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The Way to Grace

Updated on February 5, 2017

Truth Comes Through Grace

Truth comes to us not through the mind but by spirit. It comes it comes to us by a state of Grace. This state cannot come through any earthly means, it comes only through surrender. We cannot learn enough to figure it out, it does not come through our good deeds. It comes only when we are willing admit that we of ourselves have no power and then become willing to step out of the way and allow God to take charge.

Grace does not come to us through our works. Throughout our lives we are instructed that the way to live a Godly life is to live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

Unfortunately the way this rule is usually interpreted does not take into account the principle of expectation. This oversite sets us up for a lifetime of dissapointment and suffering.

What it in effect teaches us, by way of modern interpretation is, if we treat others kindly and are generous they will in turn do likewise. This concept as generally taught by todays religion does not take into account the need for withholding judgement and expectation.

Suffering as a Result of Expectation

The simple act of treating another kindly, does not assure that we will be in turn be treated likewise. Far too often we choose to show compassion toward another and approach it from a selfish standpoint. "If I do good for others I will be appreciated". This is often not the case. As a rule the very needy are not conscious enough to realize appreciation is in order, they may not even offer thanks. It is difficult to feel grateful when your life is a disaster.

If we do for others expecting that we will receive some special favor we will be sorely dissapointed. Doing for others, expecting a return from the one being ministered to, is an incorrect understanding of the act of charity and the Golden Rule.

Expectations lead us to dissapointment and suffering. It creates an atmosphere of hard feelings toward those being helped. We feel unappreciated. It may be correct that there is a lack of appreciation however, this is not the issue requiring attention.

Where is the Error?

What requires attention is our mistaken belief that the receiver of good works is somehow in error. We mistakenly remove the charitable deed from the realm of spirit and place in a worldly context.

When we cloud our compassionate nature with expectation, we are in effect forgetting that the one being served is God. We suffer because in our error we remove ourselves from the relationship of oneness with God. When we no longer see ourselves through God's eyes, we also become unable to see others as a part of that oneness.

Grace Through Acceptance

 Oneness with God cannot be acquired by doing good deeds. It does not come to us thru the use of our intellect. The only thing that will bring us closer to a relationship to the Grace of God is through acceptance.

That acceptance must be that we are now, have always have been and forever more will be a part of the oneness with our creator.

The only thing keeping us seperate is our unwillingness to "Be Still And Know That I Am God"

We must listen closely for the still small voice, for it speaks very gently and softly. If it to be heard at all we must quiet our minds and be willing to hear.


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    • profile image

      slock62 7 years ago

      Quite a challenge,yes. Thank God for the Sun. and thank you for your comments. God's Blessings

    • Ashmi profile image

      Ashmi 8 years ago from Somewhere out there

      Hi slock,

      This hub answers the question I posed to you at one of your other hubs. Glad to hear it too.

      I like to use the analogy of the Sun when describing "Gods attributes" and how we should also adopt them and view things from this viewpoint. I hope you like it.

      The Sun makes life possible on earth, yet it is not responsible for what happens on it. It does not judge or exclude but shines on all equally; it accepts and embraces sinner and saint alike. The Sun neither expects profit nor reward and claims nothing as its own. The Sun simply is; whatever emanates from it is beautiful, which includes the so called ugly or horrible. It looks upon all blissfully, and whatever is perceived blissfully is beautiful.

      We must learn to surrender our selfish will and be guided by the will of God. For this we must be alert and aware of the constant movement of the mind. Awareness makes it slow down until it becomes quiet. In stillness and in silence the mind is prepared and receptive. Then we are ready for the mysteries to be revealed to us.

      No need for effort or contrivance on our part. To keep still and watch what happens without reacting out of habit or selfishly interfering with what happens. Let what comes be and let what goes go.