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Do You Really Want to Go to Heaven?

Updated on November 2, 2018
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I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.


What Is Heaven?

The Bible says that the only way to get to the father is through him. This means that you have to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and worship him for all of your remaining life form, basically eternity. When one goes to the father, he/she is supposed to be purified and then allowed to enter the gates of heaven. But what and where is heaven and why would anyone want to go there? Well, according to searches done using Google, and in my own words. Heaven is basically the dwelling place of the most high. It is the place where angels blow trumpets and glorify the glory of their God for all eternity. Heaven is the place where good souls of humans go after they die. Sounds good right? You get hit by a drunk driver, you die and go to heaven where you spend forever worshiping God. I would love to put the question to you, do you like the sound of that? Being in heaven glorifying God until the end of time? Is heaven that boring of a place? But I find myself asking yet another question. Why do we need to actually go to heaven? Why would a being such as God want to be glorified? Wouldn’t that be insignificant of a powerful force such as God to belittle itself to the feeling of human beings?

Heaven May Look Like This.

Humans are the only species who love glorification. They love attention, lime light and anything which highlights them as being bad, good, having a great achievement and so on. Would a God have such simple feelings as wanting to be glorified for being a God? Yet, being glorified for all eternity? Well this is what you may have to do once you reach the place called heaven. You may be given a white robe and then slapped with a golden trumpet and given a music sheets with notes of glorification. Is it really so? Or maybe I am going overboard. Maybe heaven is much different that a trillion of souls with their mouth open all day. Maybe, just maybe heaven is that place where you will live in peace, happiness, fun and goodness all the longer days of your life. Maybe heaven has much more colors than a blinding white and people still interact with people, fall in love and have beautiful families. Then live a long and beautiful life until they have to transcend into another body. Maybe heaven is that place where. Maybe heaven is filled with clean unpolluted air and crystal like streams with lush green vegetation. Maybe heaven is that place where there is no sickness, nor borders and no differentiation in race.

Living With Luci

Well, that’s just me picturing a heaven I would have made if I had the powers he has. I would not have given any choice to man to choose good or evil because that my friend would be a dumb decision. Many would choose evil and would end up hugging Lucifer, the morning star. But have you ever wondered? How bad is Lucifer anyway? Is he the demon everybody thinks he is? Is choosing to go live with Mr. Lucifer in hell such a bad choice? Are we pre-programmed from birth about the fear of hell and the beauty of heaven that you would not be curious to just even take a peek to see what Luci and his minions are up to? What if those with elite knowledge are tricking the masses and telling them hell is bad and heaven is good. When in truth it is a flipped script. Suppose we all were celestial beings in heaven. Then given a body to live on earth. Then unto the final assent ion of going to hell. Where hell is really the place of magnificent beauty and prosperity. How do we start off in the middle of earth and by our lifestyle and actions are slapped with going up or down? Logically, we should either start at the top or the bottom.


Preacher, Why Lie?

I have always sat inside of churches and listened to many preachers preaching about the goodness of heaven and when you die you will finally have peace and rest and spend eternity in a marvelous place. Yet, when many of these preachers are ill, they spend huge money to cure their illness, deviating from going to that special place where their Lord and Savior has created for them. Why? Why would anyone run from heaven if they love it so much? Why would anyone run from heaven if it was a good place? Me, I have no clue. I leave you to do the detective work on that one.

Where do you prefer to go?

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© 2018 Clive Williams


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