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Do We Have A Destiny In An Immolating World?

Updated on April 30, 2009

 Just look around you: The world seems to be immolating from ecological, financial, social, disease, and belligerent sources. The vast number of massive threats facing us right now are unparalleled in human history. We are facing an economic meltdown, nuclear terrorist threats, social upheavals, the prospect of a global swine flu pandemic, and perhaps most serious of all, the prospect of passing along to our children a world so ravaged by climate change that it may very well be effectively uninhabitable.

I don't usually write "pie in the sky pollyanna" Hubs, but the global events of the past few weeks have truly forced me to stop, take a breath, and truly re-examine what it means to be alive and human.

You are not alone if you are asking yourself what the heck is going on in this crazy mixed up world lately and exactly what it is that you are doing here. Is it all random, or is there some sort of mysterious and indecipherable "plan" to everything that is going on around us, and our very lives as well?

Therefore the question becomes can the average person actually have a mission in life, a road whereby they can fulfill their destiny or is that just for the "highly evolved" spiritual leaders, or those few who are special, far above mortal humans and touched by the gods?

Many of us are so involved in living our lives on a day-to-day basis that we do not focus on becoming aware of what we are and what our mission, destiny, kismet, or fate is in this life. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to live life without attending to the chart that navigates our journey through this mortal coil. In fact, sometimes too much introspection can interfere with the joy and process of living a good life.

However, it is when we feel lost on the sea of life that it becomes important to begin an inner journey to recover our awareness of the direction in which we travel. Are you feeling lost right now and wondering if you are on the right track? Well, join millions who feel the same way. Our society is evolving into a mind society and for many of us that means more thinking and less feeling... or at least less honest awareness of feeling. It is easy to get caught up in the drama of a tech society and forget that first and foremost we are sensuous beings of emotion and feeling. The fact that our five sense compose our reality is often negated as we get caught up in the information processing age. A kid can't sell a burger after school at a fast-food joint without being able to operate the cash register which is now a computer to register sales, track inventory, and report electronically all information back to the home office.

Technology is becoming so extensive that we have lost all awareness of an inner private world. You visit the mega web sites and they throw a cookie on your hard drive so that when you come back information is available about you. It once was that life was filled with little surprises like who was on the phone when it rang, but now caller ID takes away the suspense. It used to be you could call a company and feel a certain sense of privacy, but now companies like American Express have voice prints on their customers and can verify who you are: this sounds like great security but like profoundly lousy privacy. Going to work used to be a fairly safe place but now you can be fingerprinted, drug tested, psychologically evaluated and have a credit check run on you if you want to have an income.

Our lives have become scripted, scrutinized, publicized and routinized. Any stranger can google every aspect of your life: what high school you attended, who your friends were there, what you look like, and all the people you broke up with, plus what they have to say about you as a lover. Forget about privacy in the work place, the government or even the neighborhood. Everything about you has been electronized and made public domain.

If you have been feeling a little overwhelmed by the world out there, perhaps it is time to explore the world inside. The search for mission is really the search for purpose. When everything around us seems to run either on automatic pilot or as a constant hassle to create order out of too much stimulus and the resultant chaos, it is time to explore the self. It is time to rediscover purpose in what appears to be a purposeless world.

It is essentially very easy... you can begin your quest for purpose, your vision quest to discover your mission in life. It's easy to get started:

Make a list of what you appreciate about your life and put a star by everything that is fun. (If you get under four stars, it is time to create a new plan to bring joy back into your life.)

Take a minimum of fifteen minutes a day to do nothing but listen to the thoughts that run through your mind without the interference of radio, television, web surfing or talking to another person. Don't judge your thoughts. Observe your thoughts.

Make a list of everything you would like to do before you die. If you have done it all, please let me know in the Comments. I want to meet that perfectly evolved and contented person. Perhaps even worship them.

Go to a bookstore and just meander around. When a book catches your attention on a subject you have never read about, or perhaps haven't read about since you were a youngster, buy it and read it this week.

Sit down with a piece of fruit and really eat it. Pay attention to the details of the fruit. Color. Smell. Texture. Taste. Thoughts associated with it. Enjoy eating that piece of fruit while you are doing absolutely nothing else. Be sensuous about it, don't just gulp it down while watching Celebrity Apprentice.

Take a walk in the park or a drive in the country and pay attention to what is around you. If thoughts of work or problems enter your mind focus on what you are looking at by becoming detail conscious. (what color is that bird really?)

The first steps as you can see are to get as far away from being logical and thinking about work, problems or other practical issues for at least an hour out of each day. Explore your senses and you will awaken a new awareness of who you are and why you are here.

You may never be able to write down your life's mission on a piece of paper like a corporate marketing campaign. But you will begin to feel a sense of purpose.

When you are on target you feel happy and content. When you are off target, you feel dissatisfied and depressed. Learn to listen to all your five senses and you will find that your mind and your perceptions will be operating at a more optimum efficiency. Heaven knows we all need this in this day and age.


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