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Do You Have The Key?

Updated on July 31, 2014

Dear God: Childhood Sucked

My One Baby Pic
My One Baby Pic

Remembering Friends Along The Way

I have the key. Friends tell me so. When Bubba found out I had the key, like the others, he asked me for it. But when I gave it to him he didn't want it. He said it was the wrong key. Such is life.

I learned to grin and bear the disappointments early on as soon as I got out of diapers. Sometimes I couldn't smile and so I lifted my eyes to the sky; large puppy dog eyes. I would get the soft caress of a sweetly scented breeze, but only when I really needed it. I was a God talker. I knew God was there but sometimes wondered if God knew I was here, and too young to make a move yet. At two years of age you don't know it yet, but your day will come. I remember God conversations. I'd say a bunch of words all embroidered with lonely for God emotions. God wouldn't say much at all. God would just say childhood was temporary. I'd grow up. Things would change. And guess what? That was true.

Now Bubba, a friend I met on the Internet has a key also. A different key, it doesn't fit my lock, but nonetheless it is a key. The guy kept redeeming himself with a mere tune. He'd mess up hard, then he'd just make a tune out of it. Everybody clapped and said yea, he's an ass, but a famous ass; we will overlook his faults in that case. My advice if you meet someone famous, stay out of their bed. It's better that way. I'm sorry if I don't have greater wisdom than that to tell you.

There's a trick the coyote does. They see a small dog and friendly up to it. I saw this in action. It's scary. The coyote get the smaller dog to play, then the pooch will trust it. Slowly but surely the coyote leads the frisky pup back to the lair, where it gets eaten. My little dog almost got taken this way, but I stepped in and broke the hypnotic spell Mr. Coyote was weaving on him.

You can't blame the coyote that it's hungry, and that it has to find food for it's pups. The coyote is cagey and a survivor. It's a pack animal and your pup is not part of it's pack. It knows that, but the pup doesn't know that. The pup was born with unconditional love and it trusts humans and anything that will play with it. The coyote is wild and is not fed by the human. It's on it's own, so it gets very cagey. Watch your ass, or your puppy closely, it's a predator world. That's life. Maybe life will change in the future, but so far, something always eats something else here. We humans, we have this desire to live dangerously. We wanted to be here, but only God can say why. You need to find your personal key to survive here.

Lots of Faces, Same Bubba

Bubba I said, thanks for dropping by. It means a lot. Have you seen my spaceship? You know, those guys are always late. Then he said, I know. I haven't seen them. I sent my crew out for a beer. Decades later they come strolling back beer-less. They must have gotten distracted. Bunch of clowns they are. Guess I'll settle in then I replied, and it was nice talking to ya. Take care.

People come and go, drift in and out of your life. That's life too. At least they showed up dropping their little bombs on you. Philosophy will save you from despair, if you forget you have the key. We forget who we are. Yea, it's true.

Still, I'm happy. I'm older now but I wouldn't trade youth for the key I hold clutched in my hand. I don't need to read any self help books. I have the key instead. I don't even need to do God talk anymore. I'm not really here, just me personality is standing in. I remembered who I was, and at the last moment but that shall suffice for peace of mind.

Sometimes people ask me to use the key on their lock, so I try to turn their lock. Sometimes it fits, other times it doesn't. You know that our keys are different, but the locks all look similar in some regard, so you try anyway, because if you don't, you may regret your pessimism later, when you could have set someone free but didn't because it was too much effort. If your key fits their lock there won't be any effort involved. Just remember that.

My key is engraved. It says "Expect a Miracle." It doesn't say believe in miracles. It says expect a miracle. Piece of cake really. No effort involved, just expectation. Then when a miracle shows up, you're like, oh, yea, I was expecting you. Some of your amnesia gets erased then. You know, that blanket of confusion on the mind. That's what a miracle is; it's an equalizer thing with heart. We're all the same; we all get our egos leveled during demolition time. There's no problem with waking up. None at all.

Remember Who You Are

The birds will tweet louder for you when you wake up. Check it out. The sky is bluer. The sunrise more stupendous. The people friendlier. You never really left the home you once knew. Touch base, home free. Would I come here again? Not if I had to do it all the same way! But then I don't have to. I have the key. Once you have your key, you don't have to do anything the same way you did it before unless you want some more drama or if you get bored sitting on a cloud with God. Comes a point you realize you can never get bored playing in the universe; there's too much to do, to see, to be. Once you have the key, you know it's up to you where to build your sand castles. Just remember whatever is erected in time, the tide will wash away, because we are Starseeds. This is not our home, nor even a resting place. You never know, the earth just might become a vacation resort one day.

Remember to get love! And don't mess it up. But if you do mess up, find your key, that is your destiny. Leave happy and don't give up. And don't hurt anybody for no reason. The world has enough pain without you making it worse for them. Trust they too, will gain their key. The reason that you can be happy, is if just one person has a key, that means that every person will have a key, all in their good time. It's all about timing in time. Expect a miracle. That is grace coming in.

I leave humanity with one last message. I'd be sorry if I didn't mention it. Stop making sex cheap. Making love is as close to God as you can get here, so keep it pure, keep it sacred. Don't sell your body for any kind of gain. The price you pay for material gain is not worth it. To the rapists, I say stop it. To the pedophiles I say leave those children alone, they came from heaven to show you the way. Let them. Leave their little bodies alone.

To those who marry and then get nooky on the side, I say control your appetite as it always looks greener in another pasture; break off the first relationship if you want to explore another pasture. There's less pain involved that way. Now go get your memory back of who you really are, go get your key and hold on tight, there's a wave rolling in and you'll want to ride it. And so it is and then we say Amen.


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