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Do You Really Know What Happens If You Go to Heaven?

Updated on May 25, 2018
clivewilliams profile image

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

In this realm called earth exist us, the human race. Quite a fragile set of beings filled with insecurities about the physical earth and running scared to meet those physical insecurities. Although sometimes we heighten our existence to believe that we understand divinity and the transition of spirit from flesh, we actually don't. The only way for us as simple human beings to understand divinity is when the spirit meets the mind and become one in its fleshly host and then leaves the flesh. When we pass off and transition from this middle realm to the spiritual realm, the spirit is actually judged and tagged like cattle. I have had a glimpse of heaven and this was what was revealed to me.

Entrance to Heaven
Entrance to Heaven

The Heavenly Invitation

A spirit came to me one Sunday evening as i was getting ready to go to bed. I had just had a nice long and relaxing bath, strapped on my favorite superman pajamas and was ready to hit the sack when suddenly a bright light came upon me, i was scared out of my pajamas, but then i remembered that they were not just pajamas but superman pajamas, i had to act as though i was the man of Steele, i had to be tough. "Who are you and what do you want?" i shouted standing with my hands akimbo and my chest pouted like a rooster trying to impress a hen for mating. The only thing that was missing from my stance was a cape, some hair gel, some hair and some breeze. The figure in the light then replied, "I am an entity of light sent by a higher entity of light, i am here to bring you into the light so you can actually witness what happens when you ascend into the light". All this talk of light, light this and light that, I suddenly remembered that i did not pay the power company for last months electric bill and i was due for disconnection anytime now. How ironic is this i thought, i am visited by an entity of everlasting light and now my power will be cut and i will be without light. My mind was straying from the messenger that was sent to get me, to my worldly troubles, i suddenly felt a zap of electricity snap by my shoulders. Zapp! "What on God's earth was that i shouted", "You seemed to be day dreaming so i had to return your thoughts to this moment". I thought that it zapped me on purpose as i could almost hear a little angelic chuckle.

"Come now, you will witness and document all heavenly activities and keep them in our divine journal". Before i could shout out wait, "what about my electric bill?" i found myself lightheaded, floating in space and and touching stars. This feeling of being ascended into heaven was like being locked in a small room eating marijuana brownies, sipping vodka while actually lighting up a joint. I saw several odd looking creatures floating by and poking me while passing, they actually looked like small goblins. The light entity was ahead of me as i looked up and saw that i was actually being pulled by a rope tied to my left ankle and it seemed like the entity had the rope pulling over his shoulder. "What, where are my wings i shouted?" "How can i be transported to heaven like a goat" I distinctly heard the light entity laugh and said that rules exist that visitors to heaven are not allowed wings as once received cannot be removed, so the next option is rope! This is actually the most outrageous thing i have ever heard, all the power in the entire universe and the next option is rope?

I was almost dragged for an eternity, i thought the ride to heaven was instant, the blink of an eye, but i was reminded that i am still human and my weak flesh would not survive the heavenly instant transition or i would arrive like jam spread over bread! I finally arrived and saw a huge gate, the gate was so huge i could not see the top nor the ending sides with my limited eye vision. I saw some sparks flying about what looked like 100km down the gate and asked what was going on and the entity whom now i could see his face told me that they had a break out and some one sawed through one of the bars and it needed to be welded. I saw a long bearded man at the gate with a balance scale and a huge book that was engraved "The Book of Life" The white bearded man then spoke with a gravel voice, " You have finally arrived, why was your journey so long and why is their a demon rope attached to your ankle? where are your temporary heaven wings?" "What! demon rope!" i shouted, i was told that temporary humans visiting heaven can't get wings and that this rope was the only way to drag us hear"! "Who was your carrier?' he asked, "He is standing right behind me right here", I tuned and looked up and saw no one. I was then informed that temporary wings are issued to human and humanoid heavenly visitors and that the rope is only used to catch and drag demons back to hell who tunnel their way into star-gate 666 and end up in heaven. "That God darn angelic entity had pulled a fast one on me, i was going to be in heaven for a while, his time will come!" Revenge is miii", "GET THOSE FILTHY THOUGHTS OUT OF YOUR HEAD!, I head a thunderous shout, THIS IS HEAVEN, PURE AND TRUE" I was shaking like a butt-less white chick trying to twerk but had most action the upper body area! "Is that the voice of God?", my ear drums were on fire. "Yes, yes my human friend, you have just heard the voice of God, he see's all, knows all and read minds too. (now he tells me). I was given a feather and some sort of magical sheet of paper, i was told that whatever i wrote would disappear and placed in the heavenly archive as soon as i have finished the sheet and turned the feather down on the paper. I was told that information archived in heaven cannot be edited nor amended, but other information can simply be added as they do not have a data storage space issue.

