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Do Not Read This: A Mystery

Updated on October 7, 2012

“The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone.”

-George Elliot

My previous article has just been flagged with “Needs Revision” but I have just decided to put the task of addressing the alerts to lower priority on my task list for now, as the ideas for this, the next article, may escape if I attend to the nitty-gritty of editorial work first.

The first thing I did when I turned on my computer was to jot down the list of topic ideas obtained from my silent sitting meditation, just to make sure I don’t forget what these are. I ended up with three items on the list.

I wondered about how to decide on which topic to write about first. I decided on importance of idea as the factor to determine which among the three to write about on this page.


When is a thing considered to be of importance? This question somehow leads me to reflect on why I write on hubpages, a soul-searching question that calls for an honest answer. So I came up with one closest to my heart: I write to share the lessons that I learn or am trying to learn.

What may be important to me may not be important to others, I understand.

I may not get the same number of readers as our more popular fellow community authors; nonetheless, I should go on if I feel that these ideas are important.

A reason that I feel these ideas are important is the fact that the ideas come from insights, dreams or after or during a silent meditation, and that it is my present calling to communicate them to the world.

I feel these are not my ideas at all, that they only come through me and I should not keep them to myself.

Lose to gain, empty to fill, die to live.

The reason that acceptance of the moment is important is because it funnels energy into the physical dimension, to give the non-physical universe the opening to materialize graces into our material experience. If you’ve read that, you may not need to read on.

The most recent experience I dealt with challenged my understanding of the idea of acceptance.

I lost my smartphone.

It had all my contacts, of four years, stored in it. Although it was an outdated piece of equipment, it had once been an expensive brand new model and I loved its functionality.

It was rather unusual how I learned that it was missing. I had stopped to buy a cover for the phone and was about to purchase the cover when I decided to test for size. As I reached out for the phone, voila! Phone missing.

A barrage of questions raced through my mind, ending in “Where do I look for it?” I had to explain to the phone case salesclerk that I couldn’t test his merchandise as I couldn’t find my phone.

I couldn’t accept the fact that the situation is inconveniencing me and imposing on my limited time. I couldn’t accept the fact that I had to trace my steps all the way back to the office, when I was almost home after coming a long way. I couldn’t accept the fact that I had to go back in the opposite direction, to jostle my way through the rush hour crowd in the southbound train.

Then I recalled a previous article regarding the verse “Your will be done on earth as in Heaven” and the meaning that everything that happens, happens according to God’s master plan which is based on his unconditional love for all beings.

What is happening (which I’m currently resisting or rejecting) is actually part of God’s master plan. The trick is to not impose on the moment my trying to understand why it happened to me, to not to demand for an immediate answer!

Although we need a prior background understanding of the why things happen, the moment only asks one thing: acceptance.

Simply accept.

Four Stars: Serendipitous Events In Search of the Lost

After your moment of sincere acceptance, be alert for the delicious synchronicities that are sent your way. Your being mindful of the graces that God and the universe send you make their frequency increase.

Below is a list or description of what happened as I tried to retrace my steps to retrieve the lost smartphone:

I considered the possibility between a) a pickpocket having taken the phone or b) my having left it at the office.

Possibility a: I tried my best to recall a picture of the crowd as I stepped in to the train on the previous journey prior to the discovery of the loss. Who was to my right? Can I recall any pressure (e.g. as when a pickpocket uses pushing as a strategy to distract your attention) as the crowd stepped in along with me? As I stood inside, who was in front of me? Both the who’s yielded no possible suspect for pickpocketing. I was gladdened by the possibility. That means there was a chance to find the phone!

The train station guard, on my way back to retrieve the phone, had announced that no more additional passengers were to be allowed in through the turnstiles until the crowd inside the platform had abated. I thought, oh no, this is not happening just when I needed to know immediately exactly whether I could still find the phone in the office. But no, lo and behold, after only a brief wait time, the guard reversed the announcement, saying that station traffic is back to normal and passengers are now being allowed in. Star 1.

Next the platform was crowded right in front of the turnstiles that it seemed like I may have to let several trains go by before I could get my chance to get on the train. But I walked to the right of the crowd, found a clearing and got to board that same train. Star 2.

When I got to the office I ran to my workstation to check on the drawer where I usually put the phone. There was a pregnant moment of suspense before I pulled the drawer open, as this drawer is one that can’t be locked. No phone, I found out when I pulled it open. It’s amazing how many thoughts can run through our minds in a brief second. One of them I noticed is: is the phone lost forever?

But there was drawer number 2. Locked, but still with the possibility of having my phone inside it. I turned my key, opened the drawer and found its insides in its usual state but no phone in sight. However, there was still my utility bag which I usually take to lunch for holding my phone and wallet. I felt hope arising with the thought, could it be that despite having taken my wallet for bringing home, I had inadvertently left the phone in the utility bag? I was so excited as I took the bag and was rewarded with the sensation of the weight that assured me the phone was inside. And as I opened the bag, there it was, a most precious friend of four years, the phone.

Instead of leaving it, where I usually left it for my easy access as I worked in my station, in the unlockable drawer, it got inadvertently locked along with the otherwise empty utility bag in the lockable drawer. Star 3.

Overjoyed, I took the phone with me, ready to head back home and rest for the day’s end. As I was walking along the office corridor, I found I still had my tumbler in my pack. I thought I should have left it in my workstation to minimize the stuff that I was carrying home. But since I was halfway between my workstation and leaving the building, I thought, what the heck, will just carry it home.

Along my way out of the building as I passed by the cafeteria, I thought I should be hungry by now, including from all that stress and noticed that indeed I was hungry. So then, I proceeded to consume one of the two to go goodies that was originally meant for sharing with loved ones when I got home. I was so hungry I entirely forgot to get some drink before starting to eat. I only noticed I needed some when I had finished chomping away. Since there were no tumblers anywhere in sight, I thought what now, how do I get water to drink? Of course, I had the tumbler that I forgot to leave behind in my workstation. Star 4.

I told my mother the story of the lost smartphone. In conclusion, we reflected that when we let go and accept, using terminology from a Christian perspective, the angels can come to our aid and do magic for us.

“Do Not Read This"

Somewhere from the vast ether, for no apparent reason, the title “Do Not Read This” came to mind. I took the title for its appeal, in terms of its mystery to me, without concern for the eventual need to explain the reason for the choice.

I now face the daunting task of finding a reason for the why of the title, to give it a logical meaning. The relationship I see is regarding the potential for losing readers of this article and the loss of the phone. Both tie down to the challenge of letting go and accepting what the present moment holds, but am not thoroughly convinced that says exactly what it is.

Maybe the reason is best left as a mystery. Maybe life is best lived when approached as a mystery.

“Lose to gain, empty to fill, die to live” –Ray Grigg


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    • Quirinus profile imageAUTHOR

      Queirdkus Ω Ibidem 

      6 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a soulful comment, girishpuri! I could imagine your hubs to be filled with so much creativity. Let me visit your hubs as well.

    • girishpuri profile image

      Girish puri 

      6 years ago from NCR , INDIA

      we only understand the importance of anything,

      before getting it,

      and after loosing it,

      great share


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