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End Times Prophecy - The Mark Of The Beast

Updated on July 27, 2015
Mark of the Beast? or Nah
Mark of the Beast? or Nah

Over the past decade, there have been so many speculations about end of times and the mark of the beast. The Bible itself tells us that that the the antichrist is the name of a man who's number adds up to six hundred and sixty six which of course is the beast, but for some reason many people do not believe many things written in the Bible and have formulated what they think is the mark of the beast.

It is foretold that in order for you to survive in a world controlled by the Antichrist, which is the beast, you must submit yourself to being part of his demonic network. You must accept his mark in order to survive. When i speak about survive it is not the false survival documentaries you see on some famous television networks where people claim they are out in the wild and are surviving by eating slugs and drinking contaminated water, no, the survive that i speak about is just you being blocked from carrying out your basic needs such as buying food, choosing a religion, getting a job, obtaining a home or getting healthcare. Some people will read those things and say "hey, looks like i already have the mark." But i can assure you, you don't have the mark. Being poor is just a state, a state that can change, for if tomorrow you get rich you will be able to afford all of the things mentioned.

End of Times Policy - Mark of the Beast

People believe that the mark may not be something tangible that people may see and actually rebel against. They see the mark as embargo that will be placed on common citizens. In these end time prophecies, governments of the world are manages the economy and people and create laws, policies and procedures that govern the way we as citizens do business and go about our daily lives. It takes little effort for them to swivel the pen and place a block on something and then makes it mandatory for all citizens to be given some sort of pin or code to access. It could be a food pin, a job pin etc. Do you think that the mark of the beast is actually policies that are in place or are being put in place? I don't know.

End Times Prophecy - Money the Mark Of The Beast

Some folks actually think that the mark of the beast is already in our pockets, our wallets, our couches, and for some of us who may have a lot, in our bank books. Their argument is that if you don't have the mark of the beast, you cannot do anything, well you can't really argue with that, for without money you really can't do anything. But money can be hard to obtain as well as it can easily be. All you have to do is beg a dollar and kapow!, you are now under Satan's control! In my opinion, i don't think the devil would want his mark being shifted around like that, today you have the mark and tomorrow you don't as that is how money operates. The mark would be more of access than just not having a commodity. I honestly believe that the mark is much more than just ink and paper, what do you think?

Sodom and Gomorrah (reboot) - The Mark of the Beast

Well if God had destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah back in the olden days i wonder what he his waiting for today! Many countries are living breathing representation of sodomity. Prostitution, same sex syndrome, bestiality and other biblical opposing activities thrive in an "open" world that we live in today. Some people argue that homosexuality is having the mark of the beast. They establish this by saying when all people accept the mark of the beast the earth will eventually end, so if the world eventually went all homosexual, humans would seize to exist as this means that we would not be having natural conceived children, but rather test tubed growth of humans or billions of artificial insemination. This theory has many holes as prostitution, homosexuality and other God punishing activities existed long before prophecy, so it may be the fact that if being homosexual or accepting homosexuality is the mark of the beast, that means the mark was accepted thousand of years ago before the writing of revelations.

Will you take the mark if you knew it?

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New Vaccines - The Mark of the Beast

People don't trust they government, and they have good god darn reason not to. The world governments are filthy and corrupt on so many levels, yet they are the ones that are giving us Laws to live by. They create wars and mayhem sometimes just to see that bills are past and to impose some new legislation to keep people frightened, in fear and easier to control. There some are those who believe that the Government will create some diseases and release it on the masses, let it dwindle a little to wipe out couple million unfortunate individuals and then offer some vaccine to prevent you from catching it. The vaccine will now become mandatory and added to vaccinations given to baby's during their growth. What is argued is that this vaccine has hidden chemicals which trigger off or closes a brain activity and allows you to become docile and much more receptive to government policies and commands. Sounds very possible if you ask me, but what do you think?

Beast from revelations
Beast from revelations

A Powerful Ruler - The Mark of the Beast

The most common is that the mark of the beast is actually a the number of the name of a great and powerful leader. During world depression and war, it is believed that a great and powerful leader will emerge and unite all nations and allow the world to live in so so called peace for a couple of years. His true intentions will eventually merge and people will try to oppose him and he will smite them down. He will place his number 666 on access to all living necessities and only those that accept is mark will be able to access life! His mark is more than just 2x333, it is not a random number that anyone picked and gave him, his mark is his name and his beliefs, his belief that will be forced upon everyone, and anyone opposing his will, will have to live like rats or die fighting. It is believed that the beast believe is that he is actually God and we must worship him, morals and many things that governed decent living will seize to exist and the devil will reign. These are some scary things, i think that this belief holds a lot more substance than all the previous, but what do you think?

Verichip - mark of the beast
Verichip - mark of the beast

The 666 Microchip - The Mark of the Beast

A microchip was developed and tested and has bar-code 666. That's right, a whopping 666. The chip is inserted in your hands and can be programmed to do anything. With this chip inserted in your hand, you don't need a credit card. All you access and life and location is stored on this devil's microchip. I can assure you, if this was what the mark of the beast was intended to be, they need to get back to the drawing board, not even satanic worshipers want a microchip in them. This chip exist but has not been very successful. What do you think, think this is it?

Our lives as they are already, exist with so much complications, we face war, hunger, diseases and some even face genocide. We are just fragile beings hosted in fragile bodies that do expire and eventually get disposed of. The devil needs souls and cannot command yours to him nor can you command yours to him. If we are actually in charge of our own souls, i am positive we would not need this world. Our souls are commanded to Yahweh when we die, good or bad, judged and then delivered to the right gate, whether it be a gate down or gate to continue our new journey. The mark of the beast is irrelevant in these age and times and many companies even use the 666 stigma to drive curiosity and eventually customers. It's all about the numbers and there's is not a measly 666 but millions instead.

© 2014 Clive Williams


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    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      there is a club in my neck of the woods called 666... and I agree when you say The mark of the beast is irrelevant in these age and times... it no longer stills the person... nonetheless a fact filled fun hub to read thanks for sharing clive

    • someonewhoknows profile image

      someonewhoknows 2 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Wrote a hub about the mark of the beast. A cashless society is one aspect of the mark of the beast. We already have a way to purchase goods using a cellphone with a unique id number that is used only once for security purposes.Computers are tools used to bring about the mark of the beast.

      Doubt most people really understand what the mark of the beast means.

      They may think it refers only to one person like a dictator or religious leader who is the beast. That may very well be true. However, the mark of the beast can also mean the means by which mankind is put under control using technology. ID CHIPS small enough to be placed on everything we buy or sell in order to track that item's whereabouts etc.. We already have these chips in clothing and animals in order to keep track of them. Parents can even have their child implanted with a chip for the same reason.They are so small they could even be put into your body through shots as you would when getting a flu shot etc..

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

      Well said someonewhoknows!

    • profile image

      sheilamyers 2 years ago

      You provide some very interesting information to think about. When it comes to the mark of the beast in the Bible and how it applies to the end times, I believe it will be a mandatory microchip or tattoo of some type that will be required for all people everywhere. In order to get it, the people will have accept the ultimate leadership of one man and one man only. Since none of the things you mentioned fit that description, I don't believe them to be the mark of the beast.

    • profile image

      Bella 2 years ago

      God help me, I put aside a whole afrentoon to figure this out.

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