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Do You Know What The World Needs?

Updated on May 8, 2013

Do You Know What The World Needs?

You ask the man on the corner,

Or a friend you chance to meet,

Or the lady in the grocery store,

Or your neighbor down the street.

What the world needs to be happy

(For to the truth the world is blind

So we keep on searching endlessly

How to be at peace with all mankind.)

Each would give a different answer

For folks don't seem to think the same.

Each would think of the mass confusion

And know where to place the blame.

"What the world needs now I will answer",

Then each one would have their say.

How many would really have an answer

The solution for a better, happier day?

Truly there can only be one true answer,

I wish folks could learn it at the start.

If men would only stop their wicked ways

And just build an alter in their heart.

If with Christ within we'd look around us

And see the shocking state this world is in.

Then if each would give his heart to Jesus

Only then could the world be free of sin.

But all man's hearts will never change!

And evil deeds will  still be the same

No man will want to restore all to God.

And No man is willing to share the blame.


I wrote this August 23 ,1970 and you can

see that nothing has ever been better,

It just keeps getting worse every year.

They have taken God out of everything

so I don't know how they can think it will

improve. the children are unsafe at

school and so are the teachers.We

are on a very slippery slope with very

little chance of stopping it.God could

stop it but they have taken Him out of

everything, courts, schools, and as many

churches as they can .I wonder how much

longer God will put up with all of this?


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