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Is Your Life Decided by Fate or Do You Believe in Free Will?

Updated on October 28, 2020
Nell Rose profile image

Nell has been an online writer for over eight years and is fascinated by the paranormal, including omens, TimeSlips, and the supernatural.

Do you dream something that then comes true?
Do you dream something that then comes true? | Source

'There is no such thing as accident, it is Fate, misnamed'! - Napoleon Bonaparte

Sometimes in life strange things happen that make you step back and ask the question:

'Was that fate intervening or just dumb luck, good or bad?'

I am sure you know what I mean. You are thinking about someone you haven't seen in a very long time, then wham, there they are standing in front of you.

That's either fate, precognition or just plain life. But what happens if something more disturbing makes you stop dead in your tracks?

I have come to believe that Fate does indeed have a hand in our affairs. Which can be quite scary but also pretty awesome.

Take dreams for example. how many of us have dreamed something strange only for it to happen the next day?

So what's the difference between precognition and Fate?

Fate A painting of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov of Russia on Grigori Rasputin's shoulders.The Tsar and Empress in the background.Painting by St Peterburg's painter,Michael G. Kudrevatykh.1990. Was it Fate they met?
Fate A painting of Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov of Russia on Grigori Rasputin's shoulders.The Tsar and Empress in the background.Painting by St Peterburg's painter,Michael G. Kudrevatykh.1990. Was it Fate they met?
The Three Fates
The Three Fates | Source

'That's life, whichever way you turn, good old fate sticks out its foot to trip you'.

Fate is what some people believe to be either God's plan for you, or the rule of the Universe.

It does seem strange to think that every single person in history had fate on their side. Or should I say, against them. But bare with me, it does make sense. Take precognition for example.

Many people round the world state that they knew something was going to happen, to them, or someone else at some stage in their life. Either on a grand scale or just locally.

So how does this work?

If you believe in precognition, then you are basically an observer. In other words, Its not Fate that's in charge of things happening around the world, its actually time travel.

Not literally but mentally. In other words physics come into the equation. This is called the Block theory. I do tend to believe in this to a certain degree. It does make sense. To understand it more just go to Google and put in Block Theory Time.

But you are not part of that, you are just given a glimpse to show what's going to happen. Its not your fate, its other peoples.

But why would you be shown this if its not to do with you?

Fate, on the other hand, makes sense too.

And here's why.

Fate | Source
Was it Fate that decimated Pompeii ?
Was it Fate that decimated Pompeii ? | Source

The ancient Romans stated that:

'Deja Vu is just God telling you that you are in the right place at the right time!'

Does Fate show you your path?

How? Well think about it. How many of us suddenly get one of those Deja Vu moments?

Scientists claim that Deja Vu, when you believe you have been somewhere before even though you know you have never ever visited the place, is purely just a blip in our mental cognitive state.

But the Romans believed it was something else.

'Deja Vu is just God or Gods telling you that you are in the right place at the right time'!

Wow, now that's something to think about!

What if that is true? What if Fate is telling you that yes, you remember this place because I have placed it in your mind to make sure you are there on time!

So if this is true, and lets be honest, its pretty scary to think of. What about free life?

I do have a theory of that, but we will come to that in a moment. First, here's a few weird happenings that I have experienced in the past that made me think:

What the hell happened there?'

''Fate, Its like someone sneaking up on you, then handing you the answer on a piece of paper'

— Nell Rose
Carl Hansen (1804-1880) Reading a book then getting an email, Fate or just coincidence?
Carl Hansen (1804-1880) Reading a book then getting an email, Fate or just coincidence? | Source

From a book to a Cab....!

Throughout my life I have noticed a few strange incidents that make me wonder if everything is planned out. Take the other day for instance.

I had finished my book the night before, rushed down the town to buy groceries and then suddenly remembered that I needed something to read.

Diving into the nearest Charity shop, I literally grabbed the first book I thought looked reasonably interesting, rushed out and carried on my day. After reading a few pages of the book, which I have to add I had never heard of before, or knew the author, I put it down and got on with the job of opening up my emails.

There in great capital letters were the words:

Nell, would you like to get free Tickets to see the film ROOM? collect them from......

I just stared at the screen. What? That was the darn book I had grabbed off the shelf, never heard of before and so on. The same day I get this message?

Okay, you may say, well its a well known film over in America, but I live in England and had never ever seen it advertised before. It definitely wasn't shown on TV.

Another time I jumped out of a car at 3 am, long story, and needed a desperate ride home. I looked up and mumbled under my breath, 'Please God, can you help'?

Its not something I would normally do, but 3 am, scary and dark, and on my own I was feeling pretty vulnerable.

Anyway, next second a London Cab came round the corner! Now this was 30 miles away from London, in the back streets of a huge town. Nobody was around, all was in darkness and yep, he stopped for me!