Entering Heaven's gate, My Assignment Begins

The gatekeeper gave me my feather, a magical writing pad and this time i got the temporary wings. I also received a thought process that would get me from one distant location to another. I was instructed to gather and record everything i have seen and to pay attention to details. As i entered i began to stutter along as i was just getting used to my temp wings, i saw what looked like millions of flying beings going up down, left right allover, but even though everyone was up and about their was no collisions, no near misses, just random movements. I thought to myself, this is impossible, how can so many entities be flying around without thousands colliding each day. Then suddenly an angel swooped down in front of me and introduced her self, " I am Malyana, angel of the morning, i will be your guide and helper until you exit the gates of St. Peter". I stood there looking up at her, she was tall dark and looked like an angel....Well she actually was an angel. She had deep glittering brown eyes and her skin was like a flowing stream of stars. I was hypnotized! She gave me a list of places in heaven that i will be visiting, but there was no map. "How will i get to these places, is there a map i asked?" "a map, she made a diminishing chuckle and i held down my head feeling dumb. She then stated that heaven is what it is, a heavenly place, there are no maps, no stoplights and no roadsigns, all know where to go and what to do, and that they are moved mentally and not physically. In other words you would not need a map to go to a place in heaven as it is not bounded by distance, just by thoughts. If you know the name of the other gates in heaven, all you have to do is think at the gates and you are there. So we thought our way to a side of heaven called The Forgiven.

Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Gate

The Forgiven

What is this place and why is it called "the forgiven, aren't we all forgiven of our sins and that's why we are in heaven.?" i asked. The angel told me that sins may be forgiven, but seldom amended or corrected. This is the place where sin is corrected. This place is where a person whom had committed a wicked act against another, begged the Lord for forgiveness, granted forgiveness, but needs to make some amends towards the person or object that they actually sinned against. So before they can seek council with the Big man himself, before they can go any further in heaven, they need to complete their amends. "So what if the person is dead who has been sinned against, how can they make amends with a dead person?" I asked. "If someone is dead in hell, then the transgressor will make amends to someone close to that dead person in hell or will simply be assigned a task to help someone on earth, but if the dead person as ascended to heaven, then amends can be made." the angel said.

I was thinking to myself that he must be a true merciful God to forgive so many wrong doers who have begged forgiveness. I saw a group of young men with many street signs in hand and seemed to be working feverishly creating and moving them across. I decided to speak with one to find out what's up with these street signs as heaven needed none. I spoke with a young man named Jeff who told me that while they were on earth, they modified a street sign that pointed vehicles away from a swamp area and placed a normal route sign there. One night a family was traveling and saw the sign and followed the direction on the sign and ended up into deep swampy waters, the car sank so quickly and suddenly killing all three in the car, the father, mother and a six month old baby. They were under age at the time and was sent to juvenile centers and released. The death of the family haunted these practical jokers minds and they eventually joined the church and ended up confessing their sins to God and seek forgiveness. Now they are correcting all prank signs on earth that may lead people into danger, they will need to correct one million signs in order to go any further into heaven.

