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What Is the Exact Date of Judgment Day?

Updated on February 20, 2018

Will Judgment Day Occur This Year?

Judgment Day is defined as, "the day of God's judgment of mankind at the end of the world according to various theologies: a day of final judgment." Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary Exstensive publicity was given through television, billboards and other forms of the media; by a certain group that May 21st, 2011 would have been #Judgment Day. Some of their members felt so strongly about this, they realistically could not consider that the earth would exist beyond May 22nd, 2011. They estimated, "that the year 2011, is the 7000th year from the flood." Of course, they were not correct in their assumptions? Does any man know the exact date of judgment day? To discover real truths, we must look within the pages of our Superior Creator's thoughts. Surely, Almighty God would have the correct understanding because without it, the world would have been in chaos May 21, 2011.

Unfortunately, another Judgement Day or end of this system has been mentioned for December 2012. Will this date end up as a hoax as well? This will prove once again that only our #Grand Creator Jehovah, know the exact date that this world will end. Now that his son #Jesus Christ reigns in heaven as the king of God's Kingdom, he is aware of that date and time as well.

Outrageous News Claims About Judgment Day but what is the Answer

On a previous Action News program, this group explained, "200 million will be resurrected instantly and the rest will be on earth for five months." Even the newscaster begged to differ when he quoted Matthew 24:36 which explains, "No one knows the day or hour. The angels in heaven don't know, and the Son himself doesn't know. Only the Father knows." (Contemporary English Version) Notice the important points in that verse. It clearly states that the angels do not know this day of judgment or destruction. Now that Jesus Christ rules as king, Jehovah could have informed his son of that exact date. That decision is completely up to our Grand Creator. But think about this closely when Jesus quoted this scripture more than 2,000 years ago. He was here on earth, sent by God to give his life as a ransom sacrifice. Jesus had not assumed his heavenly position as King of God's kingdom. He would not have known the exact date for "judgment day" or any other time periods established by his Heavenly Father. Now that Jesus rules as #King of God's kingdom, we are in a present, "day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly," based on 2 Peter 3:7. (NIV 1984) Now that Jesus sits at the right hand of his Father, he lovingly judges the nations. We decide whether we want to continue as unrepentant sinners or not. Our focus in these critical times, should be on the reading and application of God's word the Bible, not the specific date of "judgment day."

The Creator of our magnificent universe is a precise time keeper and fulfiller of his purposes. We cannot confine Jehovah within twenty four hour time frames or human thoughts. He has carried out "judgment days" and brought calamity on wicked mankind for thousands of years. These destructive periods such as the flood of Noah's day; where it rained for forty days and forty nights, or the destruction of unfaithful Judah and Jerusalem, were always more than a 24 hour period. We cannot confine the most powerful personage within the universe, to time constraints and specific dates. There will be a "judgment day" in the future where Almighty God will carry out according to his purpose. This is a time when the wicked will be dealt with according to Jehovah God's standards and decision about who is or is not wicked. Only he can judge individuals because only God has the ability to read hearts. We should faithfully put trust in his decisions and time frame which will definitely be just on time for our needs. To obtain additional information on the issue of Judgment Day, go to

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THE REAL ARMAGEDDON. This Video is from YouTube as it asks the question, Armageddon: What is it? When will it come?


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