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Do You Judge Those Who Are Less Fortunate Than You?

Updated on May 9, 2017

Do You Judge Those Who Are Less Fortunate Than You?

In our society, there are people who judge others by what those people may have attained or not attained in their lives. I was always raised not to pass judgement on the next person, as long as it did not endanger me or infringe on the things that I value in my life.

I have seen so many people in my travels in this world, who struggle just to survive. There are people who live in the United States, and even the world, who cannot afford to feed themselves, cloth or shelter themselves in our society. Granted, some people are just lazy, and he or she will not take initiative to do what needs to be done in their life for them to sustain themselves.

Our society will ALWAYS have people, who will examine other people and believe that they are better than the next person they are standing next to in our society today. Some people believe, that the color of their skin, or their financial statue gives them the right to think or do whatever he or she does in the world.

I'll give you an example of how people think about those who are less fortunate, Since this society has been in recession, a lot of families were given assistance to keep from losing their homes.

Yet, you have their very same neighbors questioning, why would those people be given or rewarded with assistance to save their homes, since those other neighbors were able to make their payments on time, and not have to depend on financial assistance from taxpayers and the government.

Did those neighbors who did not need financial assistance with their mortgage, ever take the time to recognize, that, their families could have been in the same predicament?

What if their families, would have lost a job, lost their wealth, or by something disastrous occurring in their family infrastructure, causing those neighbors to seek the same financial assistance from the government?

I often believe that our society is very, very selfish, and that some people cannot see beyond the tip of their own noses, not recognizing, that there are people who through no fault of their own, need assistance.

I read some startling stats about how many people in world, go to bed hungry, and it saddens me, to think that there are people here in the U.S., or even in the world that go to bed hungry. Yet, there are people and places that serve or sell food, that waste that food on a daily basis.

Whenever a homeless person approaches me, informing me, that he or she is hungry. I make it a priority to feed them, even if it means taking out time while I'm trying to eat, to buy him or her a meal as well.

If you are judging others in society, learn how to look within yourself, and refrain from judging others through your walk in life. If things would have went a little differently for some of those who are looking down on the less fortunate, those individuals would be possibly, in the same predicament .

Learn how to be humble and caring to the less fortunante

Here's some advice: on how not to judge those who are less fortunante

* Do NOT judge the homeless - Some maybe mentally unstable and some maybe alone and those homeless people may not want to be subjected to the rigors of society

* Do NOT judge people based on how much money you have, and by how much you think another person does not have in their life.

* Do NOT judge those who are poor - give to shelters and churches your clothing, money, etc to help those less fortunate

* Do NOT judge people by the color of their skin, or stereo-type people in our society. Refer to my hub page, " How Not To Stereo-type people in our society."

* Do NOT judge people based on their level of education

* Do NOT judge those who seek financial assistance, whether it is to assist with paying their mortgage, or to provide their families with food stamps, or health care

* Do NOT judge people based on how he or she may sound, when they talk or just because he or she may not speak your native language

* Do NOT judge those who are hungry, make it your responsibility when the opportunity arises, for you to feed those, who are less fortunate.

* Do NOT judge the elderly or the senior citizens in our society, just because they are older

Last but not least - Do not judge anybody, because you have not lived or walked in those people shoes

My grandmother often said, " if you cannot find anything positive or constructive to say about people or a situation, keep the comments to yourself."

I always believe that those who judge others and provide nothing to the equation, but judgmental words and no action, are not too far from being in the same predicament than those people who they are judging in our society.

Learn to be a blessing to others who are less fortunate

Learn not to judge others who are less fortunate than you, or look down on those who are less fortunate, and if you have the means to help people who are less fortunate, Just DO IT!


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    • profile image

      Winea 2 years ago

      Im glad that I was able to read your blog, i really love to share it to others.. Thank you so much for sharing to me..

    • CorpGiant profile image

      CorpGiant 5 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Hello Angel,

      WOW, that is an amazing experience you wrote here. I have seen the very same thing, where people look at a homeless person, like he or she is the lowest form of life. I do not enjoy seeing homeless people being mistreated, because the main people who are mistreating, don't realize, that they maybe three shakes in life from being in that very same situation. I pray for the homeless, and I do my very best to buy them food, and give them money too. Our society, can be so cruel towards the homeless, and there are beautiful souls out there, like you, who know how important is not to mistreat the homeless, My GOD, I hope people in our society, will learn that mistreating an individual, just because he or she is homeless, or look or acts different, is so foolish. I appreciate you commenting on this hub page. Be Blessed! CG

    • audaciousangel profile image

      audaciousangel 5 years ago from Greater Manchester

      I saw some knob ends in Bury walk past this innocent homeless guy in the subway. He wasn't even begging, only eating a sandwich. They looked at him like he was scum, saying out loud that they would not be giving him their money. I am a highly sensitive person, and today has been overwhelming. Just wanted to go into my cave to cry. Anyhow, these insensitive bitches just made it all the more worse to see the cruel world we live in today. If a little more of us were generous and self-less (and yes I'm talking to you Government), then maybe I wouldn't feel like I need to commit suicide every week. I won £3.00 on a scratch card the other day so I gave it him. My money is not mine, it is God's generosity. He sends me the writing jobs and I complete. I am so grateful. In these cold times, I wouldn't wish anyone to be living on the streets. There are some truly heartless people out there.

    • CorpGiant profile image

      CorpGiant 6 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Hello Kenya,

      That is the best attitude to have in this world today. I don't spend any time worrying about what people think about me. The economy is so strained right now, all WE can do is be the best at taking care of ourselves and the people that matters in our lives.

      Take Care and thanks for responding to this hub...


    • profile image

      Kenya 6 years ago

      Thanks for posting this on this page. My family and I been through a lot but we are graceful that we have a roof over our heads and food to eat and clothes to wear. I realize people judege you whether then looking into your world of surviving. Some judge me about fashion and my hair don't get done sometimes. I do my hair if I had the money to get it done I would get it done.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      This is a great article. Thanks for this. It's good to be reminded of these things. I will read this often so that I won't forget.

      I read your profile, though, and it says, "I am a self made businessman." I just have to comment on that. My personal conviction is that nobody is self-made. When one says that, he puts himself in a position of superiority over other people. It could be used as another way to "judge others", subtly. Everything in life is a gift - and I mean not just material possessions. One's intelligence, motivation, ability to make good decisions, being born into a family that encouraged good values, career opportunities, education - these are all gifts. It is by grace that we receive them. We should never judge other people because we live life differently or because we have a different outlook in life.

    • CorpGiant profile image

      CorpGiant 7 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Appreciate you taking time to read this hub, and I very thrilled that you enjoyed it, "Dobson". Take Care..

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 7 years ago from Virginia

      As you judge you will be judged, or should be. We have enough problems in this world without taking the time to lower someone's importance by deeming them to be less than they could be or less than we are. It is an easy path to wander down, thanks for the lessons in not being judgemental!