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Do You Know

Updated on March 17, 2011

Think About It

Do you know God never wanted servants but only sons

servants are acquainted with him; a son is willing, know how to serve

Do you know servants do good deeds and errands they run

but a son knows the Father and sit and enjoy what God has done

Do you know you're to know His voice and follow not a stranger

a stranger doesn't know God and will lead you into a lot of danger

Do you know strangers can be a family member or a good friend

who can drain you of God's power, blessings and cause us to sin

Do you know strangers are needing you to be the light as the sun

show them the way to Christ so that they can know real fun (eternal life)

Do you know that's why God allow strangers to be in your life

for you to tell them about Him so they can turn from burdens and strife

Let them know that the pleasures of sin is only for a season

Call on God now for yourself, family escape hell let that be the reason

Accept Jesus as Savior and be forever in the Kingdom of God

Confess sin, plead Jesus Blood, always win against all odds

Do you know God loves you with an everlasting love

Be you right or wrong He looks at you through Jesus blood

Do you know God is depending on you as He watch from above

He's seeing and sending His Spirit who took form of a dove

So you be Jesus light in the world and not a stumbling block

Time is getting short, just look at your spiritual clock

So many people are needing your spiritual gifts

lay hands and pray in their mist and see the atmosphere shift.

Don't be afraid or shame It's Your Father you represent

Yes, right in the mist of you doing this? like Jesus, He didn't mind being diss!

From my heart to your heart with love....Jan



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