What's in Heaven

As i left that place called The Forgiven, i started to wonder where do all these people go at nights, where do they sleep, what do they eat? The Angel looked at me and smile and said, "Do you feel hungry?" Surprisingly, the thought of food had never entered my mind once i had transcended into heaven, neither did the thought of sleep. "No i answered, but does these exist here?" She began to explain, "heaven is a place for spirits that have manifested as or taken form of an object, and as such, this is the object that we choose to take the shape of, she pointed to herself, we have no need to hunger or any other limitations that the flesh is bound to, we simply exist, and eternally transcend from spirit to spirit. We have no need for sleep, but we do take time to worship and bond by sitting on the clouds and enjoy thoughts of purity." "What!, i shouted, no party, no vodka, no reproduction?" So tell me what goes on in hell? she opened her eyes wide and said " lets move on".

So basically there is no home in heaven, no pizza, no fried chicken, no sex, and no fried chicken (i mentioned that twice :) So heaven must be boring i thought as we moved on to the next area.

The Crowning

We moved unto a place called Royalty where i saw thousands of people being crowned with beautiful crowns that seemed to be made of emeralds, and light, once the crown was placed upon each of their heads, it disappeared. I had many questions.

Me: "What is this and why are they crowned with such a marvelous crown and then it disappears?"

Angel: "These people are those who have lived an exceptional life and have helped many people. These are not the richest of rich, nor the noblest of nobles, these are the kinder of the kindest, the most sacrificed of the sacrificed, the giver of all when they have nothing. These are the people of righteousness and not religion, these are the people hand picked by God himself".

Me: "They are truly deserving of such beautiful crowns, but where does the crown go?"

Angel: "It is placed on their heads, but worn in their hearts, only those that have passed the second gate to heaven sees the mighty crown placed upon their heads."

Me: "Heaven is quite a breathtaking place, there seems to be a lot of white and light all over the place, it lacks colors and a bit of excitement."

Angel: "Heaven, lacking colors, we are the creators of colors, once you have passed the gate of verification you will see what heaven is really like"

Would You prefer to Go to Heaven or Hell :-)

See results

A brief Stop

I asked the angel if i could stop for a few moments and record all what i have seen, suddenly a puff of cloud formed what seems to be a chair and a golden table suddenly appeared before me. The angel then told me that whenever i wished to proceed i just need to call her name twice and she will appear. I wrote all that i had seen and experienced. I know that many people will not believe all this stuff that goes on in heaven, they simply believe that you die and just proceed to heaven or hell and that's it. I wrote all what i saw in very descriptive details and then decided that it was time to move on. I called out to my Angel guide twice, "Malyana, Malyana" she swooped down like a flash of lightening.

me: "What a beautiful name you have,"

Angel: "Do you wish to go see the colors now?"

Me: "Colors! why yes"

i was more than excited to go pass the Verification area so i could see the magnificent colors that existed in heaven.

A Paradise for Man

Paradise in Heaven
Paradise in Heaven

The Second Earth in Heaven

We passed the verification gates, where souls were being screened for spiritual cleanliness. This was done as i leaned that there are fallen angels of high magnitude that disguise themselves as spirits of light in order to return to to heaven to seek God's forgiveness and some to spy. The gates of verification beams a light directly from the sight of God which shows the true nature of any entity. We passed through the verification gates and went through a huge bright tunnel, i could see vines on the ceiling of the tunnel, i gently flew through with my Angel guide and when i reached the end of the tunnel i was so shocked and in awe that i fell to the ground. Passing all the bright blinding lights and white wearing bodies i came to a place which look like a Paradise on steroids, I felt a lightness to my head and i could feel something that i had been used to for many years, life. I saw trees, birds chirping, bright beautiful clouds, there was light but no sun, i saw people, humans flying around with beautiful angelic colorful wings, some blue, some green, some white and some gold.

Me: "Where is this place and why is it so much like a paradise on earth?"

Angel: "This is heaven, it is the paradise that our Lord has given unto all men who has come to him, it is an eternal place of happiness, joy and eternal celebration"

I could see men in groups talking and laughing and drinking out of Golden Safire filled goblets. The women wore beautiful colored clothing and sparkling headbands, i could see them with golden looking baskets picking fruits such as apples and strawberries, but the strange thing was that each fruit that they had picked seemed to reappear on the tree. This is true paradise. As i flew further into this second earth, i saw children rolling in blinding green grass playing with huge black bears and brightly striped tigers, i could see antelopes sleeping on top of cheetahs and children petting and actually speaking to panthers and lions. I was astonished at what i saw. I then proceeded to enquirer about this place by speaking to a dweller.