Fate? Yes I am beginning to believe in it!

'Fate is just the Divine Creator lighting the way'

— Nell Rose

Fate or Telepathy?

I am a great believer in Telepathy. Not only does it work, it makes sense. If you get down on the Quantum level its all to do with atoms and electricity. But what if.....?

Okay, so you bump into someone you thought of last night. You haven't seen them in say 15 years. I always say its telepathy, but what about Fate? Just think, if you are meant to meet up with them because of Fate, then its common sense to think that you would actually dream or think of them beforehand.

Its a bit far fetched I agree, but its something that should be looked at. Telepathy or Fate?

Makes you wonder doesn't it?

As for 'Free Life' as I call it, I do think most of what we do is pretty much open to change, only key things in our life are down to Fate stepping in. For example, say you change your job, get married, move house etc, then that's free. But if you suddenly stop and think, no this isn't the right way to go. Then Fate is giving you a nudge.

Get it? I am beginning too.

The amazing Twin Jim's separated at birth.
The amazing Twin Jim's separated at birth. | Source

Don't believe me? Meet James meet James!

Its not very often that you find twin brothers sharing the same first name, but not the second. But then again you won't see this sort of thing happening every day either.

The story starts when they were separated at birth and adopted by two different families, Springer and Lewis.

They both grew up with a dim knowledge of each other, but never made contact. And both adoptive families didn't never had the chance or inclination to meet.

The first coincidence was the fact that they were both christened with the name James. This in itself was pretty strange, but it doesn't stop there.

For some reason the Springer family told their son that his twin had died, and the other family weren't interested in finding out about the other twin.

Years passed, until one day, Jim Lewis decided to track down his brother. They were 37 years old by this time.

After finding each other, they decided to meet up. they were both really nervous, but on February 9th 1979 their bond was once more restored.

And then they told their stories, and boy was it a strange one!

Both were adopted by parents who lived in Ohio, only 45 miles apart.

They both had a dog named 'Toy', and when they were older, both married twice.

Okay, here comes the Twilight Zone part.

Both wives were named Linda, and their seconds wives were named Betty! They both had sons who they called James Allen.

Their houses were the only ones in their block, and they had woodworking shops in their garage.

The also had Chevrolet's, and were both County Sheriffs!

When they were tested by psychologists, it was found that their brains were literally identical! They could have been one man.

Which is all great and good, but to find two women each with the same name takes it into the realm of fantasy let alone the same car, same type house and even a dog with the same name! Phew!

Fate and Genetics! What a great combination!

Fate Hugh Williams
Fate Hugh Williams | Source

Hugh Who?

This one brings to mind the quote:

'One is chance, two is coincidence, three is a Pattern'

Especially if your name is Hugh Williams!

Here's the story:

In 1660, a ship sank off the coast of England, near Dover. There was only one survivor. His name was Hugh Williams.

Just over a hundred years later in 1767 another ship sank in the same spot, and guess what? Yes, there was only one survivor. Hugh Williams! But it doesn't stop there.

In 1820 a ship, in the Thames, which is the main river artery between London and the coast, capsized and all on board drowned. Apart from one man. Yep, another Hugh Williams!

But it doesn't stop there, on no..........!

In the second World War, 1940 to be exact, a German mine blew up a ship, and yes wait for it.......

This time there were two survivors! Phew! So the weirdness was broken? Er, well, no.....

Both survivors were named:


It was a man and his nephew!

Mark Twain and his Fate.
Mark Twain and his Fate. | Source

Did You Know?

  • Mark Twain was born in 1835, at the same time Haley's Comet was in the sky. He died in 1910 from a heart attack, when Haley's Comet was once again in sight of earth. Mark was said to have quoted: I was born with Haley's Comet, and I expect to go out with it! And yes he did!
  • In 1920, three men where traveling by train. After chatting a while they discovered that one was named Powell, the next Bingham, and the third.....Bingham-Powell! And no, they were not related!
  • Its 1883, and Henry Ziegland has broken up with his girlfriend. She is so distraught she commits suicide. Her brother, mad as hell shoots Henry, then shoots himself. But Henry is still alive! The bullet only grazed his face and the bullet hits a nearby tree. A few years later, Henry decides to cut down the tree. It was difficult to cut so he uses dynamite to blow it up. The tree is blown over, the bullet shoots out and kills Henry. Fate came to call!

The most famous of all Fate stories has to be the real life tragedy of the Titanic ship that sunk because it hit an iceberg.

But fourteen years before the accident, there was a novel named Futility. The story? A ship is hit by an iceberg and sinks. The ships name, Titan!

Do You Believe In Fate?

See results

So, if you think its a coincidence that you bumped into your long lost friend who you dreamed of the night before, think again.

Its Fate!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Nell Rose


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