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Minnesota Musing: Imaginary People - As Seen by Small Children and Older Adults

Updated on September 29, 2016

How Does One Take a Photo of Nothing?

It wasn't easy, but Here it IS not....
It wasn't easy, but Here it IS not.... | Source

Blessed are those who believe but have not seen.

Many years have passed since the story of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

Many doubt the story of a simple man who lived 2000 years ago. I believe the stories that I have read and have been told. There are signs of proof everywhere.

Someone said to me, "How can you believe in something that you cannot see?"

Well. I believe in WIND and I cannot see it. I cannot see it, but I can hear it. I cannot see it, but it can move objects.

So, I have no doubt that there are ghosts and angels and many other things that I cannot see around me.

When I am driving in my car at night, sometimes I see an animal cross the road. It soon disappears from my sight once it is past the glare of my headlights.

I wonder how many creatures are in the darkness that I am not aware of. Probably many.

When my father was in his final months, he was talking to me about things he was observing. He also was able to tell me stories about his childhood and his parents that I had never heard before that moment. It was interesting. He was also able to produce a written map of his childhood home from memory and I have been to the address since his passing.

He was able to tell me that his grandparents had perished in a fire when he was a young teenager. These were all memories that he had pushed into his memory and had forgotten. My sister and I went to the town that his grandparents had lived and discovered the grave stones of his grandparents. i was able to contact the last surviving relative that was still alive that was able to confirm stories about these people in the cemetary.

I believe that certain ages can see

I believe that small children and very old people can see objects that are present that are not readily evident to people who are in the mid ages.

When children are small, they are very alert to phenomena. I believe that children are able to see invisible creatures since when they arrive 'here' they do not know the language, they don't have any friends or acquaintances and I do believe that they can see things that others cannot.

When people are of advanced age, I believe that they can again see things that prepare them for death.

Do I think that old people DO see things?

Yes. I believe that when people are aged and in nursing care, they are not senile, but actually in the next stage of seeing.

They are getting ready to depart to the next world, just like a baby gets ready to leave the womb.

Can you imagine how a baby feels moments before it is born?

Picture this: the baby is in a controlled environment. It is warm and listening to sounds and its mother's heartbeat and suddenly it is propelled down a tunnel and all of a sudden is born.

Cold, wet, angry and agitated. Bright lights, cold air, confusion.

THIS was not part of the bargain. Let me go back to the womb.

Can you picture it?

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Theory Of Nothing


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