Me:"Hello sir"

Dweller: "Gods Love and Blessing to you"

Me: "What do you call this place and what is it like living here?"

Dweller: "This is Our heavenly paradise. Here, there is no pain, no suffering, no hunger no blood and no death. Here we are under the eternal watch of the father."

Me: "you say there are no death, so how are all these little children come to existence, do women still have babies? Don't you grow old?"

Dweller " Ha ha ha ha, he joyfully laughs at me, come my friend, there is much you need to know about this second earth."

We walked down a golden street bordered by beautiful clay stones. The dweller began to explain and i leaned that people do grow and grow to reach three centuries, after every three centuries their soul is then transcended from one adult form to a child and the process continues endlessly. You can choose to transcend as a male or as a female, as neither sex is important in this paradise. They enjoy the fruits of the land, the animals and rivers and seas, all at their command. This was the most magnificent thing that i had ever seen and made me feel like not wanting to go back to earth.

After i left the place i called heavenly paradise, i was a bit sad as i felt so at home and wished i did not have to return to earth, after all, there was nothing there for me except a hefty electric bill, but i was instructed that i need to move on as i am not called to this place as yet. The angel then instructed a thought and i found myself in an area that seemed to be an everlasting dome. There were angels all about and they seemed a bit more vigilant than the other angels i saw before. The angels in this area were all clad in Gold and Brass looking body armor that looked like it had fused with them, and right in the middle of their armor was a crucifix. I saw one pulled a sword from a casing and it had a burning red fire that i had never seen before.

Me: "What is this place and why have these angels dressed in armor and fire swords"

Malyana: "These are the defenders of the name of Christ, these are heaven soldiers. We are now in the area called "The Guardians Dome". "Here the defenders of heaven are given the power to defeat demons and have done so in many heavenly battles. Without them, the earth would be a second hell."

Me: "Why does God need an army, doesn't he have the power to do all, can't he just eliminate them?

Malyana: "God allows all to exist as it is their right to, both good and evil, nothing is born evil, but the choices they make delivers evil to them and as such since time waits on God, he knows that they can be redeemed, but until that day, we cannot allow them to take over"

Me: "Sometimes his reasoning is incomprehensible, but then again, so is mine! so when do i meet the big man himself?"

Malyana: "No my good friend, God exist not as us but we as him, his light is everlasting and his words are eternal, only the righteous can look upon him in heaven, and you are only here temporary, if you were to look upon him in his kingdom in your human form, you would become no more, both your spirit and flesh would be forgotten by all"

Me: "okaaaaaayy! well i don't think not meeting him is gonna be hurtful, so i still love my flesh and spirit, lets move on"

War in Heaven

War in Heaven
War in Heaven

As we were leaving The Guardian's Dome, i suddenly heard a thunderous horn that seemed to tremble heaven as it blew. I saw Malyana's eyes changed from beautiful brown to a black, her beautiful sparkling white attire changed to grey and also her wings. "What's going on!" i shouted, as i saw all movements disrupted as regular angels all seemed to be vanishing all by the thousands. "We are under attack, a Legion as somehow breached the light lock placed on star-gate 666 and are now on their way to attack. "So where do we hide?" i murmured. "We don't, we are watchers and you will continue to document all you see. I am an higher angel and as such, much more powerful than most demons, no harm will come to you". As she spoke i saw the rugged angels from the dome suddenly appeared ripping through the air with bright fire red swords in hand. I saw a next set of what seems to be angels swoop in from the opposite side. These angels were different, as they were clad in blood red clothing with ash grey wings. Then a huge battle began. "Why are angels fighting angels Malyana?" "Those clad in red are drinkers of the blood of the innocent and are not angels but demons, demons were once angels who decided on a different path, the path of Lucifer who was God's right hand, the highest angel ever to be."

