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Do I Need Validation Or Can I Stand Alone?

Updated on January 2, 2012

Just Be

Life is a miracle, there is no answer for how existence got started, so we should accept the fact that we are a part of the great and grand cosmos, and be happy with that knowledge. Share the love for existence and appreciate the life of all living entities, yes including the bed bugs :) Hm but what is love?, So many people have answered this question in there own words. I will say this "Love warms the heart and makes us care about ourselves and others. Love is a force that is beyond any physical attraction, love is devotion."

Happiness is being in love with Life itself.That just popped into my head and I like it. The original paper I was planning on writing about was focused on encouraging people not to look to others for validation of their worth as a person. I love to write about how everyone is unique and special and the basic needs of food, water, air, and shelter should be provided by the society. I was shocked when I learned about how people systematically devalidate other people to take advantage of others.

I hope that people who read any of my writing take the time to think about who they really are and what do they want in this life. I want to change society, make it less greedy and kinder, I am willing to take a stand by changing myself and I do not need validation because I can. I am a happy soul and I always will be a happy soul because I know and I share :).

Thanks for your time


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