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Do Shooting Stars Have the Power to Fulfill Wishes?

Updated on January 11, 2010

Shooting Stars?

I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but wishing on falling or shooting “stars” isn’t going to get you that brand new red porche or the man of your dreams. First of all, a “falling star” or a “shooting star” isn’t really a star to begin with. Those beautiful streaks of light you see in the sky are actually tiny bits of rock called meteoroids falling in to the Earth’s atmosphere and burning up. It isn’t as magical and whimsical as you thought. I’ll admit I’m a bit disappointed as well.

At certain times of the year, you are likely to see a great number of these “falling stars” or meteors in the night sky. These events are referred to as meteor showers. They occur when the Earth passes through the trail of debris left by a comet as it orbits the Sun.


There is no solid evidence where the practice of wishing on shooting stars comes from. Some people believe that shooting stars a symbol of hope, others associate them with divine powers and think of them as angels. Some even believe that they are magical and can transform your life once you've made a wish.

I think it's a combination of things. Once you make the wish you can't just let is sit there. You have to do something about it. Try to get what you want in life, make the wish your starting point. After you've done that you can fully embrace it and start working towards what you want most in your life.


Wishes hanging from a bamboo tree.
Wishes hanging from a bamboo tree.


Japan has what is called the Tanabata festival or “star” festival. The festival takes place on the 7th day of the 7th month (July). According to the Chinese legend this specific time the two stars, Altair and Vega, which are usually separated from each other by the Milky Way, are able to meet.

Because the 7th month of the year roughly coincides with August rather than July according to the formerly used lunar calendar, Tanabata is still celebrated on August 7th in some regions of Japan, while it is celebrated on July 7th in other regions.

One popular custom is to write your wishes on a piece of paper, and hang the piece of paper on a specially erected bamboo tree, in the hope that the wishes come true.

I haven't found any other major festivals that have to do with wishing and stars.

Keep Wishing?

Maybe wishing on a shooting star really does make your wishes come true, even if it really is a meteor. Maybe, just maybe by wishing on a shooting star what you're really doing is pushing yourself to believe in what you want most in life. Once you come to that realization the wheels have been put into motion and you try harder to get what you most want.

In any case, I’m not sure how rare shooting stars are, but if you aren’t looking you're sure to miss one. If wishing on a shooting star makes you feel better, happier and more able to go for the things you want most in life, wish away!

Wishing Well - Trent D'arby


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    • profile image

      Rose 3 years ago

      They do come true, you have to look at the shooting star the whole time you make your wish. If it disappears before your done wishing it most likely wont come true. You have to say your wish out loud, and you cant necessarily wish for rediculously huge things, you have to be resonable.

    • profile image

      dgfdhg 4 years ago

      gi didfhh5sytrt

    • profile image

      E. 4 years ago

      I saw a shooting star when I was practicing my jump shot for basketball. I panicked at first but made a wish for the girl at my school to say yes to me. It has came true.

    • profile image

      Dale 4 years ago

      I saw a shooting star on 11-8-13 it was beautiful! First one I have ever seen. I did make a wish.Hope it comes true

    • profile image

      davyfetons 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      nique 5 years ago

      i seen a lot, one like every couple of years. if i look at the sky. but i made a wish and it came true. but i wasn't clear. i just seen a falling star last month and i was sure to be clear this time. hopefully all ours wishes will come true.. i just hope it don't matter if u slip and told your wish. im not sure if u suppose to do that.?

    • profile image

      sonu 5 years ago

      i have seen shooting stars 3 -4 times .and i made some wishes.,at that i am surprized ,.most of the wishes are becoming true...and i believe that all of my wishes will must come true.

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I wish at the first star every nite.but my wish does not come too past yet i keep on wishing bcus i blive sumday it will

    • profile image

      trupti 6 years ago

      its really working?????????

    • profile image

      amber 6 years ago

      all i want ot know is its true or not im turrning twelve i just want the truth plesase

    • profile image

      Jesse 6 years ago

      When wishing on a shooting Star ,you need to look deep into your heart ,what it is you realy want.It many not happen over night but sometime in life you will thank that wishing star.Think positive and your wish will manifest itself when the time is right,mine did so will yours

      Love Jesse

    • profile image

      katrina 6 years ago

      i saw a shooting star and wished for something but it didn't work

    • profile image

      Dhaval 6 years ago

      If you wish good things for the most special person in the whole world, then it has to come true. Selfish wishes may not be heard. I have stared at the sky for hours and hours at night to find a shooting star and eventually i have found it. So the wish will be heard.

    • profile image

      chevelle x. 6 years ago

      i saw one a couple hours ago i was so excited ,but like u said u gotta help it come true maybe it will one day thanks:)

    • profile image

      nessie 6 years ago

      I saw one and made a wish.. Just now...

      i do believed that my wish would come true.., but it's not really because of the shooting star it's about the faith...

    • profile image

      Gail L. Crittendon 6 years ago

      I saw a shooting star this morning, first thing i said is WTF is that? My co-worker said a shooting star make a wish, hope i didn't mess my wish up it took me by surprise.

    • profile image

      SLV 6 years ago

      I have made wishes on shooting stars and not one has ever come true.

    • profile image

      sarah 7 years ago

      well ive came across a shooting star before and i wish and it didn't became true sp it os not real that is my opinoin people say dat ur wishes come real but it is a lie so don't believe if it come real god did a miracle but other wise it cant happem

    • profile image

      jay 7 years ago

      i saw a shooting and made wish what do i do next.. is it suppose to like a click or wa

    • profile image

      blessy 7 years ago

      Hi angela. i copied it for u.

      Annual Meteor Showers

      Name When They Occur

      Quadrantids January 1-6

      April Lyrids April 19-24

      Eta Aquarids May 1-8

      Delta Aquarids July 15- August 15

      Perseids July 25 - August 18

      Orionids October 16-27

      Taurids October 20-November 30

      Leonids November 15-20

      Geminids December 7-15

    • profile image

      Sharif 7 years ago

      mostly you can see them in a clear sky around 1am-4am, and if you are lucky to see one, then you would know wonderful it is. and for wishes just believe in yourself, if its hard, try again

    • profile image

      Delia 7 years ago

      I saw one tonight. And I made a few wishes. I freaked out and thought I had screwed it up! Ur only suppose to make one wish right? If so...oh well. Maybe next time. Or maybe one of my wishes will come true.

    • profile image

      angela 7 years ago

      i really want to know where are shooting stars what time u can see shootingstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so if you do know the answer pleas write back

    • profile image

      Marina 8 years ago

      I made a wish on a shooting star before....

      It came true!

    • profile image

      charchar. 8 years ago

      okay so maybe all that stuff you said is true,

      but if you believe in it then why wont it cometrue?

      its how you make it :)

    • profile image

      Rebecca 10 years ago

      I have seen hundred of shooting stars and have placed wishes on most of them. Many of these wishes (as well as the wishes placed on white horses and hay trucks) have come true, scientifically PROVING that all these things do have the power to fulfill wishes.

    • profile image

      Abhinaya 10 years ago

      I have never come across a shooting star in my life.May be if I do I won't be able to resist the temptation to make a wish though the scientific and astronomical facts are defy these things.Your article is full of information and thanks for answering the request and the additions that I was unaware of.The Japanese and Chinese customs and festivals are new to me.The videos are really good.Thanks again zannr.