown metal were found and were associated with control of the device. It was not known how they operated.

The Majestic-12 document is dated 9th July 1947 and coincides with the crash and recovery of the flying saucer at Roswell. It shows how the discovered vehicle was compared to the vehicle recovered in 1941 and how they were determined to be extraterrestrial in origin, as were the occupants. It also goes into detail about the advanced scientific knowledge outside the capability of our own and interplanetary space flight. It is unkown whether the pilots were affected by high levels of radiation or affected by Earth's atmosphere resulting in the crashes.

So if Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) was set up to protect against cattle and human mutilations yet aliens are not hostile then who is the culprit? I would have to put it down to the military experimenting with their captured extraterrestrial technology. I suspect that many alien abductions are also a result of this including psychotronic interference. However, it also seems that several abduction witnesses and contactees are genuine.

General Ramey's Memo

So what other 'unofficial but proven' evidence do we have? The picture to the right depicts General Ramey holding a memo after the crash and recovery in Roswell in 1947. Maybe unwittingly the memo is being held with the text facing the camera. Upon zooming in on this memo and remastering the quality it turns out that the memo refers to a crashed 'disc' and it's occupants. The document also states how a 'weather balloon' story should be used to cover up the incident and that weather balloon radar target demonstrations should be added to make the cover story more believable.

Declassified Documents

In actual fact disclosure has already started and is still happening now. In UK MoD plan to release all of their UFO files gradually leading up to 2012. As previously mentioned FBI, NSA, MoD and CIA have all released UFO documents. In fact, one declassified CIA document states that 20% of reported UFO's remain unexplained. It also shows that the government were worried about public concern regarding flying saucers and as the Majestic-12 document shows there were also concerns about the political, social and religious aspects of releasing such information to the public. Another document written by former head of FBI J. Edgar Hoover dated 1947 reveals how the US Air Force had recovered a flying saucer and wouldn't let them have it.

Another document from the Air Material Command declassified by MoD states that the UFO phenomena is something real and not visionary or fictitious. The documents show that flying saucers are very real and that they were taken very seriously and kept very secret. In fact, other official documents show how certain information was intentionally leaked to gradually desensitize the public to the reality of extraterrestrials. Openly admitting their presence could have caused a feeling of impending doom resulting in all sorts of mayhem and panic. After the panic caused by the War Of The Worlds radio broadcast in 1938, openly admitting a real extraterrestrial presence could have had detrimental effects on the social, political and religious structure of the world and the need for secrecy is completely understandable.


We are now in a time where a very real extraterrestrial presence, along with their advanced knowledge and technology, have been officially acknowledged and admitted by governments and there are official documents that prove it. Anyone who does not now accept the reality of an extraterrestrial presence are just simply not ready to open their minds yet. However, the only solid information to have been officially released confirms extraterrestrials and flying saucers are real but the information goes no further (yet).

In conclusion, I expect that the images of 'alien greys' that we have been bombarded with increasingly over the decades are most likely very similar to the real thing. I do know personally that the two pictures of human-looking aliens that I used in this investigation are accurate, though I'm not currently willing to state how I know. In fact, Steven Spielberg has worked closely with victims of alien abduction and other witnesses while making several of his movies. It's true that science fiction writers get their ideas from real life and truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

Whether there are 18 species of alien monitoring planet Earth or whether there are 57+ known species of humanoid extraterrestrial catalogued so far still remains speculation at this point. However, most of the rumours and claims up until this point have all pretty much checked out. I expect we'll find out the full story within the next year or two and I for one am really looking forward to it. Maybe John Lear's not such a crackpot after all.

The truth is out there.

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    • sparkster profile image

      Sparkster Publishing 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      I'm seeing so many UFO's lately it's just ridiculous. I've been homeless for a few weeks but today, literally about an hour or so ago, I spotted a UFO travelling back and forth in this area. I also saw one travel over the top of my house a few days ago and a day or two before that I managed to get one on video. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm being abducted. I don't think so because I don't have any memory of it or any missing time or anything.

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      Please be sure to read my Hub about there being a hidden UFO base in the Chesapeake Bay and how possibly it ties in with my own family's abductions from our farm about 30 miles away.