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Do You Believe in the Possibility of Reincarnation?

Updated on March 23, 2018

Buddhist Wheel of Reincarnation

Buddhist relief from the Dazu Rock Carvings in China, built sometime between the years 1177 and 1249, Mara, Lord of Death and Desire, clutches the Wheel of Reincarnation, which outlines the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation.
Buddhist relief from the Dazu Rock Carvings in China, built sometime between the years 1177 and 1249, Mara, Lord of Death and Desire, clutches the Wheel of Reincarnation, which outlines the Buddhist cycle of reincarnation. | Source

"My whole belief system is that our paths are drawn for us. I believe in reincarnation. I believe we're here to learn and grow. We choose how we come into this life based on what it is we have to learn. Some people have harder lessons than others." ~ Gillian Anderson

Soul Searching

Some people may recognize the sensation. They wake up from an intense dream, and they get a distinct feeling, so surreal that one can hear, see, smell, and taste the nostalgia of another time. A world long since past, yet lingering in our soul's consciousness.

There are many signals that trigger off within the brain and create remarkable feelings of recollection upon sensing a past life recognition:

  • Perhaps you've experienced a sense of deja-vu?
  • A sudden feeling that you've been in that place or position before, giving off a pang of emotion you can not fathom?
  • More interestingly, have you ever met a stranger, and then suddenly had an overwhelming sensation like you've known that person for years, or an unfortunate aversion once you shook that person's hand?

If you've ever felt any of these sensations, then you might want to investigate further into what lies behind the intense reactions you've experienced.

"All souls must undergo transmigration and the souls of men revolve like a stone which is thrown from a sling, so many turns before the final release...Only those who have not completed their perfection must suffer the wheel of rebirth by being reborn into another human body." ~ Zohar

Alfred Jacob Miller

It is true that various Plains Indians would occasionally chase buffalo over a small cliff, but Miller probably never saw this scene and therefore exaggerated it a bit.
It is true that various Plains Indians would occasionally chase buffalo over a small cliff, but Miller probably never saw this scene and therefore exaggerated it a bit. | Source

Past Life Experience

A psychic medium once told me that I had a very old soul.

Supposedly, I've experienced many previous lives, as an Egyptian slave, the daughter of a wealthy Roman merchant who died of a broken heart, a poor Englishwoman who was the mistress of a married and titled landowner, and a German Nazi nurse during World War II.

I don't fully remember these 'said' lives, but there is one of a few experiences that I do remember. Most recently, the very vivid memory of an incarnation of a Native American boy.

You can read about my experience "A Fear of Heights" published by Reverend John Sloat of "Beyond Religion" where he has dedicated his life toward the study of reincarnation and other unexplained phenomenon that the Christian Church questions. Sloat prefers to use children as his study due to the fact that kids have the most the most vivid and innocent recall. It is no wonder that some of these remarkable past life stories leaves one to question their own spiritual belief system.

Study on Childhood Past Life Recall Related to 09/11

Religions Accepting the Idea or Belief in Reincarnation

Native American

Ancient Belief

Reincarnation or past life, as I often put it, is a simple concept.

It's the belief that when a person dies, their spirit moves on to a spiritual realm until they are ready to incarnate once again. Each birth is a new beginning, a spiritual lesson in which the soul must overcome familiar obstacles, and ford a new path from their previous incarnation, and somehow right any wrongs along the way. Balance is the key word, and once accomplished, when the soul passes, it can move on to a higher level of the spiritual plane.

Although the concept of reincarnation extends from religious or spiritual practices, it is the individual who places their faith in the belief system that fuels the concept itself.

A Measure of Peace

"Love is the hardest lesson in Christianity; but, for that reason, it should be most our care to learn it."

~ William Penn

Christ Carrying the Cross for Everlasting Salvation

Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ | Source

‘You’ve Only Got One Life’ Argument

Even though Past Lives or Reincarnation is practiced by millions throughout the world, the belief is still ostracized by many who practice Christianity and believe that we only get to live one life. However, there are some Christians who would question the church's stance on the incarnation of the soul.

Reverend John Sloat, a forty-year Presbyterian Clergyman, and veteran of the Christian faith once experienced an incredible past life dream as a Native American. This dream was so profound that he began to question his entire belief system. Realizing his own truth, he moved on from his service with the church and started his own following. Christians who still believe in the concept of Christianity and accept the importance of Reincarnation.

John Sloat sums up his theological thoughts as thus:

"People who are afraid of the concept try to make it appear ridiculous by suggesting that if we are evil in this present life we will return as an ant or a skunk. This distortion needs to be seen for what it is, an attempt to avoid a greater truth: We are part of God. We have always existed. We will always exist. Our time in eternity is an evolutionary process through which we are to become more like God. Jesus told us that if we followed him, we would do greater things than he did! When do we get the opportunity for this spiritual blossoming if not through an enormous series of positive and negative experiences? This result cannot be achieved in a single lifetime. If we are part of God, our present life is no more than a semester-long class to learn a certain skill. There is more than one course in our spiritual curriculum."

Investigation on Reincarnation

There's Light at the End of the Tunnel

Depiction of woman walking down a dark hallway in to light
Depiction of woman walking down a dark hallway in to light | Source

Personal Perspective

So, you don't believe? That's okay. I do not judge, nor do I scoff, nor will I ever discredit you as a human being for having a difference in opinion. However, I will say this. We must embrace our destiny, work on that which needs balance, learn to forgive and love to the best of our abilities. Sometimes that is not so easy to do. I know. I'm still working on these issues, and it is very important to remember this is the journey.

Do You Believe in Reincarnation

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Expert Sources

Jim B. Tucker M.D., "Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives" (Kindle Edition)

Dr. John Sloat, "Moving Beyond Religion" Retrieved from

Jaime T. Licauco, "On Christianity, New Age and Reincarnation: New Perspectives and Old Religious Issues (Ebook)


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    • TimJeanes profile image

      Tim Jeanes 

      4 months ago from Ballinrobe

      Reincarnation is the only logical explanation to life, we are only to look around us everyday to see this and on talking to others we can identify young to older souls.


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