I saw angels falling from the sky as a great battle was fought, the angels and demons in number created a new sky as the battle was fought in the air. I saw red clothe being cut and terrifying screams of souls being vanquished tarnished the sky. I had never heard such awful howls in my life. The battle lasted for over and hour as the demons number grew so did the angels. Soon after, the angels had devoured their demonic rivals and all that littered heaven was the red cloth that had clad the demonic bodies, the battle was over, heaven still stands. Wow i said to myself, this is incredible, war exist in heaven. I documented all in detail and the journal was again updated.

Me: "My God Malyana, how often does these spontaneous battles occur?"

Malyana: "This is the first in what men call years. Every year the devil tries some ridiculous trick to either disrupt earth or heaven. He exist simply to oppose God."

Me: "I guess he is a very busy man?"

Malyana: "He is a very foolish and stubborn entity, but the day he falls out of God's grace is the day he will exist no more."

Me: "Are you telling me that even the devil has the grace and mercy of God?"

Malyana: "Yes my friend, he was created by God just like you, and he was loved by God just like you"

Me: "If i had an ounce of the loving heart that God has, i don't know, he is way to kind. So where do we go from this epic battle?"

Malyana: "Your time here has ended and as such you must return to your mortal world as you cannot last long as human here in heaven".

i began to feel so dis-heartened as i was so at home, i wanted to stay but i knew i couldn't. I loved the many places we had visited which were so phenomenal. She placed a small crystal around my neck and told me that i am now a writer for heaven, and all this is what you will experience when you die and come to heaven. She placed her tall beautiful index finger on my forehead and suddenly i was awaking up from my bed. I thought to myself i must be dreaming. I was feeling so tired and skipped brushing my teeth and went straight for breakfast. I knew only a bit of stale cereal was left as i was broke the entire week and survived eating cereal and bread. I opened my fridge and what i saw i could not believe my eyes, it was full for the first in a long while. I closed it and opened it again and blinked a couple times to see if i was day dreaming. I immediately grabbed and felt my neck and there it was, i had the necklace given to me by Malyana. It was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen, seems as though it had life itself. I fell to my knees in belief, I had really gone to heaven. My life had been changed ever since and i had become a believer by experience. Whenever the moment arrives, whenever any great thing will happen in heaven, whenever there are significant changes, i am summoned to document these for heaven.


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    • profile image


      5 months ago

      Need to proof read for a number of spelling and syntax errors.

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      3 years ago from Jamaica

      My friend Austinar, i wish i could publish a book, probably need some better stories like my Good Friend Frankantarcio. The necklace is sacred, if i show you i will have to take your soul..:-)

    • Austinstar profile image


      3 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      " I immediately grabbed and felt my neck and there it was, i had the necklace given to me by Malyana"

      I would like to see a photo of this necklace in the hub. Preferably with you wearing it.

      Also, when is the book coming out?

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      I checked your topic thread to see if you wrote under fiction, but you didn't. So, I think you're very fortunate to see what so many people don't, though they would like to. Thanks for sharing.

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica

      thanks hab hab

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 

      4 years ago from Georgia

      Wonderful tale! I'm glad there were animals there, fried chicken?? Voted up!

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 

      4 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      AWESOME! Waiting with bated breath! I hope that's by tomorrow :)

    • clivewilliams profile imageAUTHOR

      Clive Williams 

      4 years ago from Jamaica

      thanks a lot franko. keisha, look out for the hell sequence!!!

    • Keisha Hunter profile image

      Keisha Hunter 

      4 years ago from Kingston, Jamaica

      This was a very beautiful and captivating read! I kept scrolling and saying 'please don't be finished' as I sought after more and more adventures. This is a truly refreshing hub, good job. With that said, I hope by the time I get there, I can get to be with my husband still :) I don't mind being a child all over again, but i'll pass on the changing of sexes. I wonder if its greed that leads angels to pick and eat fruits though they hunger not? I want to keep that aspect too lol.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 

      4 years ago from Shelton

      you gave another view on what heaven may be like.. this enteratined and made me think of the pearl gates of heaven and I would do.. but heaven has different meanings for so many different folks.. thanks for sharing this with us Frank :)


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