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Do You Known Your Moon Sign?

Updated on August 5, 2012

Everyone knows about their sun signs. That's the Zodiac sign that we are assigned based on our birthdate. My birthday is March 7th and that makes me a Pisces, for example. These signs are given to use based on where the sun is located at the moment of our birth, marked by the 12 Zodiac constellations. On the seventh of March, the sun is in Pisces which is why I am given that sign.

But there is more to our astrological make-up than just the one location of the sun in relation to the heavens. There are other bodies up there that have an influence. Namely, we also have moon signs. These are easy enough to calculate but many fewer people know theirs. In this case, the sign is determined by the position of the moon at the time of your birth, with respect to the constellations. The sun moves through the 12 signs over the course of a full year, but the moon circles the Earth daily. That means it changes signs much more frequently. So given a group of people who are all Pisces, they may all have different moon signs.

Because the moon moves so quickly, it can be harder to figure out the moon sign because it changes so rapidly. Many good calculators online can be used for this. In my case, my sun sign is Pisces but my moon sign is Cancer. So what does this mean?

Sometimes the influence of your moon sign explains some of your traits that do not truly fit with your sun sign. Another way of looking at your moon sign is that it reflects how you see yourself, as opposed to the sun sign that reflects your more outward personality. You will likely have more moon sign traits when you are in private rather than out in public.

Once you establish what your moon sign is (you'll need to know the time of your birth to be accurate), then you can examine your own personality and see for yourself what traits start to make more sense in light of this new bit of information.

Some good almanac can have moon sign horoscopes as well as sun sign ones, so you can use your moon sign to also determine potential future events as well. Astrology is more than just a way to look inside yourself. The stars do have an effect on life events as well.


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