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Do You Believe In Spirit Guides Or Guardian Angels?

Updated on October 2, 2012

Would you describe yourself as a spiritual person? Or perhaps even a 'spiritualist' person, maybe? If you have New Age or theosophist tendencies, then you may have come across the rather comforting notion of spirit guides. These jolly chaps are the ones who keep an eye on you – I rather believe – through all of your ups and downs, checking that you don't take the wrong turn in the road or get yourself into any too bad scrapes as you bumble along life's highway. Pretty decent of them, I say!

But do they actually do anything much that is truly useful? In fact do they do anything other than keep an eye on you and then laugh up their sleeves at your pratfalls and folly? Do they whisper advice, take direct interfering action, intervene when the bus is coming bearing down upon you at the junction? I rather think the jury's out on that one, but some spiritualist types hold that whispers of intuition, at least, can reach us from our guardian angels. Do you think that that's the case?

I like to think that I have an open mind on the subject. I class myself as pretty much agnostic, but i remain open to any guidance I can get from the spirit world – whether it exists or not. So if there are any hints or suggestions my guides would like to drop for my benefit, it's not like I'm closing my mind or my ears to them. I'm just not hearing anything! (Maybe I'm deaf. Maybe I need a hearing aid. Maybe I need to cut it with the silly analogies.) Seriously, though, speak up! Especially when it comes to the numbers for next week's lottery!

Maybe the messages are more subtle than literal whispers: many spiritual writers would have it so. Perhaps coincidences, feelings, chance events and forks in the road of our lives are more than they seem to be. Are they the intervention of celestial creatures who work for our good, perhaps even our salvation? And if so, can they not just pick up the damn phone instead?

Do you feel that you've ever had any real guidance from a spiritual source? If so then let me know about it. Me, I'm still listening out for any whispers and hints on the wind – and I could sure use a little direction and guidance at times! In the meantime, I guess my own rational judgment, opinions, biases and intuitions will have to do. Pretty much like the rest of us!


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    • seniorangel3 profile image

      seniorangel3 6 years ago from Florida

      I do believe in Guardian Angels. Just because you can not see or hear them does not mean they are not there. If you can put yourself into meditation pose and let yourself clear your mind then just ask a question.. you hear that little voice in your head that tells you the answer. Things happening, like missing your plane, and your really really mad about it...then you hear your plane crashed?? who prevented you from getting on that flight??? If your late for work and panicing....then you see a bad accident on your way...that would have been you if you were on time.... these things are not just coincidence...I swear!! Someone is watching out for you.....